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    Celestial. Celica above the clouds up on Horseshoe pass just yesterday.
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    Coming round the final corner of Prescott Speed Hill Climb today. We had a great day out together
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    Hi All, Apologies if this has been done but I thought I'd put it out there... I read a recent post by Skatz and it got me thinking it might be time we had a place to tell those stories of genuine feel good moments of owning your Celica (of all generations) Comment made by the public that's put a mahoosive smile on your face. moments of sheer driving pleasure that sort of thing... I'd love to hear more stories like Skatz's post and I'm sure others would too. (I'll not link that post here cos he may want to post it himself.) Of course this is not a one a day kinda thread if you have plenty of them please share them all! Only rules to this are the stories have to be about your Celica and inter generational sniping is not allowed. I'll get the ball rolling... A few weeks back before my car was in the beat up state it's in now, I was parked on my local Sainsbury's car park (other supermarkets are available), I'd just pulled up as I heard they had a promo on beer for the WC. 3 boxes for £10 is not to be sniffed at! Anyway, it's a hot day, windows are down and just as I start to put them up, this rather lovely looking lady bends down and pops her head at window height and the following conversations ensues: Lady: "Nice car pal, I like these" Me (rather bashfully) "Thanks, glad you like it" after a 5 minute conversation purley about the car she ending with... Lady: "Bet it's a bit of a babe magnet isn't it" Me (going 50 shades of red) "er... obviously it is, yes" - smooth I know lol She then smiled rather cheekily and walked away. Anyway, I go into said supermarket, buy my beers and walk back to the car. As I'm walking back I notice something on my windscreen and at this point I'm going mad in my head thinking it's a parking ticket. As I get closer to the car I notice it's a bit of paper folded up under my wiper... it read "Call me 07xxxxxxxxx - Bridget" Of course I'm a married man, I have not called and I have safely disposed of said paper away from prying eyes. Did I bin it? No, No, No... it's now a trophy safely nestled around page 20 of my favorite rag mag! A place the wife will never look The Celica now aka 'Babe Magnet' pulled me a woman! - Get In!!
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    I drove up to the top of the Col Agnel in my ST162. The col Agnel is a high pass located in the Alps between France and Italy. The summit is an altitude of 2744m above sea level. It was a perfect night! This is a single exposure, the car and landscape is lit only by the starlight and our home galaxy, the Milky Way.
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    Out to lunch with a friend at a pub near Prescott. Fabulous views.
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    Had a drive round Manchester after the JDM North meet. https://www.facebook.com/events/274908926200239/?ti=icl Photo opportunity.
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    Fitted my new interior. Well happy Plus St205 rear brace and working electric aerial. Starting to really love my 6. Nearly all the suspension parts have now been ordered. ready for the front to back complete upgrade / overhaul
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    Picked up my Evo 6 from the docks today so couldn't resist a shot with the Faff Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    Recent one of mine. She is actually filthy in the pic, but hides it well!!
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    And they're on! Left one has already been flattened, compounded and polished Wet sanded with 1200 then 2500. Dried off. DAS6 out. Meguiars Compound and blue hex pad (soft polish) Meguiars polish and black hex pad (finishing pad) Both together Managed to remove the mudguards without taking the wheels off...result. Left side on, same technique with the tap handle and Phillips bit. Decided to autosol the exhaust while down the there Drivers side Few rear shots
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    Back on the rd after 2 years . Sprayed front bumper, Bonnet, Pass wing, New pistons , Rings , Bigend bearings , Air flow meter , Windscreen. Went through the mot with 1 advisory which was discs pitted.
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    The result of a day in the valet bay at work with the T-Cut and Autoglym HD wax.
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    Wow just read the topic from the start...so many old names and cars....real blast from the past heres one of mine
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    Side windows tinted, headlights tinted and engine bay hydrodipped:
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    finished playing with the engine plastics, Not sure it it now looks a bit OTT.
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