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  1. Yesterday
  2. https://www.westfieldmotors.co.uk/about-us Looks like you have options. I used these guys before in Rayleigh for a geo setup on my Gen4,was a long time ago but was impressed with their service.They had a few Celicas in there at the time having different bits done.
  3. I've use a Toyota specialist in the past to fit a clutch and flywheel. Great guys, very quick and fair price. They are based in south woodham Ferris in Essex https://www.toyo-tech.co.uk/
  4. Last week
  5. I think we've gone from "just in time delivery" to "just too late". Lots of people stopped working it the height of Covid, and are now reluctant to return. Then there are all the pinged people in self lock down. I've had grocery deliveries for 12 years from Ocado... but not this week, or next week, or maybe even the next week
  6. This maybe why my condenser purchase seems to have been accepted okay 6 days ago, but there is no notice of it being posted yet... Although these days of bonkers Brexit mess it could be delayed by import red tape (?) Just as well it's not urgent
  7. A lot of sellers are middlemen. So they will create 1000s of listings of items that they dont personally have in stock but there suppliers have, when an item sells they then ship directly from manufacturer/supplier. This is why you might find the same item for sale by 10 - 20 different sellers but when you buy it, they are all out of stock - this happens with UK sellers as well. A member on here had it with ta22 shocks a few years ago. ebay doesnt give out email address's anymore to sellers, you get a forwarding email address instead.
  8. I've heard good reports of Japex near Watford. I seem to remember someone from here tried them a few weeks back and was pleased.
  9. Hi as the title says, after chatting with sherv about my trip and oldred saying about when the club did tours. I thought I would put this out there who fancies doing this as the 1st stop is Le Man's and and it's a 15 min walk from the hotel to the old side and new of le mans and then to angouleme and this is what they about day 3 sat At Leisure in Angouleme Today there are a number of events taking place throughout the day. The highlight being a scenic rally along the stunning roads surrounding Angouleme. The rally starts in the centre of town with approximately 150 cars taking part. There are various car displays in the town and at 16h00 the Concours d’Etat takes place in the gardens of the Hotel de Ville, featuring a spectacular display of classic and vintage cars. It would be fun to do a CCUK tour like this and see a load of celicas at it and who is game for this and gives time to save up for it It ticks 2 things of my list but this time in my Gen 6 I am planning a road trip next year to circuit de remparts angouleme tour france and this travel company will tailor it and they can sort a overnight ferry from portsmouth for extra cost as on there tour the 1st stop is Le Mans, my plan is a overnight so I come of in the morning when it is quiet on the day everyone is heading le mans and I can get to le mans 24 hours circuit early for some pictures while most of the other classic car owners will heading there in the afternoon and hitting traffic and the hassle of getting around there to find the hotel, as everyone heads there on the second day for pictures so could be crowded and it means more time for a slow chilled cruise and other picture opportunities and stops before you get to Angouleme this is the costs 6 Days, 5 Nights - 15th to 20th Sept 2022 - From £699.00* Per Person *Please note: All prices shown above are per person and based on 2 persons sharing a car and a twin/double room Meal Basis - Breakfast each day & 2 Dinners Single Occupancy Supplement - Ibis Hotel £280.00 / Appart'City Hotel £330.00 Grandstand Seats Carnot & Wilson Grandstand Seats are included in the price (these are not allocated in any particular order) Upgrade to Cathedrale Grandstand for only £15.00 Per Person (subject to availability) https://www.sceniccartours.com/angouleme
  10. Flywheels can be skimmed, which will help keep the cost down.
  11. Bit of blasphemy but here's the Celica with the brother in-laws Sierra
  12. In theory, they are legally obliged to show that the system does not leak before they refill it. That is because the gas is a powerful green house gas and there are tight restrictions on allowing it to get in to the atmosphere. So they put on a vacuum pump, pull out anything that's left in there and wait to see if they get a good vacuum showing no leaks. But quite how sensitive the test is to very small leaks is hard to say. The oil gets injected in to the system as the new gas goes in. In the past, AC specialists had a variety of kit, but increasingly they all seem to be using pretty much the same highly-automated units, but I'd still much rather have a specialist do the job than some bloke at one of the chains.
