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    All the way from Japan massive thanks to joeythelips89 for sorting it out
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    Ok. Anybody want a 06 low mileage compleat engine recently serviced? Comes with a free fully working car and leather seats. "Thank you for your message. If you have your vehicle back Copart can return with no charge and you would not receive the ?43.80 payment from us. Thank you, Customer Experience Team."
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    THANKS ams, alarm ecu arrived today fitted it on all working perfectly now.
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    Like orc said warm water to soften them, the ones I’ve had a nightmare with I spray a little hairspray on the pedal itself and then use it as lube. It’s slippery when you first spray it but dries sticky so it isn’t going to fall off like if you use WD40. Little trick i used when changing MTB grips too.
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    My 2nd try touch up pot. The first seem too dark so without a hesitation they mixed up another and it arrived today
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    Decided to wash it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Decided to wash it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As title says. I may well be coming back again. Having had 18 months or so in the wilderness without my Gen7 and running and maintaining a Mondeo ST220, I've seen the light and I'm hoping to go back to a Gen7 again. Don't get me wrong the Mondeo is a great car, very fast and handles a dream, it's the little niggles that it may go 'tit's up' anytime and cost a small fortune to repair. Also, sub 20mpg is not fun to live with. I'll admit to missing you guys (well, some of you anyway!) and have seen many new names on here and a few non posters who were one regulars. So be warned the Slug may coming back again soon armed with a nice Blue gen7, obtained as a swap with cash my way for the 220.... See you all again soon, if all goes to plan.
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    215/45 is fine. Many members on here have 215/45 on a 7J rim
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    You're getting better acceleration with a smaller rolling radius than the OE 205/45. The downsides are: A harsher ride Less bump absorption putting more wear onto your suspension components, and increased risk of a buckled rim Speedo reading will be out (215/45 on the front actually makes it more accurate than 205/45) I'm running 215/40 front, 215/45 rear..so decent acceleration, with a bit more comfort on the rear. Rims are slightly wider at 7.5J though. I don't recommend this set up for a face lift TS, or GT though. HTH
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    Glad you're ok.Judging by the vw it was a reasonable hit,i would guess theres more damage beneath the plastics as Bryan suggests unfortunately.be surprised if not but in any case the car protected you which is all you can ask from a 16 year old motor
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    finished my brake overhaul and rebuild. Got all the new stuff on the front yesterday, got the rears done today. amazingly didn't have any issues with the brake unions at the back, was concerned about that as those pipes are right in the firing line from tyre spray. Fully flushed through and bled with new DOT 5.1 brakes feel and stop fantastic now, better than ever even though only 10 miles on all the new discs and pads
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    got a few jobs done over the last couple of days, new rear subframe fitted, Roll cage bolted in , new cover for the fuel cell , swirl pot and pumps fitted and today I made a plate u and fitted the AFR and oil pressure gauges along with the battery isolator buttons
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    Ordered some custom seat belt pads last week and they just arrived! Leather with red stitch, red gt logo with white outline. Well happy with them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mr Parcelforce as visited this week and I said I was buying no more parts
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    My drawing which jim7564 done for us its amazing !!!! thank you so much
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    Looks like i might be fitting the carbon bonnet tomorrow then.
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    Pic From JDM Show at Castle Combe done by Simon he can use mine for a photo shoot any time
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    removed the windscreen out of the old shell, now refitted in the replacement shell,wasn,t easy but think it,s ok. and now,
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    Well after last weeks fun I picked my vert up getting my drivers seat sorted I might have gone for it After a week This is what happened And a bit of stitching
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    Was a wee bit cold a few days ago, but I got three wheels on the car again! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    A big sheet of metal and these stickers....
  35. 1 point
    a fair few parts. This being my favorite Its brand new OEM style. Will be moddified with evo X parts thou
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    carried on with the swap today, all done on my own. and another, ...windscreen next!.
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    I get a feeling of accomplishment if I change my headlights and they work...
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    Out to lunch with a friend at a pub near Prescott. Fabulous views.
  40. 1 point
    Picked up a window switch from Jason...couldn't resist [emoji106]