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  1. Ok a smaller one then dam I missed you
  2. Pain in the butt mate, try living on an island
  3. Just had a very nice chap pull up outside my work in his BMW 3 series today. I made a comment on his nice new ride and he went on to tell me that he had it uprated from 155bhp to 450bhp. Naturally I asked what he had done to achieve this to which he replied he had fitted an induction kit........
  4. Happy 7 Anniversary Ghoulie !

  5. They look good and that's all that matters
  6. mine were off ebay, did a good job too. ages ago though so cant find seller
  7. dammit there was a huge veedub one here last weekend
  8. after being laid up for nearly a year, she went back on the road today
  9. Socks, chocolate and birthday cards :lol: Popping candy cadburys is the bomb
  10. No shell garage on iow so bit of a non starter really.
  11. Just read the advisories properly. Wouldn't touch it
  12. Rusty seatbelt anchorage point??? Hmm. How bads the rest? Scrap value (whatever that is) punt
  13. Happy 6 Anniversary Ghoulie !

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