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  1. i went from mintex pads to blueprint versions and i must say the dust is very minimal to them
  2. one of the pics i found when i got mine and how its got to at the moment ....more to do next year im sure
  3. ye i recently had to add a few more bigger washers and nuts on mine as mine came lose i think i had to cable tie one end while all front ones and one rear back one are holding it better i also have my MOT next month so a pair of rear droplinks i should be ok (hopefully)
  4. thats nice mate ..yours looks like its just come out of the showroom .but then you showed me around it at Japfest
  5. i have both the cup version that works providing you havent done up the oil filter tighter than normal but most of the time i use the draper strap wrench ..brill bit of kit if you have done up tight ..
  6. yep penalise the drivers on the road just so they can put electric cars on there ...
  7. new Akuma Tasmanian devil mascot made his public appearance at the jdm combe show ...he did bring in some of the crowd walking past lol
  8. sure does mate ive been wanting one of these for ages and i know its the lighter replica but still looks the part . i will be adding rear spats at some point and that will finish up the rear end ..
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