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  1. It was lovely here this morning but we've had rain this afternoon She's looking good 77 Liftback
  2. BIG JOB BROKE OUT . My front number plate has been on the piss slightly for ages so got it sorted today. Plate off, slot holes slightly and replace the damned thing square at last
  3. Got a top notch clean when she went in for her first annual ceramic coating health check and top up. As soon as the engine had cooled when I got home I got the cover on her. The weather has turned and she'd be looking shite within 24 hours.
  4. She had her first annual ceramic coat health check today. She's looking very shiny
  5. Are genuine Toyota back boxes still available? I can't see anything on TCB or GT4-Play websites. I know that TCB don't list everything on the website and you need to ring Paul but does anyone know if they are available still?
  6. What you talking about you fools? My 205 in standard trim now puts out 310bhp with new plugs, oil and air filter. And the new radiator added at least 5bhp!
  7. "What have I done to my Celica today?" I've sat guard over her while I topped up my tan. Working from home is great 'aint it?
  8. I'm going to buy a folding garage. One of those like an old-fashioned pram cover. I can't cope with watching my baby getting battered by weather and desert debris anymore
  9. After giving her a really good sparkly clean on Monday I got up to this this morning! I've had to eat a whole box of Cadbury Fingers just to get over the trauma Freshly cleaned . Then this morning. AAAAAaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bored again today and raining so as soon as the hangover cleared I did a bit of interior tarting.
  11. Clean again after several months of neglect due to the crap weather No excuse now whilst "working" from home and a bit of dry weather without a storm every weekend
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