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  1. Met up with BillyWhizz and Phil yesterday for a little convoy to a classic car show
  2. Cool , nice to see some gen 4's in there , and a Gen 3 Coupe ! One from the archive from me. My 2nd RA28 that i owned, JAE Billing , mid 90's , prob either '95 or '96
  3. I went to a show/meet held by East Coast Japanese yeterday in Ipswich I think they hold a few through the summer and well worth a look for anyone in the area. It was a good turnout , must have been around 200 cars there. Was pleasantly suprised to see 6 x Gen 7's and an ST205 A few pics And anothe silver one (which i dint get a proper pic of) in the background of this pic The GT4 And my old lady
  4. Went to an East Coast Japanese meet/show in Ipswich on sunday and the old Celica won an award !! and a free T shirt Very suprised as there was prob around 200ish cars there and a lot of them way better than mine.. but i'll take it There was 6 x Gen 7's and a 205 there i'll post some pics in another thread
  5. Thats a sad sight Hopefully you can get her fixed Dont know if its of any help , but a quick google bought this up Best to double check fitment as it says its for a GT4 narrow body , i think its prob the same a ST182 , but i am no expert CELICA ST185 REAR WING QUARTER PANEL LEFT NARROW BODY - GT4 HEAVEN
  6. In the video he doesnt say the Celica is the first Toyota sports sold in the US , he just says its the " the first sports car Toyota built " According to Toyota GB , 62 lhd 2000 GT's were built for the US market Toyota 2000GT for sale - now sold! - Toyota UK Magazine Ref the S 800 , according to Toyota GB , they were never officially sold in the US althou 300 lhd cars were made for American military occupying in Okinawa Toyota Sports 800 - history of a sports car - Toyota UK Magazine Guess it could also be argued that the Corona 1600 GT Hardtop Coupe ( RT55 ) introduced in 1967 was also a Toyota sports car. It was launched in 1967 , 3 years before the Celica
  7. In the Jay Leno video at 14.42 (and at the very beginning) the former Toyota product planner say " This was the first sports car that Toyota built " Has he not heard of the S800 and the 2000GT ?..
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