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  1. Saw this in the GT4 section yesterday, good work and interesting read
  2. The Klarius stuff is alright for cheap OEM replacement. I've got a backbox that's been on years
  3. Get under there a few days before and start putting penetrating oil on all the nuts and bolts ready, every little helps
  4. When i did the front ones on my GT I got it all from TCB, aftermarket (standard spec) springs and genuine rubber seats and bump stops, works good. It had lowering springs on before and they were a right pain for general driving. Easy enough to do yourself but it'll always take longer than planned as nuts will really tight, ABS bracket bolts will round off and may need cutting off etc...
  5. Noooo another gone to the gen7 dark side! Only messing, Hope you get on with it and enjoy it. Legacy estate sounds good, always liked them. Like the 90s ones but newer ones are pretty nice to
  6. Could be drying times between coats. I tend to leave primer ages to dry before flatting anyway, then 30 mins between Base coat and clear lacquer, then wait at least a week before even thinking of sanding and polishing the clear
  7. Looks to have reacted to stuff underneath. I've used the Upol clear lacquer on a couple of cars now with no problems, it's quality stuff
  8. Yep. 2 door, non-sunroof, genuine RS bits added. Like you say even in that state people pay daft money now. Bought it for £65 and scrapped it in the end
  9. Reminds me of the first car I bought, in early to mid 90s, Escort mk2, 2 door with RS boot spoiler and all the bits. Pull the carpet up and you could see the road down both sides, front to back. The A post was so rusted that when you opened the drivers door it dropped about 2 inch. And that had over 6 months MOT on it lol!
  10. One of them is insurance. Ok so your MOT has been extended. But it is still your responsibility to keep your car roadworthy in the meantime. If you have an accident do the insurance use a government assessor, MOT tester or thier own expert to decide if your car was roadworthy? Do they try to wriggle out and say your insurance was invalid if they find the slightest thing wrong with your car? Not saying my or anyone else's car isn't roadworthy, but it's worth thinking about
  11. My daily's MOT ran out on 29th March so I didn't have a choice but to get it done. But to me this whole extension thing seems more trouble than is worth and has raised a number of questions
  12. What is it with all the sand or dirt in the rain lately? Noticed it more as cars aren't being used as often
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