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  1. seen this car for sale a few years ago, it had about 5000km on then and the pics underneath were mint. Also had red stripes around it I am tempted but I ended up selling my auto jdm white one as they wanted £2000 to insure it.
  2. I have been caught out by a seller who pretended to have lost the key, engine was completely shot and no way they didnt know about it especially as the car was open when it was collected. I wouldnt buy this one blind, if it was local id try and bump start it as I said.
  3. At £850, id take a battery and try and push start it, if the engine runs and sounds ok id have it. Have a good look round it. Cat c in 2011 - could be a dent to rear quarter - its been through enough MOTs since it was written off.
  4. my daily went from 40+ a year to under 3 a year, because I changed my job and used my bike when i could. Id still class it as my daily as I'd have no issues parking it in a car park, taking it out in the rain or chucking rubbish in to go to the tip
  5. Have seen it before , used paint stripper to take it all the way back to bare metal before painting again but that car had about 20 coats of paint on it including at least 4 colour changes
  6. I was thinking the same mate There are dyno's out there, that are intentionally generous because it does bring in the young lads, we used to see some of them on here years ago making 150 on a vvti with an exhaust and K+N
  7. Some people dont understand that they have been on a generous dyno and actually believe the figures. Its just numbers unless you have a before and after on the same dyno to show you have made real gains or you have several cars on the same dyno to compare.
  8. Given the state of some of the cars I have seen 6 months after an MOT, I sincerly hope not. Goverment didnt follow the EU regualtion of moving to 2 year MOTs thankfully.
  9. Think it comes down to the type of checks that the police can pull you over for - so lights not working, stuff hanging off the car, bald tyres. This is all standard stuff as per the highway code: https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-safe When you insure an MOT exempt car, you are advised that the car should be roadworthy and the best way of doing that is by having to MOT'd. When I insured a car that had previoulsy been Cat-N'd( old cat d), they again advised that although it didnt need a new MOT it must be roadworthy and advised that I get a new MOT done.
  10. Help needed 

    I'm looking to purchase a boot/tailgate seal and silver fuel door for my celica 2001 and is it best to buy a new seal 

  11. Hi AMS let me know how much you want for the passenger side sun visor and i will let you have some cash , are you anywhere near WEST BROM as will be up the psaintshop there next week to save posting it . Let me know can PayPal cash or it can be posted thanks malcolm.

  12. if you buy a new matrix then you can do it without removing the dash as it will come with new clips A used one - if you open the clips you wont get them back on - so I supply them with the pipes as well. to fit it complete - to fit that the dash needs to come out. A lot of people chops the pipes half way on the old and new and join with rubber hose so that you dont have to get the dash out. I have one good matrix left if you do want to get a used one.
  13. The original bearings very rarely fail on the celica - my car had the originals on all 4 wheels at 288,000 miles. Usual cause of a failed bearing is potholes - they are pretty well sealed once all fitted so driving through puddles shouldnt have caused it to fail.
  14. Mintex have a good reputation on here but I find they are very much a budget brand. Before I opened the thread, I though I bet he's running mintex pads. I found they never lasted more than 10,000 miles - compared to 20-30k on other brands.
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