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  1. Would have been better placed as a wanted advert. Front or rear?
  2. Living in a flat would probably mean there is no dedicated off road parking where this would be allowed. I wanted one in my front garden and was told I'd need planning permission, even though it was a temporary construction.
  3. Surprised that we've not sold more.
  4. The part number was on the forum somewhere.
  5. Are they still available from Toyota? Thought they'd all gone.
  6. Those were the days. With our classic Gold and Blue colour scheme.
  7. Mook aka Skewer does the stickers. The Likwidart ones are lovely but hopefully someone will post the Website of the new operators since Rob passed away last summer. FACEBOOK PAGE
  8. Click the link and download the application form.
  9. Ask about Cavity Wax rather than WaxOyl
  10. Old pallets. Building sites. Lots of places you can pick up a couple of bits of timber.
  11. Just waiting for the new lot of envelopes. Then I will.be posting the next lot.
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