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  1. Cant think who you are all talking about Or can I? If you are going to boast or just pass on information as to how you gained extra power you really need to keep the proof and I dont know why they havent. Make your own mind up. If you dont see proof be sceptical as to the information provided. There are always going to be people who dont believe your power figures that's partly why you need to keep printouts. No arguement then. I have every print out for every tune I've had. More so I can see how things have improved with interim mods but also for the
  2. Couldn't do it as car needs to be road legal sniff sniff
  3. You are a star thanks. Will give it a bash at weekend 1st. Thank you
  4. Already said im a tech dinosaur. Can you explain how please Xanadu
  5. Is there an easy way to download my full build thread to my pc please ? I'm a dinosaur when it comes to tech
  6. not particularly cheap as you need a decent compressor to go with it but its been a god send for me so far . Lifts up to 1m which for me is plenty and when you don't need it you can stand it against the wall although you do need a set of chain blocks to lift it
  7. fitted my original bumper with a new lip and made some carbon cannards
  8. buy a cup type wire wheel but please please also buy a quality pair of safety goggles , impact rated as not all are , I have lost count of the amount of times I have had bits of wire break off them and end up in my leg even going through overalls and jeans . Oh and some dust masks and a decent pair of gloves.
  9. what did I do to my Celica today ? just drove her
  10. Home visit from Lee at Se7en Motorsports for an alignment set up and corner weighting .Didn't get back from my hols until after midnight this morning so time was tight for getting ready for a test session on Thursday .Lee jumped in and saved me a shed load of hassle
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