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  1. I've taken it out for a good drive both tonight and last night since it passed its MOT yesterday. God it feels good to be back!
  2. Started her up for the first time since October today. Took a few turns before the fuel got through. After about five or six attempts, she started fine
  3. So it's a robber-duck? I'll see myself out.
  4. Yeah mine has plenty of stone chips on it too. A place not too far from me makes a perfect match 1E7 silver spray can, so may be able to touch up the worst of it. I need to to take my TRD side skirts off to check under the sill covers for rust. We used white silicone sealant to put those on... Not looking forward to trying to take them off
  5. Yes I'm wanting to turn the crank a few times to get the oil circulating. Will likely need it after seven moths. Just hoping the brakes will be OK now.
  6. Is is time to bring back the gold and blue colour scheme? I think early 2000's nostalgia is very much coming in right now! =P
  7. What's worse is when people put a Celica up for sale claiming BS power figures. They have no proof either it seems. Then somebody just takes their word for it and buys it.
  8. Yikes... I need to to take the Greddy lip off mine as it has a big crack in it from a parking accident (my fault). Bet mine will have a scratch the same after I remove it.
  9. Well my Celica in still in the garage thanks to Covid-19. I've been keeping the battery charged with slow charger, and it's been kept on wheel cradles. Gotta say, I'm pretty anxious about starting it up again after seven months.
  10. For some strange reason our garage door has a letterbox! It's used as a vent for the tumble dryer, but is always open, and there's room next to the pipe for air to get into the garage. Will probably take the battery out too.
  11. Think I'll be putting mine on axle stands just for piece of mind. Can jack it up in the middle. Hopefully won't have to bother with the wheel cradles then as Paul said. It will be going in the garage, not on the drive. Thanks for the replies guys.
  12. Thanks for the tips Paul. I doubt there's enough room in the garage to rock the car back and forth a few feet, and the drive is an upwards slope. Hence the wheel cradles to prevent flat-spots. Handbrake will be off, was left on for only 11 days last winter and the pads stuck and broke ><
  13. May be taking my Celica off the road over winter. Plan is to put it in the garage and place it on some wheel cradles to prevent tyre flat spots. Besides disconnecting the battery, is there anything else to consider? It should be off the road no more than five months at the most. I know some people do an oil change before storing their car away, and also brim the tank.
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