  13. Hi, hope your all well. I need to replace my clutch and maybe my flywheel. I purchased the car with a slipping clutch. I’ve been advised by tcb parts, if the clutch has been slipping for a while then the surface of the flywheel maybe damaged and will need to be replaced with the clutch… I’d be very grateful if anyone knows a mechanic with excellent knowledge of gen 7’s . Cheers
  14. seals on the gen7 are generally ok, main thing is putting a film of oil on them before putting the pipes back in - usually use the old compressor oil that comes out
  15. Ahh thats the other thing i was gonna ask. If changing the condenser do i just get seals that go on the condenser? Should i not touch the seals on the compressor side unless im opening up the pipes to the compressor? From the sounds of it i should change all the seals compressor and condenser side to be on the safe side. Also from reading around it seems nissens is oem for volvo. However if you go main dealer for nissens condenser you will get nissens made in Sweden. Aftermarket nissens is made in china depending which car its for. So dunno...
  16. Yea on my gen 6 the air con has never worked while ive had it so well worth it to get it fixed. The leak on mine was the seals where the pipework connects to the rad or condenser. I bought a spare rad just in case but the existing one turned out to be fine. Think the common leak places are the seals I mentioned above, the rad itself or the compressor shats itself. The oil gets put in with the gas when they regas it, all done together
  17. Odd iv had the gen7 for 8 years and when i first got it it waa 13 years old and ac did work but was never mega cold unless driving on motorway. Over time it lost its kick. Iv got various cars over 10 years old that have never been regassed and are still cold. Mums 2004 astra was regassed but didnt last a few months so has to be leaking. And leaks are usually from the condenser. Also that dryer thing may be like a silica gel packet you get in boxes that ship out electronic goods to absorb any moisture. Gonna get condenser sorted first before i go for a gas job. Dunno if they oil the system before or if i need to oil it up when condenser is fitted. Job looks easy like changing coolant rad. Probably easier since no bleeding etc needed. Bumper off job though. As mentioned above if nissens and valeo is oem then im gonna try and stick with them for a replacement.
  18. On mine he tested all the electronic components individually, did a leak test to identify some seals had gone, replaced 4 seals I think it was, then another leak test and re gas. 100 quid Inc vat and worth it in my book, especially driving round recently in 30 degree heat with leather seats but ice cold air con
  19. The driers are full of beads or small pellets of what are called molecular sieve and these filter out water vapour from the system. Water gets in because it can diffuse in through the rubber hoses, then it can start and corrode from the inside out. Except for the Gen7, the cars I've had all had a sealed unit drier with the sieve inside, but the 7 must use some kind of re-fill pack? An AC system in good condition needs a regas about every 4 years and I take the view that I'm happy to use a good professional, usually charging ~£50(?) to do it. A pro will take 30-45 minutes to do the job (anything less is worrying). Be sure to check that you get leak-indicating dye added.
  20. When I've had it done on the gen6 I've always used a local mobile air con guy and he's been brilliant. Can test system, carries spare o rings and caps etc, will also replace parts of the system or pipework if needed. There are a lot set up to do aircon but lots of them just do regassing. If you find one that does the mechanical side of it to they're really useful. The guy I use covers west Yorkshire area so if anyone is around here let me know and I'll give you his details From what I've read Valeo and Nissens are OEM or equivalent and are what I'd use.
  21. We could use a knowledgeable forum air con expert to parachute into this thread and tell us all about it
  22. The receiver dryer canister is attached to the condenser but does it come empty and need the dryer added to it?
  23. The Nissens condenser i have on order is specified for either model.
  24. is 1zz and 2zz same on ac side of things like condenser and orings etc?
  25. It only seems to be available for specific car models. Corrosion Protected_ENG_2014.pdf
  26. For condenser: 2 x part number 90099-14120 (£1.80 + VAT each) For compressor: 1 x as part number above 1 x 90099-14121 (£1.99 + VAT each) Your local Mr.T prices may differ from how much i paid in quotes above.
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