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  1. We picked up the red CS after some tweaks, just in time before Christmas. Celicas reunited again
  2. I seem to remember that you lost out on the entry fee too
  3. Lovely sunny day reflecting nicely in my rear screen. The Snowdonia Rally 2020 decal was kindly provided for us all by Roly.
  4. So you now have a pair of silver cars . Is the third going to be a Gen 5?!!
  5. Another photo but of Angiee's car when we were convoying between the mountains in N Wales. Taken on my phone when I was co-driver (got to let hubby have a bit of fun too )
  6. Had a great weekend driving with the Gen 5 Rally Drive in N Wales. This photo is courtesy of Tommy_tookamoto, Gen 7 CCUK member who lives fairly local to our starting point. Big thanks to him, as he joins us every year for the start to take some action shot photos of us on the Horseshoe Pass
  7. Car prepped and patiently waiting to go for its MOT. It passed!!! Now full steam ahead in preparation for the Gen 5 Snowdonia Rally this coming weekend
  8. That's good to hear - did you take it for a nice little spin too? Which brand is that?
  9. You drove all the way from N Wales and the car battery was flat in the morning? Did you leave the lights on all night?!! I was tempted to go just to spectate, but my replacement front wiper motor only got fitted 5pm Fri, so too late to ring to ask if it was a possibility to go.
  10. How did the day go - very wet? How did you perform in the tests?
  11. That's a valid point about the moisture in the air this time of year. Could they blast it with hot air in an enclosed space before application to prevent moisture from being trapped? Perhaps this is why they can offer you a slot so quickly - no-one else wants it?? Could you delay it another month? Having said that, Spring can be a very wet time of year. At least in winter if it is dry and cold, the ambient air will be very dry as cold air holds very little moisture (nature of the physics).
  12. I've just been reading through the entry form again and one of the questions is: " L - Front Engined Cars) = the horizontal length (in inches) from the rearmost point of the pedal pads to the centre line of the rear axle " How do you work that out? 1600GTCelica did this event last year in his Gen 1 and said you get the chance to do one circuit of Silverstone at speed, with the pace car way ahead of you - sounds fun!
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