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  1. Blue Edition for sale in our own classifieds.
  2. Nice one Rich.Know youve had to pull the stops out at the busiest time of year mate,thanks muchly again
  3. Sherv

    Car share with a friend?

    Youd have more chance asking me to share a girlfriend than my Gen4..
  4. Sherv

    Just sharing a memory

    Liked that colour
  5. Sherv

    Big Wing. Am i the only one? Show me yours!

    Dan does own the biggest,gayest wing on CelicaClub. You others have a lot of catching up to do
  6. Maybe not,if you had a caravan then you'd need to get another made up anyway,for example.Which reminds me I need to get one done as Ive changed my car since the caravan was last taken out to annoy everyone on the roads to the West country.Cheers for the reminder G
  7. Sherv

    Petrol prices :(

    Oil prices have been on the up,and the price of fuel has been rising for months now.It was steadily sneaking up well before Xmas. https://www.statista.com/statistics/262858/change-in-opec-crude-oil-prices-since-1960/ Not as bad as 2012-2013,however the instability worldwide surrounding the oil producing countries isn't a great outlook. And as usual the prices at the pump will jump up far more readily than they will jump down again in the unlikely short term event that the crude dips. The 'what fuel in my car' conundrum comes up every year on here.General concensus is that most of the higher RON fuels in a normal UK specced car is normally a bit of a placebo,the only real advantage you might get is with continuous use of the V Power type stuff will help the car as its supposedly a cleaner fuel with additives over run of the mill supermarket stuff,but from a performance perspective itll be negligeable IMO. You're more likely to get the most out of your engine with frequent servicing/oil and filter changes .And I mean frequent,like every 6000 miles or twice a year. Imported JDM cars are programmed by ECU to run best on a higher RON fuel however,typically up to 102 RON (which we dont get here,but could be worse,could be the US) so it makes sense to use a higher RON fuel like a 99 in a car like this.I always used VPower in my JDM GT4 and i use it exclusively in my gen4 with the JDM engine it's been fitted with for that reason alone. The diesel Passat I use generally gets a bellyful of Sainsbury's,but I will stick a tank of the 'good' stuff in every so often if I'm feeling a bit flush,mainly because it makes me feel better to do it now and again.Judging by my fuel computer I returned slightly better MPG using the Diesel V over the Sainsburys stuff but you never ever drive exactly the same way each fill,traffic conditions change even on motorway runs so its a bit of a crap shoot there,including the reliability of the computer in the car.For a UK spec car I would suggest you use what makes you feel is right,if you think you get better performance out of the Vpower stuff over 95 RON,then carry on.
  8. Sherv

    Custom club decals?

    He's the go to guy.He'll do anything you need from small bits to,er,slightly more extravagant stuff..
  9. Sherv

    Number plate choices

    Yeah it was always usually the case you couldnt put a plate on a car to make it look 'newer' than the actual year of the car.
  10. Sherv

    Accident damage.

    Judging by the market,its not an unreasonable offer at all tbh mate.And yeah when you put down the approximate value of the vehicle when you insure it,it doesn't mean a lot in the event of a loss.Most policies will state clearly 'market value' unless you have agreed a valuation with them beforehand.personally i would try and agree a compromise with them and try to get nearer 1500 but if they dont then the original offer isnt bad anyway
  11. Sherv

    Write Off Valuation

    Thats right,you have to justify it by maybe finding similar cars for sale to show your car is worth more .you will only be insured up to market value,therefore the first offer you get will be likely the lowest example price for a similar condition car
  12. Three words:maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.Keep it tip top and it shouldnt be a problem.