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  2. We picked up the red CS after some tweaks, just in time before Christmas. Celicas reunited again
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  3. I do but also can you imagine the bad press that would happen should a 20 year old Toyota sending shards of metal into an innocent driver. I’ve worked for a certain brand that after 10years airbags are advised they get replaced. When replacing them curtain airbag bolts have snapped, fallen out but it’s always been kept on the low. im not sure what I can openly say without causing myself problems but I’ve worked for 3 brands all of which use Takata airbag inflators only 2 of them have an active recall. Toyota take any safety related items seriously from the floor
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  4. This was at some castle ruins I went to visit, forget where now...
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  5. i can agree totally, if you look at old auris/avensis/Yaris they’ve all had a brake pipes replaced, some extremely poorly. Corrosion on sills/wheel arches, lower arms corroded with holes in. All made within the EU. Yet we still get Prius taxis in with 250,000 totally original parts. (Minus HV batteries) I actually brought this topic up at the academy (we do Lexus and Toyota training even though we have differnt techs working on them) and was given the answer of ‘There’s a reason Lexus mainly produce cars in Japan’ (and look at the old RX that was made in Canada) On the
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  6. I cut mine off on the recommendation of the old boys in work, they said they’ve seen water sit under the rubber causing the shafts to snap on the corolla’s and Avensis.
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  7. Using these wheels while I had the original wheels refurbished
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