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  1. Looking good Steve You're a brave man parking in a supermarket car park !
  2. Good job you got the cover on ! Took the old gal for a little spin earlier this eve
  3. One from the archive Came back to my car to see this going on , ha ha Japfest 2 , Rockingham Raceway , 2010
  4. I’m working that Sunday night so unfortunately won’t be able to. 


    1. 77 Liftback

      77 Liftback

      Ok mate , no worries :)

    2. Shane R

      Shane R

      All done at last a standard height king spring on the rear+ new insulators. New shocks as well as ns one was not not good. Sits a bit higher but the ride is solid.

      Got a bit stung on import duty but would still consider kings again when I do the fronts next year. 



    3. 77 Liftback

      77 Liftback

      Looking good mate :thumbs:  


  5. On a positive note , at least it wasn't a tattoo.. My pic of the day , mine alongside my mates TA22 at a classic show last weekend
  6. I was in the Z Club (and TEC) back in the early 90's , and the Z Club organised the Japanese Classic and Sportscar Days at Goodwood '92 and Aintree '93 ( I went to both ) They were not called Japanese Auto Extravaganza From memory , after those shows things then moved to Billing , with the Z Club Convention and the TEC National , when they started inviting other Japanese car clubs , which got bigger and bigger and ended up being billed as JAE in 1997 I'm not normally so pendantic , i just think it odd they saying it started in 1991 , wen it didn't althou cou
  7. Looking at the T shirts on the JAE website and see they have got Est. 1991 on them I am pretty sure that JAE started either 1996 or 1997 , not 1991
  8. Heres the results for the GT4 and the vert , GT4 made more than the estimate. don't know if that's the hammer price or if it include the buyers commission https://www.glenmarch.com/cars/results/quick/Toyota/Celica?unsold=1 The 1977 ST is in the August auction https://mathewsons.co.uk/auctions/auction-dates/vehicles/10791-expected-for-july-sale-1977-toyota-celica-st According to the DVLA is not been taxed since 1986 !
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