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  1. I had one of these done for the gen6 from a company on ebay, was very authentic looking and they would hand write bits in if needed, you can choose which post office stamp they do and everything
  2. That would line up with the advice that gen 6 celicas built from 1998 onwards are ok, would make sense. Interesting as couldn't figure out what changed on the celica in 1998 otherwise
  3. I think any effects won't be seen for some time in any case. Best to play safe in meantime I think
  4. Yea on my gen 6 the air con has never worked while ive had it so well worth it to get it fixed. The leak on mine was the seals where the pipework connects to the rad or condenser. I bought a spare rad just in case but the existing one turned out to be fine. Think the common leak places are the seals I mentioned above, the rad itself or the compressor shats itself. The oil gets put in with the gas when they regas it, all done together
  5. On mine he tested all the electronic components individually, did a leak test to identify some seals had gone, replaced 4 seals I think it was, then another leak test and re gas. 100 quid Inc vat and worth it in my book, especially driving round recently in 30 degree heat with leather seats but ice cold air con
  6. When I've had it done on the gen6 I've always used a local mobile air con guy and he's been brilliant. Can test system, carries spare o rings and caps etc, will also replace parts of the system or pipework if needed. There are a lot set up to do aircon but lots of them just do regassing. If you find one that does the mechanical side of it to they're really useful. The guy I use covers west Yorkshire area so if anyone is around here let me know and I'll give you his details From what I've read Valeo and Nissens are OEM or equivalent and are what I'd use.
  7. You can get really good results from just cleaning by hand with degreaser then using different products. I wouldn't risk anything steam or pressure related
  8. I've always bought grotty used but genuine toyota calipers, had them blasted then paint them, fit new seals, piston and parts from Frentech, then swap them over. You know what's been done, you've still got Toyota calipers and downtime is minimised. Some rebuild places charge a fortune all in
  9. It's great what you can use YouTube for. Any other questions just post em up here
  10. I think mk4 Golf do and they're pretty cheap
  11. The Klarius stuff is alright for cheap OEM replacement. I've got a backbox that's been on years
  12. Get under there a few days before and start putting penetrating oil on all the nuts and bolts ready, every little helps
  13. When i did the front ones on my GT I got it all from TCB, aftermarket (standard spec) springs and genuine rubber seats and bump stops, works good. It had lowering springs on before and they were a right pain for general driving. Easy enough to do yourself but it'll always take longer than planned as nuts will really tight, ABS bracket bolts will round off and may need cutting off etc...
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