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  2. Yeah am a bit gutted tbh, they've both spent fortunes on their identical Celica s over the years on ere, they've got 3 cars for sale due to moving, think the t sports under offer I think must be difficult trying to sell at mo under those circs.
  3. lovely car should not be for sale for long even at that mileage that little spoiler suits these so much
  4. Unfortunately my mates other halfs selling her his n hers Celica too now unfortunately due to moving (both members on here you mite remember em) here s the link am a bit gutted, they've spent loads on em if anyone's in the market. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-toyota-celica-vvti/264955066927
  5. Cheers, yeah I'm not sure how they're supposed to work exactly, but they do look unsightly more than anything else
  6. Took them off on mine, just cut the rubber and wire wheel the rust off. not had any issue with vibrations.
  7. Yeah thanks, can't really see how it's supposed to work, don't know how crucial it is, most cars I've seen, particularly on o/s have had similar wear, only thing is in that state it's prolly only gonna make vibration/centrifugal forces worse, don't know whether it'd be better cutting em off?
  8. You can send off your drive shaft to get refurbished, and it should come back with a brand new rubber on it. I do believe it is for anti vibration damping. I'd rather have it than not.
  9. Was the non-runner a celica ? Bearing in mind we've been running E5 for years which contains ethanol, I would expect to have had problems by now. Also bear in mind that rubber perishes with age anyway, and being still is often worse than being flexed. Tyres are a classic example.
  10. Last week
  11. Ethanol can damage rubber parts on older cars. I bought a none runner car a few years ago, the fuel pumps sat in a rubber holder in the tank. These had disintegrated, been sucked into the pumps and wrecked them. As far as I know it was due to the ethanol, settling to the bottom of the tank and destroying the rubber as the car had stood for a year. Esso have just released a new supreme 99. In most areas of the country it contains no nasty ethanol, just pure dino juice. Ideal for older cars and Jap imports. I'll be using that in the faff from now on, as I have a Esso garage round the
  12. The Klarius stuff is alright for cheap OEM replacement. I've got a backbox that's been on years
  13. Klarius TY367X silencer for the ST182 Celica. eBay - £30.00 inc' delivery (new old stock)... What a bargain !
  14. Ooooohhhh! Some reason I assumed it was a 190, I keep forgetting the 140 is also a 1.8
  15. Use BP 97 octane petrol, no ETHANOL easy.
  16. I can try to get photos tomorrow, not got a Celica at home at the moment. My memory tells me that methanol is the really nasty one, Ethanol not so bad. If the system copes with 5% ethanol, then I doubt it would have a problem with 10%.
  17. Hi Chris need help my mechanic just done clutch on my Celica gen6 st202 ,the speedo wires were taped up from before so his not sure which wire goes where we got 1-red 2 blues going to a sensor on the gearbox any images or pictures pls. help would be much appreciated. thanks
  18. Not an exciting pic, but still going after a little while away the forum well over 130k now.
  19. Digging up an old post, and I’ve not been here for a while myself, but I have pretty much the same issue as described above. I could hear the rubber flapping against the ARB when rolling. I’ve trimmed it off to stop the noise, but does anyone know what the rubbers actual function is? It just seems like plain metal underneath it. I think the only fix would be a new driveshaft, which is tempting anyway, just not sure crucial it actually is. Can anyone advise?
  20. Earlier
  21. Will it damage anything? Seems conflicting messages on that - in terms of seals etc .
  22. E10 will run a little lean which should be compensated by the closed loop control from the lambda sensor. Ethanol has a higher RON than petrol so detonation shouldn't be a problem. The biggest potential danger is the GT4 version which goes open loop on boost and will therefore run weaker at a time when running weak can melt things. Standard ECU's have a goos safety margin so should be ok. Aftermarket ECU's are another story.
  23. Hi guys is this fuel going effect our celica, s in anyway, anyone with any surgestions.
  24. Thanks to Monkey Boy for pointing me to the right place, this came in the post today
  25. That's a turbo'd 140, I'd have thought 90bhp gain is pretty decent!
  26. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/toyota-celica-t-sport-2004/264939554658?hash=item3dafa0c762:g:53IAAOSw5QNfsW-V&redirect=mobile This has to be one of the best most well written car adverts I've ever read ever, it's my mates car/members on here, I'll find his username used to be insolentminx or rsvr boy or RC I think Can vouch for the car/accuracy of it too still
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