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  1. Did you know the guy who designed the Gen 6 was called, Kermit?
  2. I'd be absolutely gutted. The amount of work that must have gone into that garden
  3. By coincidence, I was looking at this car yesterday, just after it was first listed on Gumtree. Quite simply, the words, "barge pole" spring to mind. It would take a brave man to take on a non-starting Cat C. If it's only going to cost £250 to get it running, any sensible person would do that, as it would make a big difference to its value. Also, I'm under the impression the earliest GT's were on a "06" plate, not "05".
  4. Is that an Afghan Hound on the passenger seat?. I've heard they're expensive to maintain https://www.k9rl.com/dog-breeds/hounds/afghan-hound/
  5. If you can find a supplier who has stock of these Bola's in different Offsets, it is going to enable you to lose both pairs of spacers. You are of course still going to have to compromise on tyres with the rims being 8J, as explained above. Another thing to bear in mind, the wider the rim, the heavier the wheel, the less enjoyable the car is to drive. Sorry if I sound negative, but as you can see, there are good reasons for me suggesting no wider than 7.5J.
  6. That would create two problems. The first one is tyres. As you cannot buy 225/40/17, your choices would be 215/45/17, or 225/45/17. 215/45/17 would be stretched on 8J (others have done it, but I wouldn't), and 225/45/17, being two sizes up from OE, increases the rolling radius as to affect acceleration. You would probably notice the car doesn't handle as well either, with such wide tyres. An even bigger issue is wheel arch clearance with your 17mm spacers. You would have to get your rear arches rolled.
  7. You could cut out the "middle man", and contact Rimstock direct That's what Tim Shaw did on Car SOS.
  8. If you're looking at multi-spoke, how about the Pro Race 1.2? Sorry if I keep harping on about this very light rim in previous threads, but unsprung weight really does make a difference, especially on the Gen 7. https://www.rimstock.com/content/pro-race-1-2
  9. Agreed (I had a look for you yesterday, and could only find the JR rims at a reasonable price in bronze).
  10. 7.5J ET35 with 17mm spacers on the rear, would be almost exactly the same as your current stance (10mm difference from the spacers, minus 6.5mm from the wider rims, minus 3mm from the difference in ET). On the front, the wheels would sit close to 7.5mm inboard (17mm spacers, minus 6.5mm, and 3mm). The biggest problem I've had with spacers, is that the studs aren't tapered to help the wheel nut onto the stud. Thus making it much easier to cross thread. Only consider 18's if you're far more interested in "show", than "go". You're likely to get conflicting opin
  11. He's still knocking about I think, Jim You're almost right about the Tech5 alloys, they are in fact ET38. Firstly, why do you want to lose the spacers if you're happy with the stance?. If you want to have a good choice of replacement styles, the most common ET/Offset is 35, so just 3mm outboard of the Tech5's. One option would be 7.5J ET35, move your 17mm spacers to the rear, and lose the front spacers (this is exactly what I'm running with 215 width tyres during the summer months). I would advise against going wider than 7.5J, as then you're into stretchin
  12. Yep, Dinitrol is the bees knees.
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