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  1. I'd only use mild steel tbh. Galv plate welded to mild steel can accelerate corrosion if welded to mild steel. Ships have zinc plates on their hulls which are used as sacrificial anodes. They corrode away before the mild steel. Stainless can be a pita to work and I'd need a roll of dissimilar welding wire to weld it on. Trying to keep it easy , hence asking for sills
  2. I'd rather spend the time and make new ones if that's the case tbh. We will see
  3. Does anyone know who sells full replacement sills for a 2002 gen 7 celica ? Looks like I've got some welding to do and I'd rather replace the full sill than have to make one up Thanks
  4. 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4 20210805_141756.mp4
  5. Give Stephen Gillies at gt4-play a call for parts . Genuine toyota bit usually much cheaper
  6. Haha. It's just the odd day at track helpinig out, or getting in the way, not sure which. Fantastic day and got to see Mick again . 3 years since I saw him last. Where do the years go ?
  7. Right , no car pic this time but a pic from croft race circuit today. Who can name these 3 ? 2 of them are probably easy to recognise but the 3rd might not be as easy but to give you a clue he was one of the guys who started the rotrex revolution giving the rest of us a head start by sharing his work.
  8. Coilies are fitted. Undertray arrived today from a group buy. I've bought a new ally rad and trd thermostat but awaiting delivery. This is purely to replace the ageing standard rad before it fails. After finding the ac doesn't work we have decided to remove the compressor and condenser to save a bit of weight so I need to find a new,shorter aux belt. There was an issue with higher revs, changed out the maf and she really does sound sweet now. My lad is looking for some better wheels with a decent offset so we don't have to use spacers ,if anyone knows of any give me a shout please. Also looking for a jdm ecu from a manual car as my lads not happy seeing an eml constantly. Will post up some pics when I've given it a wash
  9. So , I got fed up having to share seat time with my lad . I decided to look for another yellow gen7 for him in keeping with team colours. A 1999 ss11 came up for sale not too far away at a reasonable price. Body has no rot but isn't the tidiest in the paint department. Problem was that the guy had bought it to do an mr2 2zz swap so this meant it was minus the engine,gearbox,ecu and a few other bits. I later found out that it was originally fitted with the trd lsd from the factory and that the guy had only given a grand for it The jammy sod. Anyway long story short I fitted my old 2zz ,stage 2 cams,cwx oil pump,morosso sump , competition clutch lightweight flywheel and my mate Dave Traviss gave me a lightly used ACT clutch,legend. I fitted this along with a second hand box and an import ecu from an auto. Runs great but throws an eml due to ecu being from auto but not too fussed about that tbh. My lad has bought a set of bc coilies and I've ordered an ally under tray. Should make a cracking track car being the superstrut and having a fairly free revving engine with the cams and flywheel. Still not quite finished as there has been no rush but she's getting there. Hopefully will be out on track this year Fingers crossed he isn't quicker than me
  10. Is edwardio still around ? If not what happened to his car ?
  11. Was just thinking that over the years there have been a lot of charged celicas on ccuk. I know many have been stripped or blown up but are there any just sat around rotting away ? I know Michael baileys is sat waiting for some love
  12. I did a private 4hr booking at Blyton Park a couple of years back so I could test the new sequential gearbox and extra power on the Celica. Idea was I wouldnt get in the way of anyone. Couldn't have been more wrong. The Brabham team were there testing along with another le man's car and a couple of formula 3 cars. Had a chat with David Brabham. I didnt know who he was at the time. Came over as a really nice guy.
  13. top pic is mine and serratias rotrex celicas together for the last time before Serratias was stripped for parts. Bottom pic is my lads ss11 alongside mine. My old engine is now sitting in her. Stage 2 cams, cwx oil pump,morosso sump. Bc coilies sat waiting to be fitted and just ordered an ally undertray for it. Its going to make a nice road legal track toy. Will be great to get out on track with my lad, him having his own car means more seat time for me as I won't have to share yaay
  14. Cant think who you are all talking about Or can I? If you are going to boast or just pass on information as to how you gained extra power you really need to keep the proof and I dont know why they havent. Make your own mind up. If you dont see proof be sceptical as to the information provided. There are always going to be people who dont believe your power figures that's partly why you need to keep printouts. No arguement then. I have every print out for every tune I've had. More so I can see how things have improved with interim mods but also for the non believers. I do my best to help anyone out as do many people on here but I will only give advice on what I'm confident to give advice on. Id rather say I'm not sure than give bad advice. I didn't enjoy the fb post tbh and tried to get it closed. It started to get a little nasty imo. Instead of all the arguing and name calling people should have just had a little laugh to themselves. I must be getting old as a few years ago I'd have done the same. Not sure this post really gets over what I'm trying to say. All I can say is I've done my best
  15. You are a star thanks. Will give it a bash at weekend 1st. Thank you
  16. Already said im a tech dinosaur. Can you explain how please Xanadu
  17. Is there an easy way to download my full build thread to my pc please ? I'm a dinosaur when it comes to tech
  18. not particularly cheap as you need a decent compressor to go with it but its been a god send for me so far . Lifts up to 1m which for me is plenty and when you don't need it you can stand it against the wall although you do need a set of chain blocks to lift it
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