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  1. We're staying just down the road in our caravan. So went past it today.
  2. Still not a small pillarbadge for my Gen3 in your pile Sir?

    1. Old Red Celica

      Old Red Celica

      Not yet. But will let you know.

  3. Most certainly!! Got to be an easy one to boot this off again. Your Celica Wearing a Mask with a sign about Covid19 in the background.
  4. So, where are you in the plan now? As mentioned previously, you sell now, maybe regret for ever. Keep, tax as and when you feel the need. Insurance can be done on a mega low mileage. 2 of my cars are kept taxed insured and MOTd all year round. They barely do 4k miles a year between them. But that's my choice. Tenner a week in tax, just over a tenner in insurance.
  5. Some use a Bike and only have one car but use a car at weekends.
  6. Daily I would say would be your 1st choice of car you take to work and do the bulk of your mileage on.
  7. Glad it makes sense, Don't want you thinking that you can just fit spacers, have just 2 turns of thread and you thinking all is well. Function over form. No point it looking pretty if the wheel has fallen off
  8. There is probably a formula somewhere but I like to have at least 4-5 turns of thread on a wheel nut. By adding 5mm of spacer you remove over 3 turns of thread. So go to your current wheels and remove one wheel nut. Count how many full turns it takes to remove the nut. Each turn of the nut is 1.5mm of thread holding your wheel on. More turns on the nut, the more securely it's holding the wheel on. Not enough turns of threads holding your wheel on, the more likely it is to fall off under load.
  9. All depends on how much stud you have left to get the nut on. How many turns on the nut do you get now?
  10. I've no problem about BS power figures, it came with 103Bhp from the factory and has lost loads of them.
  11. I used to add "Given to you by Old Red Celica" to the bottom of mine. As for bringing it back, we've still got hundreds if not thousand of the Red ones.
  12. Why are the tyres pointing the wrong direction of rotation?
  13. Yep. Either side of the centre line.
  14. Dig out that Christmas Tree from the loft.
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