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  1. its no an easy one ,looking back it was primed in the summer as it went on the gloss and lacquer was applied as it was getting colder which may be the problem,the roof was taken back to the bare metal so the amount of coats is not the issue i would not think.wing/riser blocks etc were warmed up before painting as was the paint but could have missed one or two thinking they were ok.but now its what to do obviously scrapping it is not an option,sand it all down and start again wether i doit myself again or bite the bullet and go pro respray in GT86 metallic orange hopefully its going for a
  2. Upol etching primer Upol black gloss and Upol clearcoat,that was done last year (in the winter though and it was cold) sat in the garage up until 2 months ago and was fine but just seem to have happened with this hot spell of weather never seen this happen before,its a first i have to say, is this the idea of a spraybooth so it bakes in the heat as it dries no i have to start allover again or scrap the whole thing which at the moment sounds more appealing,take a huge loss though
  3. pretty much is,all the bonnet and roof,goes over onto the wings and rear quarters,the big wing seems ok as does most of the doors and bumpers,just seems the big areas are affected, making the whole car ruined which is a shame as it was looking really good for a while
  4. as you know i painted my car last year,been sat in the garage for atleast 6 months,took it out a few month ago and sitting in the sun this last few weeks this has happened all over the whole car is like this,looks like the lacquer/clearcoat has cracked in the heat, anyone any idea what has gone wrong,different make of clearcoat (upol) to the usual i have used in the past
  5. does this mean once we are all back to normal (whenever that mat be ) the all future MOTs will last 18 months as its ok when it suits this goverment, if its safe to do this under lockdown its safe in normal conditions as i am sure your car is oblivious to this
  6. very little difference to driving on roads once gritted,your going to get salt air for a few miles inland depending on the wind direction,would think its more damaging as it dries up and with wind will make the salt more abrasive plus sand etc.,all you can do is keep it well waxed/polished and undersealed or waxoiled, keep an eye on your brake discs as they will get eaten away
  7. as i had nothing to do i though,feck i will watch this youtube vid,so why why why did he not try and loosen any bolts before adding any penetrating fluid to show they were seized,simply looking at them you knew a socket would loosen any one of them failing that it would loosen the threaded bit from the iron so if thats a test and your happy with the results then the rest of us KNOW ABSOLUTLEY FECK ALL !!!!!!!!!
  8. i was trying to be helpful here going by my experience with snapping bolts etc,have used a few others in the past but found this better than the rest,i am not interested in chemical analysis etc just that the bolts/nuts etc dont break, so if i was you ignore my comment and go back on youtube etc as mentioned above its the technique applied to the item that is seized that helps and this stuff doesnt dry anywhere near as quick as the rest,which gives it time penetrate
  9. buy it use it see the results compared to stuff like WD40 and you dont need to watch a lot of staged youtube videos or wheeler dealer were nothing is ever seized i used this on a lot of seized bolts and with a bit of patience it works well, its also great on drill bits to stop them getting blunt
  10. Fuchs Silkolene silkopen is what I use and works well pretty reasonable price too
  11. hope to get some taken through the week,soon as its back together
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