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  2. I guess that has a "de-sulfator" on it? I bought a de-sulfator (as a separate item) many years ago, pretty much out of curiosity. It was a kit supplied by a small firm in Scotland. I very quickly decided that it really did work, and helped recover some old batteries. Batteries die through various causes and the de-sulfators only work on those suffering largely from sulfation, so they don't work on all batteries. I've only used the CTEK on good batteries so far, so have no feel for whether or not it is effective on sulfation. I've put my kit one on an oscilloscope to look at it's output waveform; must try that on the CTEK.
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  4. Got the lidl ultimate speed 5amp charger and seems to work well. My battery analyzing thing always says there has been some improvement to cca and internal resistance when battery has been left on the charger for 2 weeks.
  5. I'd been with Greenlight for years until this year as they weren't doing Agreed Valuation any more,which I needed for my Gen4,so I now have both my cars with Flux.Although they are on modified policies,but yeah shop around with the names the guys have mentioned.Mileage is an important consideration as is whether it is a second car,not a daily,if a second vehicle with low annual mileage,then you should be able to get a classic policy that suits. Flux do those too,for your reference.
  6. ive had good quotes on classic policy with low miles with footman james
  7. I had to change insurer last Autumn as REIS stopped doing their multicar policies and reverted back to their core competition car policies. I looked at a few and ended up with Flux who came up with a reasonable price overall for everyday car, camper and a few Celicas.
  8. How is this going? Have you sold your car - or maybe changed your mind and going to keep it now!
  9. Hi Stu All Insurance Co's have had premium increases this year, so it's hard to say will be best for us oldies. The last 2 years the Avon has been insured by Lancaster. Unfortunately you only find out how good the policy is, when you have to claim. If your Gen6 is on a low mileage per year and a second car just have it as a classic policy.
  10. Guys, do you use every day or classic insurance for Gen 6 GT. Are there any drawbacks with classic insurance and how much would a 1999 GT be worth with 102,000 on odometer. Also can anyone suggest a good classic company ? Thanks in anticipation >>>>>>.Stu
  11. Also, please try and go on our FB page more regularly and comment or like stuff so that it is active Edit - for those who don't know, there is a direct link through to our FB page by clicking the icon at the bottom of every page (or at least it is there when I am on my laptop!)
  12. Feel free to take pics from my build thread bud
  13. I'm happy for anything of mine to go on there.
  14. Hi mate, fill your boots. I'm not on Facebook but you can add any content from my thread.
  15. Hi all, just a thread to see if anyone is happy put a link and a pic or something on the FB page to their build thread as some regular content updates on that ? This was done before, so want to continue that on! Also any pictures people are happy to be posted up please shout and can use them on there
  16. With low-mileage cars, rust on the discs can be an issue, and so too the problem of sticking calipers. I occasionally do a trip on a road with very little traffic and quite a steep and long hill. On the way down, if no one is behind, I take the chance to "exercise the brakes" in the hope that it will have some restorative effects . Always good when the car slows well and show no pulling to either side.
  17. I am retired now, and have two cars, so neither car gets a great deal of use in mid-winter. This is not good for the batteries, and in particular, the Gen7 (security system?) seems to drain the battery. Also, the "other car" has a set of winter tyres, so is used in preference if the weather is bad. My old battery charger needed "manual" disconnection when the batteries were fully charged, and there have been times when I've appreciably overcharged batteries, which are mightily expensive these days. Last autumn I bought myself one of the all-singing, bells and whistle CTEK chargers, and this has been the first winter I've had it. It's been a very good experience, knowing I could just connect it up and pretty much forget about it. I really didn't like the price, but I'm glad I bought it . I know people who have bought cheap smart-chargers on-line and have quickly come to regret it. I have no connection with CTEK and other prestige makes are available.
  18. I would normally say liftback but that coupe looks soooo nice!
  19. does it have a cooler pipe at the front like on the gen7 which tends to corrode and leak?
  20. Pump is quite common, either shaft seal or the idle up valve in the bottom of it which plums to a couple of vac lines from above. Pipework not unknown, especially if it's gone rusty. Also possible for steering rack seals, either the shaft seal where the steering column comes in OR the seals in the ends which then fill up the gaiters on the steering arms. Latter is probably most likely if it's going on driveshafts - easy to check by undoing the clip at the larger end and see if a load of fluid pours out.
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