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  1. What will the poor bloke have to do then?, take her back to metal and start again and re seal the body?. Bound to be options that can help the guy out.
  2. Does look like a reaction from underneath, as others have rightly pointed out, could be a mixture of several factors gone horribly wrong for you buddy. Dont let it take the heart out of you buddy, i know easier said than done, Ive been there myself several times over this past couple of years things behind the scenes gone horribly wrong and personal circumstances and loosing heart in the project, but Im still plodding away, the other members will have vastly superior experience than me but Im sure this can be sorted, might be a real pain in the backside but will be worth it in the
  3. Never seen anything quite like that before. The whole car is covered in that?.
  4. Bottom one looks the part to me like.
  5. Cavity Wax is popular, Im going with Dinitrol Rustproofing and underseal. My mechanic is doing it, so far he has cleaned all underneath including cavities and rails and all areas inc wheel arches, he is going to rust treat any rusty areas first, then he will go through all the stages of application, basically he said every inch of her including filling the sills up with it as well. Then clear Cavity wax inside the spare wheel well and protect up in behind the quarter panels and lift the carpet and protect the inside floor sections too. Will take a while but thats on th
  6. The car way in front is always a Toyota, even Perry Mason will concur!. Lovely example mate. Lovely.
  7. Thought Id put up a nice black and white photo of the car before the restoration began.
  8. Went down Monday to visit the car so far the following: New shocks and springs New brakelines Discs cleaned Hubs restored New Rear Subframe rust treated and painted Gloss back and fitted Calibers cleaned, checked and painted red New exhaust to go on Lower front arms cleaned, checked, rust treated and painted black Front Subframe checked, it's still solid, will be cleaned and all surface rust removed and rust treated and painted a nice gloss black.
  9. New parts ordered for the Gen 7. New rear subframe with mounting bolts, new arms, new struts, new dust break shields and full service kit, all genuine parts too for the car. Arrive during the week mt mechanic tells me.
  10. Got a quote from a place near me, comes highly recommended by people in the industry, 2.2k all in. Im happy with that, Ive seen their work. Freaking spectacular!.
  11. I havent really had a proper look yet at whats out there, Im pretty lucky this year as the Celica wont be ready so I wont have to use it over winter, Ive still got the Fabia to keep me ticking over, Celica going in for a full respray sometime after Christmas. Still at the mechanics at the moment, not much movement on it at the moment, other cars booked in before hand getting sorted. Did get the sills done etc, few minor things looked at. Underneath is getting fully cleaned and rust treated and then coated in Dinitrol. Ive some time off in December so will have a peek a
  12. Thats a weapon right there, blimey thats deadly looking!. Nice motor mate!.
  13. Had my Gen 7 checked out for paint/body, needs a full respray bar the roof, first quote 4-6k pending no hidden gremlins to add to the cost, got another quote of 2k plus pending no problems that its a straight forward job. Looking at others to see what they price at the moment. So doing the rounds today.
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