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  1. Dam well over a weeks wage for one part, I think I will let that one pass for now lol.
  2. Holy crap that's nice, would love once like that for my Gen 7 140. This a good item to have on for the car?. Where can I get one of these bad boys?.
  3. I will give them a look, never used Michelin tyres before, been mostly Goodyear, Dunlop, bridgestone, Pirelli Ive used over the course of ownership on the MR2, Fabia and the bike.
  4. Yeah Ive heard great things about the F1 Eagles and also the Vector 4 seasons tyre as well, seems to get great reviews. Luckily I wont have to worry this winter as the Celica is tucked away at the bodyshop getting worked on, so I wont have to worry about winter driving this year, be well into the new year before she will be ready, Target is Easter time to have her on the road and ready to roll, but still want to make sure i get a good brand on.
  5. I live quite high up myself and on roads the Roads Service says is not vital enough to Grit, despite there being lots of traffic and schools etc, but we dont have the funding to grit all the roads, the Roads Service only Grits a percentage of the roads here and leaves the rest to your own devices, hence why when it snows loads of cars get abandoned here or people just dont go to work rather than risk wrecking their car, I tend to take time off as it can be bad, not worth wrecking the car over it. So for someone like me who travels 250 miles per week I have to put a good bit of effort into selecting a good tyre.
  6. i average about 250 miles per week for work not including wknd driving. I run goodyears on the Fabia at the moment, never let me down, I used Dunlops on the motorbike when I had it but that was years ago. I would tend to be of your thinking driving wise, im not one to push the limits of the car, flip Ive had the MR2 over 10 years now and Ive never once through the tail out, I just don't like abusing the car, I drive them well dont get me wrong but I don't like raking about in them, they get a good run but I never push my luck with the cars, just not my scene. I never had a problem with Dunlops on the bike, I did have Dunlops on the fabia for a few years then switched to Goodyears and have used them this past 2-3 years, but if the garage doesn't have any Goodyears I always stick on a set of Dunlops, the MR2 loves the Bridgestones, great tyre for that car. Great to see what each of you guys like and dont like in a grade of tyre, everyone has their own particular style of driving, how they handle the road conditions, how they like their car set up, it is a very vast world as no two people are really the same when it comes to tyres.
  7. Awesome answer buddy!. Some interesting choices there!. Thanks for the link, allot of in-depth looks at the different tyres. Ive heard the F1 Eagles offer crazy amounts of grip, seems to be a popular brand here for those that want the max amount of the machines they have. I use Goodyears on the Fabia and for the MR2 I always bounced between Bridgestones and Pirelli, the motorbike I always stuck with Dunlop. Im an easy type driver, I dont rake around etc, I put my foot down when I need to, but over-all Im pretty easy on the right foot but I dont put cheapie tyres on either, I like good brands that will give good grip in bad weather conditions, I live quite high up so esp in winter allot of my roads arent lucky enough to have the presence of a Gritter spray the roads, so I do like to have a decent tyre that will offer at least some good winter control there, hence why Im leaning towards them nice Goodyear Vector 4 seasons range, they look really good. Plus when it rains here which is allot lol, the roads were I am get so greasy and slippery as the roads are in awful condition its nice to know you have decent rubber on the wheels giving you that bit extra confidence in driving.
  8. Having seen allot of pics of all your wonderful machines from the various Gens throughout the club here we have a wide variety of rubber on those precious machines, so when it comes to putting a type of rubber on the wheel what works for you guys?, are you a summer tyre person or an all season tyre folk?, have you switched brands over years or are you religious over one specific brand?. For the MR2 I tend to bounce between Pirelli and Bridgestone, I havent decided yet what to put on the Celica when she's finished, I was looking at Goodyear Vector 4 season type 2 tyres but not sure yet. So what have you folk found over time works and also what have you found you didnt like?.
  9. Well I don't think mine will be finished until well after Christmas so my baby is tucked away in a nice warm, dry garage getting worked on. Currently getting some sill work done, but will be getting a full overhaul is the plan. So she's getting the full treatment, same guys who restored my MR2 and Ive told them Im in no rush, the have a few big restorations on at the moment, Ive still got my Fabia so Im grand transport wise. This is a really good thread as you folks are pointing out things I wouldn't have thought about, so its good to hear what your plans all are to have your pride and joys ready for winter use.
  10. Well thought it about time to add Adaline to the fold, here is my new baby, waiting patiently to begin her journey in getting some work done. Same guys who worked on my mk1 MR2 are helping me right now. 117k on the clock, all original bar the wheel colour change from silver to black, previous owner wanted them done like that and I have to say she made a good choice as I actually like the alloys black, will be getting them refurbished and keeping them black.
  11. Saw a silver Gen 7 on the way to work Friday and saw a black Gen 7 out Sat afternoon while out walking the dog.
  12. Im getting mine undersealed soon, will put pics up, getting all the cavities done too and clear cavity where the spare wheel goes too.
  13. Saw a black T-Sport today while out walking the dog in town and a mint and I mean MINT white GT4 with all the trimmings drove by us, it sounded unreal. Looked like a father/son team up, they were just out cruising nicely with it, but you can see that thing had been rebuilt from the ground up, so clean you could eat your Sunday Roast off it. I see a green G7 always parked beside the local chippy down town on the way to work every day, then the other local ones I see around the area each day either in traffic or parked up. So I see about 10 each day, same ones of course, always catch a nice red one near the wife's work, always in the other lane around the same time as i head to work, its nice and clean, few silver ones in the next town near my work and blue one parked at the Gym my sis goes to each day. She tells me about it all the time, its a blue T-Sport.
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