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  1. SpaceCowboys83

    Gumtree find

    Totally agree, maybe there is some way of looking that up, but far as I know the official free GOV website for here only allows you to see if the car is currently taxed and if its MOT is valid until its renewal date etc, no full history part.
  2. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Ive booked two vehicles on the 26th of this month for viewing as the wife wants to come along too, so doing it on the day she's off work, she really likes them too, so its nice to have her support with the motor.
  3. SpaceCowboys83

    Gumtree find

    From what I gather mate we cant over here, I tried several registered here and all you can check here is the status if its currently MOT and taxed. No history line-up.
  4. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Saw that one mate, nice example!.
  5. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Cheers buddy, I sent him a message. Im going to be viewing several over the new couple of weeks!.
  6. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    LOL, Aye I saw those too, the red edition has been for sale for donkeys, saw that one way last year before I bought my black 140. blimey thought that red edition be sold by now. Blue one is very nice!.
  7. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Thanks for the advice guys, heading up next weekend to go see both cars, by appointment only, so Ive booked both for next weekend.
  8. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Thanks mate, much appreciated. Might see what he's willing to do price wise before moving onto another car, doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers for the info.
  9. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Im also going to look at this one this wknd as well, I really like it. Its got a great service history and from what Ive been told over the phone, its a two owner car, both owners looked after it really well, plus he sold the car originally to who was the current owner. That blue looks so rich. So taking a peak at both the red 190 and the blue 140 this weekend. Its by appointment only so Ive booked both cars lol, red one owned for last 6 years by a younger lad, but the red one doesn't have much history, it has some, but the blue one has every record under the sun which appeals to me greatly. Have a peak folks, let me know what you think, the blue one has 93k which sounds like nothing to these beauties as once I get the right car I have no intentions of parting with it until the day I hang up the keys. So want to make sure I get the right car that will last, so if 93k is nothing on it's life span, then will get that one. https://www.staffordlynnatburnroadtradesales.co.uk/used-cars/toyota-celica-1-8-vvt-i-3dr-201811042118019
  10. SpaceCowboys83

    Looking for my next Celica, is milage an issue?.

    Thanks guys. I was considering this too. https://www.staffordlynnatburnroadtradesales.co.uk/used-cars/toyota-celica-1-8-vvtl-i-t-sport-3dr-leather-ballyclare-201811252741466?at_source=autotrader&at_medium=desktop&at_campaign=website-visit&_ga=2.213647639.248954890.1546035657-103750596.1545937516&fbclid=IwAR0bniqbyL7w3RZ1TXfoU_-yMyJBrg4h3lRMpMPIT3KsFUmT23MoRUXyEvw I would like this one or would go a little old skool. So the 2.0 GT Gen 6 is a good one then?. I would say at this moment £2,800 be my limit, but waiting to see if I get this job first, if all goes well I can really start looking properly and making a solid commitment as this job Ive done the first interview for is ALLOT closer to home which is really good, cuts my traveling time down rightly to 40 miles a day compared to my current 54/55 a day, plus extra when called for so sometimes Im hitting near 60 a day, so this new job will just be 40 miles a day and thats it, no extra work travel required as the position is on site constantly which is good. I dont mind a little higher milage long as the car is totally mechanically and structurally fantastic, I get very attached to my cars so want to make sure long as its well maintained she will have plenty of life left in her with little to no issues getting her through the dreaded MOT's as it she will be a daily runner. Thanks guys for the input, any help at all is as always appreciated.
  11. Hi folks, Havent posted in awhile, applying for new jobs etc, my 05 Celica is now gone after a problematic time Im searching once more to find the right car. I have been looking at some lovely examples from 04/05 and even the odd 90's shape ones. Im just curious folks while Im trying to find as low millage as possible on them does any with say 150k etc matter?, as this will be a daily, seen a nice 96 ST for sale here actually in the for sale section which catches my eye, but given at this moment I do anywhere between 250 and 280 miles per week, this will hopefully be reduced if I get this new job I have applied for will reduce my milage quite a bit, will save me 280 over the whole month on the car. Fingers crossed I get it. So just wanted some input on what you kind folk thought. Good daily runner?.
  12. SpaceCowboys83

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Dude that is stunning. Where did you get the polished parts from?.
  13. SpaceCowboys83

    Jay Leno...

    For those who may not have seen this, Jay Leno did a piece on the Celica on his program.
  14. SpaceCowboys83

    E10 fuel?

    So the MR2 isn't compatible then, what the heck do we do for those who have cars pre 1998?. I did come across this which might be encouraging for those with older vehicles. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1009524/E10-petrol-car-compatible-check-fuel So its stating that the larger petrol stations which sell allot of fuel have to continue to offer the current grade to allow older cars to run. So we might be ok?