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Membership Introduction
Hi and Welcome to Celica Club!  

We hope you enjoy your time with us and we think you will find us one of the friendliest clubs around. Unfortunately we do all of the work for the club on a voluntary basis and as such our workloads can sometimes mean that it takes a little bit longer than we would like.

If you have any membership issues email the Membership Sec and they will be happy to discuss in due course & look forward to meeting you soon.

CCUK Management

Membership Sign-up!

Currently membership exists on three levels: Basic membership, Club membership, and Corporate membership. Please check the chart below to see what level best suits you

Basic membership costs nothing, Club and Corporate membership costs £8 and £15 per annum respectively.

For more details about the services provided by the different levels, please see below.

If you wish to become a member, YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER ON THE FORUM (Do Not Use Gmail accounts), before filling out the Member Application Form.

!!! Please note the club management reserve the right to refuse any application for membership should it be deemed in the best interests of the club. This also applies to renewals.

Membership Level
Activity Basic Club Corporate
Entering Group Buys * * *
Basic Forum Access * * *
Invitation To Club Meets * * *
Add classified ads to 'for sale/wanted' forums * * *
Read and Write Access to the rest of the forum * * *
Upload to personal gallery at Celica Club * *
Pair of personalised club logo car stickers (on joining) ** * *
Add your own Avatar / Profile Picture * *
Add your own Signature * *
Discounts from selected suppliers*** * *
Access to club documents (flyers) / restricted forum access * *
Permission to run Group Buys**** * *
Own forum to advertise and offer discounts etc... *
Selling or promotion via the club or forum* *
Price Free !!! £8.00 p/a £15.00 p/a

Ready to join? DO NOT USE gmail

Excellent, the Club in front is the Celica Club!

Join Here

* Corporate membership is compulsory for corporate members or people advertising their own services via their signature or posts on the forum. You will be added as a supplier to the club

** Subject to availability, included in packs for overseas members

*** Please see the corporate forums

**** To run group buys you must submit your Full Name, Full postal Address, and Landline Telephone Number to one of the moderators via email before starting a GB. This is as per the rules.

Membership Renewals

Club members can renew for the tiny sum of £6, just click the link in the reminder you receive and pay the invoice, alternatively you can pay it via your client area (link is found when clicking your username at the top). Before your membership renewal is due you will be sent a reminder/invoice 14 days before your membership expires which if not paid will automatically lapse your membership. - otherwise your membership will stay lapsed and your account will remain reverted. Renewing memberships do not get a new set of stickers, regardless of sum paid. For new stickers, please see the club shop or for personalised stickers please speak to Mook@Skewer . Please note expired / lapsed memberships can be reactivated at the special discounted price of £6 no matter how long its been after expiry. This means you do not have to pay the full £8 again, as we recognise that you did pay for membership previuosly.

Corporate renewals are £15.

To renew memberships, go to the membership section in the store and it will show you the applicable price, if you chose to auto renew when you purchased your membership then you don't need to do anything as it will renew you automatically.

Where can I view my Membership?

To view your membership (or any shop purchases), simply go to your client area (click on your username at the top of the page and select it from the available links), if your using a mobile/tablet and are in the mobile version of the forum then click the menu link at the top right, select client area, in there you can view any of your purchases and invoices, if you select your membership you will see more information such as when it was purchased and when it expires.

Updating your details

If you need to change/update your details such as a change of address etc... Then you can do this by going to club shop > my details and changing it there. If you cannot find this section then feel free to contact any member of management team and we can do it for you.

Overdue renewals

If you have lapsed then you will need to pay the invoice that will be in your client area to renew

Meetings - Intro

Most of the meetings are organised by individual club members and are found in the Meetings forum. The applicable meetings organiser is responsible for ensuring all details are updated for each meeting.

There are major events/shows like Japfest's at Castle Combe, Japshow's at Santa Pod at which we have a very large presence and then there are smaller local meets throughout the country organised by our own club members. This is a chance for you to meet the people you have been chatting with on the forums and enable you to see their pride and joy in the flesh so to speak.

If you have any questions regarding meets contact the appropriate person responsible (the meeting co-ordinator if they are organising it) for that meet/event for information.

Look forward to seeing you soon. IF YOU'VE GOT THIS FAR DO NOT USE gmail TO REGISTER <
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