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  1. Ok as the title says I run a Celica Convertible Group on faceburp and my own car is getting shown in march. So how many vert owners fancy doing the NEC show in nov I like to get modded ones, early spec ones to show our rare underdog cars of all years and gens
  2. I seen it on FB and posted on it and they said they love to see a vert there, I need to get a large service done but I'm game to do it As mine is going to NEC in march premier inn nite before
  3. Spent my saving on getting my car back from the painters
  4. Today I dropped my vert of to the bodyshop and it's perfectionist own it's going to be a long few weeks better rock the bike out
  5. My 1st Celica before I sold it and found gen 6 convertible
  6. 2 replica holder's for my A pillar map light
  7. I look forward to seeing the preview and wonder if mine made it
  8. From albert town in france in the Somme department on my WW1 Tour
  9. Cheltgirl cotswolds run is great fun I need to find the car museum around there and simon my bumper has still fallen off And a pic from Simon from JDM Show
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