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  1. You never know what you might meet, down dark tunnels.....
  2. having that many covers cant let the moisture of condensation out. Ive mentioned this before that yes, no cover is perfect however my one from Specialised Covers has done my gen4 no harm at all over 6 years and a respray inbetween.i didn't cover the car for a few weeks after the new paint though.its breathable and most out there just aren't. When the weather's alright I always took the cover off now and again if it was convenient. but it was covered for a good few weeks at a time over the winter . Through snow and all sorts.But that's just my experience. I wouldn't use any other cover myself .Handily I got my garage sorted today so gen4 is now inside , hurrah.still tempted to get one made up for the faff though.
  3. https://www.specialisedcovers.com/car-covers/ these aren't cheap,but i paid out for one that was custom made for the gen4 and ive had it absolutely years outside in all weathers,and as you know mate my gen4 is all the better for it (though it will soon be in my garage now ive got my shed done,yay). Its only just now starting to get a few holes where the material is finally deteriorating,but the amount of time and protection ive had out of it its been really good value.Fully waterproof,breathable and a soft lining with strong stitched seams and elasticated ends with 4 clip straps that go the width of the car.Honestly if you absolutely have to keep a car outside,these are the kiddies.Later on I'm going to get one for the GT4 when ive saved up the cash, as thatll be the one outside now.Does seem a lot of money but they are excellent.
  4. Thats good of you mate.I would only really need just the stands for the corners.Let me check out the other options first though.Pity we're opposite ends of the country LOL. I might have a word with a couple of mates as well,see if i can get something done locally.
  5. Yeah not sure about the DIY MR2 one. All the foldy hydraulic stuff is cool but as i said,budget next to bugger all! Jims got the idea,just 4 standalone columns of good strength and with the ability to stop the wheel rotating once on.Would probably need one end of the car on some raisers though,if you werent using a driveon, then once one end is up in the air,if you did want the entire car off the ground then youd need one end on some slabs or whatever first to get the jack under as the car would be at a big angle! This is also the reason for getting better height.I have to watch my back after having a discectomy when i was 30. I did the underside of the gen4 years back with it on axle stands,and it was a bit of a killer.I want to do some cleanup under the GT4,and also to be able to keep the Gen4 good,so I'm not going to fold myself about any more,too old and rounded for that shit these days
  6. Pretty simple for someone to make,if they can do welding.Which I can't .And I want 15% of any profits Just basically similar design to a car ramp,bit taller with a wider base and no 'drive up' bit.Pretty simple design.Could make 4 up out of some old ramps,to be honest. Might go down to my local timber merchants tomorrow,see what they got knocking about in the meantime
  7. yeah mate gets its pretty high,still not higher than your ramps though?
  8. So I've been looking at ways to get the car up,for those jobs where you DON'T need to remove the wheels.Yes,axle stands are fine and you can get some nice high stable ones,but I'm looking at ways to get the car up to a really good workable height without using them,and having something the wheels sit on instead.Safe and stable. You can buy drive on style ramps,that have built in bottle jacks and secure pins to pump it up an extra few inches.Bit pricey.But looking at alternatives.I've Googled a lot today,and not found anything thats quite the job on a cheap budget.ie next to bugger all. Now I've got a nice heavy duty mega pro garage jack,thatll pump up a car to a properly good height.So was thinking for example of using normal car ramps that ive got,jack the car up and lower it onto them rather than drive the car on.(far safer if you're on your own!). All well and good,but the average height of a car ramp is around 20cm only.I have looked at seeing if there are lift stands,that would be maybe double the height,without the 'drive on' bit.Lower the car onto them,jobs a goodun.But not had much luck other than one or two US jobbies. Example Basically a solid version of these,would be ideal. Thinking more of some nice extra thick railway sleeper cuts,slightly bigger than the footprint of the car ramps.Should be nice and flat,plenty strong enough to hold the weight,get 4 of those cut and then with the ramps on top,would give a nicer clearance for undersealing,etc etc.So would jack the car centrally,,position those under the wheels with the ramps on top,and lower down either one end at a time with the opposite end chocked,or get all 4 wheels off the ground if desired.The sleepers would be wider than the ramp footprint so be nice and safe.Could double stack the sleepers each side if only one end of the car needs to be off the ground,cant see it being unstable once the weight of the car is on.And not as much faffing about as it sounds,Jack,stack,position,lower down.And easy enough to store in the garage.Any other thoughts?
  9. Definitely another marker that GT4 205s are still keeping their steady price climbs the last few years.
  10. Perhaps the Government (whoever that will be at some stage) would be better taking the TV License rulings back from the thieves at the BBC and not force my 84 year old mum to pay £150 a year from next year,to watch her telly just because she doesnt quite qualify for Pension Credit.And shes still hardly a pot to p*** in.There's always somewhere more worthwhile to spend money.Certainly not with a bloated Stone Age out of date,celebrity-overpaying bunch of Nazis like the BBC. Anyway.Carry on.
  11. Ummm..yeah,sorry about that.No speed limits,small children or animals were harmed in the making of this film. Definitely a clutch-dipping situation in built up areas for me.Just as well it only comes out of its lair infrequently.
  12. Ive worked out a while ago that the extra performance i could squeeze out of my car is directly related to the weight of the driver.Sad but true
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