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  1. Monkey Boy 1

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    Health & safety do not come into it, With 40+ year old vehicles, the owner probably knows more about the vehicle than the MOT tester does. Plus with the new MOT tests, about 80% of it is irrelevant to a 'Classic vehicle'. There is nothing stopping you from getting any vehicle MOT'd no matter what the age, but it is probably more advisable to get the vehicle 'checked over' by a specialist or someone with an interest in Classic vehicles rather than some testing station linked to a main dealership that know nothing about cars over 10 years old. Anyway Chris, your info is slightly wrong, this was Taken from the Direct Gov web site:- Vehicles that do not need an MOT You do not need to get an MOT if: the vehicle was built or first registered more than 40 years ago no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in the last 30 years, for example replacing the chassis, body, axles or engine to change the way the vehicle works If you’re not sure if there have been any substantial changes you can: read the full guidance on MOT exemptions for historic vehicles speak to a historic vehicle expert
  2. Monkey Boy 1

    Different diameter wheels front to rear

    Also, Wider front wheels of a FWD car will fail on an MOT.
  3. Monkey Boy 1


    Just sent one too
  4. Hi did u have any luck with the off side carrier .

    1. Monkey Boy 1

      Monkey Boy 1

      Not yet. Will have a look either tomorrow or over the weekend.

  5. Monkey Boy 1

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Polishing up the ACIS cover from my spare 3S-GE engine
  6. Monkey Boy 1

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    MOT exemptions for motor vehicles are pre- Jan 1st 1960 https://www.gov.uk/historic-vehicles
  7. Monkey Boy 1

    what have you done to your celica today...

    fitted all 4 wheels , cleaned the car and booked it in for MOT
  8. Monkey Boy 1

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Started to fit these to the GT
  9. Monkey Boy 1

    Mysterious Cable Gen 6

    My '96 GT doesn't have anything like that under the seat, but my sons early '97 GT does have an almost identical wire like that. It too isn't connected to anything. (both cars are UK spec)
  10. Monkey Boy 1

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Not so much my car, (that's still on axle stands waiting hand brake cable removal and re fitment) but the wife's ST. Went to fit some newly acquired boot struts to her Gen 6 ST only to find that the struts I received came from an '98 plate SR and are longer (for some odd reason) than those fitted to a '96 GT or a '97 ST. So gave up and changed her cars rear brake pads instead. Looks like she may be needing new rear shocks soo as one looks like it is leaking, More expense
  11. Monkey Boy 1

    Caliper bleed nipple thread rate

    Found it out. They are M7 x 1.0mm
  12. Monkey Boy 1

    Gen 6 number plate surround removal

    When I removed my number plate surround to gain access to the number plate lights (the screws for the lights were rusted up) it was remove rear lights, this gains access to two screws at the lower corners of the N/plate surround, Remove these then gently pull the surround away from the body, The surround is only held in place by some plastic press studs which sit in rubber grommits. On the Wifes ST, I had to remove the number plate as well as she screws went through the surround and into the back plate
  13. Does anyone know what the thread rate is for Gen 6 brake caliper bleed nipple threads. Need to clean out the threads on a spare set of calipers that I have. Cheers
  14. Monkey Boy 1

    MOT and seat belts

    Reading through the "The Road Vehicle (Construction & use) regulations 1986" there is a basic rule that Any forward facing seat which can seat an adult on a vehicle which was manufactured on or after 1st April 1981 must have a seat belt, either a 3 point belt, or a lap belt, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/47/made If the seats are removed to turn it basically into a 'van' then you are safe to remove the seatbelts. BUT, check your V5 document. On newer vehicles it may state the number of seats. if it says 5, or in a Celica case, 4, then you would have to inform DVLA that you are modifying your vehicle to remove the seats.
  15. Monkey Boy 1

    Exhaust Noise MOT Failure

    Here we go again, Noisy exhaust brigade come out to spoil our fun. As many members know I went through this with Plod a few years ago. To be fair though, an MOT tester can fail a vehicle with what he thinks is a noisy exhaust. BUT it is just the 'perception of noise' that is very open to debate. An MOT testing station is not allowed check the dB reading of an exhaust and fail it. The construction & use regulations state that a vehicle must not be over 82dB, BUT and this is where they are in the dark, the dB reading of 82dB is tested on a certified tarmac roadway at a 30mph drive by test. Static tests are used in exhaust vehicle testing, in accordance with ISO5130, (as used by the police) but there is no results as a pass or fail with that ISO standard, it is just a procedure for checking / standardising noise testing (The test is done at 3750rpm) If you import a vehicle or build a kit car and go for an SVA test, then the limit is 99dB set at 3/4 revs (Between 0 & red line) This is similar to the tests they do at race tracks for noise. Each track has a different limit, but the test procedure is the same. Going back to the MOT tester, I would take the car to another MOT station as the one who failed it for 'Exhaust noise in clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar vehicle fitted with a silencer in average condition' clearly does not like loud cars. If another MOT station comments on the exhaust, you can say to them you have a bung in it, supplied by the manufacturer to quieten it down. Also as far as the law goes, 'A replacement exhaust must not emit a noise louder than that fitted to the car originally' so any aftermarket exhaust , even a pattern replacement, could be deemed illegal..