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  1. It's sat in a garage doing fuck all on a battery conditioner right now. Now I have bought the RS200 I will be putting her up for sale soon.
  2. Flogged all the bits over the years so no chance I can put her back to stock or even close. And I can't be arsed to strip it for parts. Just don't have the time or effort. If someone bid close to £7k as possible I'd let her go.
  3. Right then. As she is, she is a fully set up track car ready to go with a ton of mods and loads of custom work and top end stuff. Got a new project lined up and time has come to let it go. Spec as she sits now. ENGINE: Toyota Sports - M edition 2ZZ-GE With Factory 6 Speed Manual Gearbox HDSS ACT clutch ECU: Apexi Power FC with Commander Lotus Elise 2zz 440cc Injectors AEM Wideband sensor with Centre Console Mounted Gauge Pipercross Intake Filter to 90mm Q45 Throttle Body DD-Performance Long Runner Intake Manifold
  4. Was hoping for some GT4's cakes in mud doing rally slag stuff but in the interest 9f keeping things moving, over to you bud.
  5. Cool beans. Let's go against the grain, see too many pics of cars looking epic, your car absolutely covered in muck, proper filthy! Pays to live a few doors down from an old Roman castle!! Haha
  6. This building was abandoned a looooong time ago!!
  7. Last photo session before she got taken off the road before her big strip down and rebuild.
  8. Happy 9 Anniversary splinter!

  9. New USDM hatch handle. Just need some liquid art infills in red now.
  10. Know that feeling, I have the Evo 8 MR FQ340 and a circa 18mpg gen 7 race car. Haha. We have just bought ourselves a diesel estate for family business to give the Evo a break!
  11. Yesterday I managed to finally fit my undertray. Ready for Japfest Rock.
  12. The joys of having a US based office and global shipping ai!! Hahaha
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