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    Just the one - mowed the grass so took a photo or two on the front lawn
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    L 975 EPB (my baby) has gone in today for "the works". She's having a full respray in the same, original colour, with any rust removal and dent correction. She's being rust protected underneath. She'll also be getting a full service with all fluids and filters being changed. I'm also having a full inspection of the suspension bits and pieces. I can't be too precious about not having her around for three or four weeks because we are off to Skiathos for a fortnight on Friday. They have promised to take lots of pics so that I can follow progress whilst drinking lots of Mythos in the sun Can't wait to see her in "as new" condition again.
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    Not sure if this is the best place to post it; there's a guy on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323238637525 selling Draper brake hose clamps for £4.60 a pair inc p&p. I got 2 and have just ordered 2 more. I had a bad "event" with an improvised hose clamp last week, so decided not to do that again .
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    Nah I wouldn’t worry about it. In the 14 years I’ve been in the motortrade the amounts of plates that I’ve drilled wonkey (pet hate) or we’ve broken when we drill them DVLA would have a field day.
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    Bit of a photo bomb on my french trip they did not expect a little celica to turn up
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    Bought a new hosepipe so gave the car the clean of its life Bodywork shampooed twice, underside of bonnet, stiff brush shampoo, then degreaser into all the nooks and crannies and gentle rinse of engine bay, chassis, topside of front subframe and floorpan and cleaned the front struts by hand. De gunked the wheel arch lips to squeaky clean too
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    E Enjoying a narrow mountain road between Bala and Lake Vyrnwy
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    My baby is having an extended stay at my buddies place, just handed over a nice deposit for additional work. Stainless Steel Exhaust. Full Stone Chip Removal Package Scratches on Door edge touch up. New radiator New Thermostat All new hoses (upgrade ones) New Airfilter System Idionized wheel Nuts Colour change on Calibres Rear Tint glass Additional Underbody protection Additional Ceramic Coat Carbon Fibre Treats (waiting on prices for those) Oil breather Wheel Spacers Fresh License Plates A ton of TLC
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    Got my replacement AC compressor, courtesy of member Spaff Came off his 35k mile car, bearings are all still SUPER smooth and it feels pretty much new. Needs a little tidy up on the face of the magnetic clutch but its superficial only. Bit of a clean and it will come up a treat before fitting, new o-rings & gas re-charge. He was kind enough to include the three mount bolts, plus one surprise small bolt of unknown origin. (hope his engine doesn't fall out) It was wrapped in a Sainsburys shopping bag so he is obviously a little more upmarket than my humble Lidl fayre
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    The replacement [rear] speakers have arrived
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    Original is my mantra at the moment 99GT Hi Jeff, you got it wrong mate. I'd stay there in a heartbeat!
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    Had many a interesting evening in Greece drinking the local Ouzo [emoji21][emoji485]🤪
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    Good to see a car with some history being looked after, Have a good holiday.
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    when I have to bleed on my own, I use a bleed tube with a one way valve on it. I also put a thick blob of really sticky grease around the bleed nipple (once loosened) and really work it in to seal it from air being sucked past the threads. I only wipe it off when ive tightened the nipple back down.
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    having thoroughly degreased, brushed, washed and hand dried every nook and cranny of the engine bay last week, today I went to the pound shop, bought a couple spray bottles of cheap degreaser and a small stiff nylon brush. Went to town degreasing and cleaning all the underside of my engine bay including the gearbox, steering rack, sump and all the underbits I could reach. Without undertrays this is dead easy Now, the end result may not be "detailed" and I haven't polished any of the aluminium bits, but im very impressed with how clean everything has come up. You can rub your hand against anything in there now and no dirt comes off. Should make future engine work and leak detection easy if I can maintain it like this. what has surprised me though is how nice the engine block, rocker cover, even the belt tensioner came up with just minimal scrubbing
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    Painted a few more bits for the interior, ordered some more paint, degrease spare intake and engine covers ready for new colours
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    Well, I clamped the hose and disconnected it from the caliper and there was no leak. But I came back a couple of hours later and the driveway is awash with brake fluid, reservoir well empty. So guess what comes now; yes, bled nsr, osr, osf then nsf and ....it is pretty spongy. So have just been reading the previous threads on this and the issue of the ABS cycling comes up; bugger . What to do next; MoT is looming? Spotted on another forum; best bleed clutch too, as common reservoir.
