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  1. I find that <£1k, 15 year old turbo diesel owners that are always changing car are the worst for talking BS about how their VW or Skoda is Stage 2.5 remapped with an Orangutan ECU and popcorn launch control kit off ebay
  2. I've found this trash talk in the lower end of the car scene in general but I've never found this with Celica owners, they seem to be more humble
  3. I noticed once when I looked in the right light that I had pint dents on my doors. No idea when I got them or if they were there before I got the car but looks like at some point someone has opeend their driver door into it
  4. I have just moved to a new flat which is around 100 metres from the sea and my Gen 7 has been absolutely covered in salt whilst sitting parked outside. I presume it has been worse than usual because of the storms, but will still be in the air even in normal wind. Getting a garage is not really affordable or practical for me just now. Mostly worried about this because a couple of months ago I needed the driver side sill welded to pass the MOT. I'm not really sure what I can do? Does anyone have any experience with living next the sea or will I just have to hope the Gen 7 survives all the salt
  5. i always for for Rainsport 3s since it rains a lot and they are a reasonable price
  6. At least it doesn't look like any lasting damage, looks like a nice example of a Gen 7. I've scraped, dented and scratched my 140 a few times over the years but polished most of the damage out and it's a good old daily driver . It's annoying to accidentally park over a kerb or something like you did and it catches on the bumper or splitter
  7. I can see a lot of problems with this from a technology perspective Firstly there's lots of different types of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, HGVs, tractors) all which output different levels of volume so there would need to be a database of every type of vehicle and car and the standard output to compare the sound to unless they go for an all around 100dB or so. There's going to be Ferraris or imported muscle cars which are loud as standard, and then Corsas with straight through exhausts. Even a lot of the newer hot hatches like Fiesta STs seem to be designed to pop and bang from sto
  8. I used to get the handbrake light under acceleration. It was after I left the Celica sitting a few weeks the brakes had stuck on and I think I damaged the handbrake trying to free them up so ended up with a barely working handbrake. The garage had some issues but eventually got a new cable fitted and sorted it
  9. Whenever I've tried without the spare wheel I've noticed a slight difference at low rpm, the same when I filled my car up with stuff or people I've noticed a difference in acceleration especially at low RPM. The torque is so low under 2000rpm in the Gen 7 When I removed the spare wheel on my MR2 Turbo (in the front) it affected the handling in a bad way by making the front and steering too light
  10. I'm sure someone on here that can see how much work and money you have put into it or someone looking for a track car would pay a few grand for it if you give it some time. One of the nicest looking gen 7s I've seen and sure to be a classic in the near future because there's nothing on the road that looks similar to it
  11. DVLA regulations somewhere online. From memory I think the letters have to be the standard size and font and there is a minimum distance between the letters and the edge of the plate. Standard plates have a lot of white space. Search for shortened plate on ebay and you should find a road legal one. I got 6 digit shortened ones for my personal reg although I usually use an illegal show one on the front which has been mis-spaced and cut shorter no problems from the boys in blue yet and had it on around 20 months apart from the MOTs
  12. Well done for managing to get a t sport they really are a great car for the price
  13. That's true, lots of people would be put off by no service history but I bought my current 140 with no service history and 7 previous owners at 111k and now at 154k miles it's still not showing any signs of dying any time soon I bought a prefacelift 140 a couple of years ago to fix up and it was a right dog, thats what £180 gets you though
  14. My current 140 is now 14 years old with 154k. Ive had it for the last 4.5 years and had very little problems with it other than things I messed around with or the usual wear and tear. I have just replaced most of the suspension and brake components If a Gen 7 has been looked after well then i dont doubt they will last another 10 years. The 24 year old MR2 I had was well looked after and still going well although I had to service some parts, but the same could apply to any car The prices are now so low that it might be expected to spend a little to get a less than avera
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