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About Celica-Club
Celica-Club was started on 31st January 2002 by Stephen Grant and Simon Smith, who were regular posters on the forum at www.celicas.co.uk which was unfortunately, while popular, a bit primitive. Simon owned the domain name Celica-Club.co.uk and used it to show people the modifications he had made to his Gen7 Celica and when they decided to add a forum it became very popular, very quickly. Very soon Celica owners and wannabe owners, from all generations of the Toyota Celica, got on board, the site and the membership grew exponentially. This was also due to the large number of meets attended and organised by enthusiastic club members who further pushed the club into the spotlight. After about a year, the club became so large that it went subscription based to cover the large costs it was now incurring.

Much of the work in organising, managing, and the day-to-day running of the club is done by the Management and Moderators, who now run Celica-Club on a completely voluntary basis. The roster of who-does-what can be seen on the contacts page. The membership secretary holds the most responsibility within the club and is the first point of contact for general club enquiries. Unlike other car clubs, Celica-Club is almost entirely web-based; there are no magazines or newsletters. The majority of the activity in Celica-Club is the forum, where hundreds of people chat daily on all manner of things, Celica-based and otherwise, and the ever-popular meetings are organised on an ad-hoc basis by members from all over the UK, with regular meets. Some are just a coffee meet up, others are full blown 4 day shows

There is an introductory thread in the Newbies forum that explains all you need to know when you first join the forum, which is worth reading. Moderators may change from time to time so check who is the right person to speak to before emailing!

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