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    I updated my thread in gen7 area! if its stupid but it works, its not stupid http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/185407-sand-gravel-or-just-fix-it-somehow/&tab=comments#comment-2356893
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    Replaced the rear offside brake caliper. The mounting bolts came undone with no great effort but then....the pins were seriously rusted in and all attempts to budge them failed (had soaked them in WD40 yesterday). So, out with my Minicraft drill with a slitting wheel on it and cut my way through each pin in about 5 minutes, and then transferred the pads over to the nice nearly-new caliper from eBay. Minidrills are nearly worth their weight in gold; couldn't manage without one (got two actually ).
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    im impressed with that. I blame the rex driver . he didnt have the minerals
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    You think a 190 is loose, try peddling a Mazda 6MPS around corners. Its a feckin barge! Had a tussle with a fully modded RX8 at 3 sisters a few years back, god it was hard work, lol.
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    It would be interesting to see. But having had mates all my life running Hondas of all sorts id 100% put my money on the Honda. Looks wise, the celica wins! Haha!
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    3 years ago i painted four 'remanufactured' callipers from EPC, and which came with the thin silver plating coat. I used [ Gold ] Foliatec, an excellent quality heat resistant calliper paint. There is a huge range of colours to choose from. The kit comes with an aerosol of brake cleaner, tin of paint colour and a smaller tin of hardener to be mixed together just before painting. Is holding up well so far, the gold paint has formed a very hard coating and makes for easier cleaning. Priced around £25 but well worth it imo.
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    Maybe not,if you had a caravan then you'd need to get another made up anyway,for example.Which reminds me I need to get one done as Ive changed my car since the caravan was last taken out to annoy everyone on the roads to the West country.Cheers for the reminder G
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    I’m sure it was ambermile or something? Black 140 veliside rear bumper?
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    gave him a full service. Fresh 5w40 full synth, oil filter, air filter, plugs, MAF clean, recalibrated my throttlebody (stop screw was slightly off optimal), ECU reset. Oh and replaced both my rear stop/tail bulbs as one exploded last night. And this time I treated him to a brand new...……..sump bolt washer (free from my local T) Also attempted to replace my main beam bulbs, but gave up. I will need to remove the headlights. I could do it in situ but I cant quite get the electrical connectors unclipped EDIT: got my main beam bulbs changed! didn't need to remove the whole headlight units either. didn't realise they were twist'n'pull on the HB3 type. They come right out with the connector still attached for easy swapping
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    mr2 turbo, and my landcruisers. and a few others.
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    Here is my wheels at the powder coaters. I get them back today. All being well I pick my car up tomorrow, then round for a big service then home at last!. Taken longer than originally expected but so worth it.
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    Also bear in mind that oil is trades in USD, and since 17th of April the pound has been dropping in value again. Dropping pound + rising crude oil is a double whammy. I had a look at a few forecourts as I cycled past today, and they all seem to be around £1.29 for 95 RON.
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    She's getting there buddy, she was in very good solid condition when I bought it. I handed her over to my mate who runs a high end vehicle detailing service. So she's received a fully 7 stage detailing package that he calls the works package, full body decontamination process, full machining, full ceramic protection, underneath and wheel arch areas all rust treated and sprayed with high end body shoots. Hubs cleaned, re-primed, painted Calibres, cleaned, re-primed and painted. Front and rear bumpers repainted. Full re-furb on wheels and sent out to powder coat. Full interior detailing as part of the 7 stage. Then full big service next week.
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    My profile pic for the last 2-years. Time for a change. Best get the camera out
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    Probably asked but I need a car seat for my daughter. She is 7 and I have gen 7 rear leather seats so was needing one that fits properly in the back. Ok so the seat that fits is the Halfords essential junior seat I shall post a link in a moment or tomorrow. Good snug fit.
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    Today i washed the engine under-trays and wiped them over clean, made the teas, eat a sandwich, and watched as the guys changed the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and refilled with fresh Pink coolant. We changed the hooter too, old fossilised OEM type went in the bin, new Fiamm fitted Forgot to take my camera so you'll have to take my word for it Debs
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    Jeffers-1 and myself at Oswestry Speed and Rally Show today. Two UK GT4s side by side is a rare thing.
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    Carbon bonnet been faded for years due to sun damage. Finally got the wet and dry sandpaper out today and sorted it all out[emoji1] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk