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  1. Ha, the ol' Beams Gen4 shouldn't be underestimated
  2. Need a full system or just a part?
  3. TCB had them at beginning of the year as i was looking to replace the ones on the GT4 i had then.Rears were about 150 +VAT at the time each.But yes,you're right they're showing discontinued now
  4. You'll get a shock when you see how much the hub backing plates are
  5. If a genuine original one is available and not silly money then fair enough, if not id just have a stainless one built to oem spec mate rather than a pattern part.
  6. yeah we've all had one like that especially if you're of a certain vintage like me .Mad to think that Mk2 would be worth a fortune now,even in that condition.2 door sir? Ker-ching.
  7. Think its the only Gen full stop with those figures currently on 4 pot N/A ,on here anyway.(at the moment). Getting genuine worthwhile power gains from N/A cars is time consuming and usually expensive ,even more so with Celicas,3sge or otherwise.First port of call is usually improving power to weight as most of us know.
  8. The DD came out for the 205 okay, so I'll disregard the warning letter. Car is showing its taxed and MOT is October now on the Gov site, so that's worked out in my case.
  9. Its the uninformed trying to fool the rest of the uninformed.
  10. Could be some grey areas couldn't there. But mainly a heads up to keep an eye on things really. Yeah Chris, i want to advertise my 205 for sale but seems a bit pointless during lockdown, and wanted to do it with a fresh MOT ideally. . Talk about timing! So ill see how it pans out next few weeks i guess, before i can advertise it 'properly'. Obviously anyone can PM me for details meantime if interested.
  11. MOT facilities arent all shut, place down the road from me fixed puncture on wifes car and he said he is allowed to MOT/repair vehicles, giving priority to key/nhs workers whose transport is essential,mainly for those whose MOT expired before the 'deadline',but if required can do essential work on the car (wife is NHS),but did say he would MOT my car if i wanted him to. The point is really if you cant/dont want to MOT your car, if you pay by DD you might get a letter saying your vehicle may not automatically be taxed, so check the extension has been confirmed on the website and check your
  12. If your vehicle was due its MOT after 30th March 2020,the DVLA extended it by 6 months grace to assist the Governments Stay At Home policy.If you pay your car tax by direct debit however,its worth keeping an eye on your payments going through as normal still.(If you intend to get your car MOT'd as normal anyway,then this wont affect you.But if you're not in that position,isolating etc,then read on) ) My GT4 is due MOT at the end of this month,and I pay my tax by DD. Looking at the DVLA mot checker,is does now state that the car MOT is now due in October.However,I have just today rece
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