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  1. Been here before with the FT/GT86. But at least it looks related to the previous Celicas , unlike the new Capri to the old Capris.
  2. Hard process to do so that retains strength (also not cheap). Many Gen7 sill have been replaced, with almost flat sheet, cover it up with a side skirt.
  3. They are only factory fit. They have your vin on.
  4. Yup will be tight. Some need a hydraulic press to be used.
  5. Nope, Sold it to buy a Rav4, which in turn was replaced by a mk3 MR2 TF300, called Heinz, as he is number 57.
  6. Or even look on Ebay, Gumtree, Faceache Marketplace
  7. celicagen6parts might have a used one. Call - 07969018590.
  8. They are lovely wheels, even look great on Gen5s. My old SR with the wheels finished in 5ft Chrome power coated
  9. No a Gen 6 ST (AT200) As per the 1st line of 1st post.
  10. Hi Stu All Insurance Co's have had premium increases this year, so it's hard to say will be best for us oldies. The last 2 years the Avon has been insured by Lancaster. Unfortunately you only find out how good the policy is, when you have to claim. If your Gen6 is on a low mileage per year and a second car just have it as a classic policy.
  11. Our Gen6 was leaking on the steel bit of pipe just in front of the front crossmember. I cleaned it up with wet'n'dry, wiped over with brake/electrical cleaner, and fixed with a drop of epoxy glue (araldite) But it could be leaking elsewhere.
  12. Many of us have done it for other members before. it would only take 20/30 mins for a look around to see if it was worth further inspection. IF it was closer I would go and see it.
  13. You have to think what you'll take for it. For example, would you take £2k?
  14. Correction is allowed. Just search for Digital Mileage correction, or just leave it as it is. With a note in the history of your car.
  15. BUT the AT have C series gearboxes. (C52 I think)
  16. Put your best tyres on the rear, then when you buy new, stick them on the rear
  17. OBD1 port, so you need a paper clip. LSD, nah. Don't think you need to worry too much about loss of traction with 114Bhp.
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