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  1. Let's not start that debate.... Gen 1 is the best looking Let's leave it there
  2. That's what you get for trying to sell your Celica, it's called Karma.... Heed my warning all who thinks about selling
  3. Only one 7 I know where it has legit 231bhp N/A and that belongs to DTracer. Funny old world ain't it.
  4. If I'm not working I think I will attend and give you some morale support
  5. I would absolutely love to do this when my car is finally built, fingers crossed for 2021
  6. Because you have two pics you have to buy two calenders ya know
  7. Best one for years, some really good pictures in this one. Well done all involved, and thanks to Dawn and Dave for sorting it
  8. Can't please everyone mate, you welcome to give it ago and do the club calendar next year. It's not an easy task by any means. I'm just grateful Dawn and Dave continue to persist with all the crap they get and make one.
  9. It's not just your cars guys and girls, if you been to any meets and shows and got pictures of others send them in
  10. Might be better to pin this in meetings, to remind all our show goers
  11. I like it as low as possible but as I found out that's o oy good for track Jim. I'm 10mm lower then a GT now and just about clears most things. Speed bums are still a no go. I would just set them up so you have an even gap around the tyre to the arch And for that extra performance max stiffness on the front dampers and 8 clicks off for the rear. See how that feels. Make sure you get a full geo done after, maybe corner weighting too. She will feel great
  12. Difficult to use? First I've heard. Im on my mobile 95% of the time. Do all the moderating on my phone too. Shame, think there's more too it. It is hard to get hold of smaller mags, same goes for Jap performance
  13. i subscribe online through myfavmags.com You know Simon and Adam where in last months?
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