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  1. Buying a non runner id wonder if there is anything more up with it. If it was just starter and battery it be easy and cheap to fix using 2nd hand starter. Once car is running it can fetch double the advertised price so its a no brainer to fix and sell as running. It looks the same colour as a lemon so in this case it probably is a lemon.
  2. Another car i think wont age in looks is the civic which is one shape newer than the ep3. Fn1 i think cant remember. Looks like a futuristic thing. Looks like that dont age too bad. Boxy stuff looks old lol.
  3. odd i just tested it, its not a link its a pdf file thats uploaded to the forum and its allowed me to download it and then i open it in my pdf viewer
  4. attached is something thats gonna be handy for our cars. rusttest_noxudol_700_classic_monthly_uk.pdf
  5. was looking at the car today on the drive parked next to my mk3 fiesta. so my celica is the gen7 X-reg year 2000 prefacelift and it stuck me today that the car is 20 years old. but for some odd reason it just doesnt look like a 20 year old car but much younger. even inside it doesnt feel dated to me. now maybe thats because im comparing it to my 25 year old fiesta and my brothers 30 year old corrado and relatives older cars (bmw's etc) and most of all it drives far better than all 20 year old+ cars iv been in. anyone else get that feeling or is it just me?
  6. I got a custom setup but if your battery is good then even a 10w panel will be more than enough. I will get the link for you when i get onto the pc. Heres the link: https://thargo.com/product/bluefusion-mono-solar-panel-10w-20w-50w-100w/ 13 quid plus delivery. I use it in my fiesta which has got a sulphated battery due to mechanic hoarding the car for a month in winter without starting it. I checked 2 days ago and battery was at 12.9v. Panel sees direct sunlight for about 5 hours. Now depending on where you park and where the panel will face you can work out the pane
  7. Not seen that happen to factory paint.
  8. From what i read on forums many of these people with the claims are in new Zealand.
  9. solar charger working well for me. checked today and its floating at 13.2v so thats good.
  10. dont mess with peoples cars, thats all i can say. one day they will mess with the wrong car and if they get caught well....
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