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Crazy Cat Lady

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  1. Crazy Cat Lady

    Toyota logo

    Interesting information, i learnt something there, thanks for sharing I guess it's akin to the Yamaha three tuning folks logo - with it's link to musical instruments and to represent the three pillars of their business; technology, production, and sales
  2. Crazy Cat Lady

    What came in the Post Today?

    Girl Power!
  3. Crazy Cat Lady

    What came in the Post Today?

    My recently installed 20 year old Kenwood Radio/cassette player has alas malfunctioned; tape player is kaput I never did get it to play right, pitch instability was too noticeable, cleaning the pinch rollers and head didn't do the job hoped for, and after trying to ween the thing back to life the tape player suddenly croaked completely. It was a sad moment However, all is not lost, today a brand spanking new [albeit discontinued] replacement head unit arrived here from caraudiodirect uk! I have decided to go back to CDs again, have lots of new CD music to plug in and play can't hardly wait The Alpine CDE W296BT benefits from an FM tuner, lots of colour panel options, and no fewer than 9 parametric bands of frequency control - should hep tune it in to the acoustic abilities of the Alpine speakers already fitted in and waiting, and the CD player should be no slouch either
  4. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Tomb, do you need to update your Gen 7 Model profile? ....from VVT-i > L <
  5. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Today: Hoovered the inside of the car. Washed the outside of the car And changed the cabin filter!
  6. Crazy Cat Lady

    Toyota Celica Red Markeing material

    That spotless Red Edition picture on the link is still 'on the road' with Tax & MOT passed last August with 75k on the clock I wonder who the owner is now (?)
  7. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Oil & Filter change - check around under engine, no problems to report. Quick basic check of all light bulbs, horn, washer jets. MOT - Passed! Advisories - None It was a bit nerve racking watching the MOT tester systematically going about his business. He must of spent a full fat 30 minutes poking about looking for something of issue. I though it had failed when he called another guy over to look at something underside [with steering or front shocks?] ...but after finishing he said it all passed fine. Asking about the exhaust system; still with the original and now looking very peachy, but he said it still functions fine, cat works well within emissions , no exhaust leakage anywhere - said not to worry about it. Apparently they give a fairly high failure rate for MOTs at this garage, and they are known for being very thorough, but on the other hand are becoming a more than a little specialised with older cars, and classic cars, and they seem to be very fair and knowledgeable. They also have a paddock of various old cars parked up [or dumped] nearby, took 5 minutes out to look around, should have taken my camera; couple of Triumph Torledo's, an Alfa Romeo Spider, Ford Cortina Ghia Mk IV, Austin 1100, a particularly nice old Humber Sceptre, and other stuff can't remember, like stepping back in time walking around that paddock
  8. It was a very rainy day today, i am pleased the new Bosch wipers work very well
  9. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Over twenty years ago, i purchased a brand new Kenwood radio/cassette player professionally fitted to my [then] pride and joy VW Polo. The Kenwood stereo sounded fab, but after just a few months my musical driving fun was suddenly interrupted by a RTA which sadly wrote-off the Polo Just before the VW got trailered off to the scrap yard, the nearly new Kenwood HU was removed and put into safe household storage where is stayed for over two decades... until today when we swopped out the OEM radio/CD player for the Kenwood [with the help of a single din adaptor kit] The Kenwood radio sounds noticeable better, a bit more power & a smoother sonic quality. The tape player has a nice warmth which sounds easy on the ear, and delightfully analogue. A nice result, will need to go dust off my tape cassette collection now, some of them are almost 40 years old! Debs
  10. I can recommend a Japanese car friendly garage in Shrewsbury (?) Unit 7, Hartley Business Centre, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 5ST lee.a.dent@hotmail.com 07922 752020 *not sure if the above number still works but the email is correct
  11. Crazy Cat Lady


    Good luck with next years calendar! ...will there be any cats in it?
  12. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Spent 5 minutes fitting brand new Bosch AeroTwin wiper blades all round. Easy job! My old rear wiper was completely useless, just left a opaque smear. The new Aerotwin makes a perfect clean sweep The new Aerotwin seem to work well on the front too, under testing screen-wash conditions. I do prefer the traditional look of the original hinged type wiper blade holders, but have lost patience with the poor performance rubbers and would much rather see where i'm going when it's raining Debs
  13. Crazy Cat Lady

    What came in the Post Today?

    Thanks to CelicaDan94 for the recommendation Bosch Aerotwin Arrived in this mornings post, and very easily fitted a few minutes later, seem to work really well with a screen wash... i bet it won't rain for weeks now! Debs
  14. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    They do look good, they won the Auto Express wiper blade 2018 group test https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/36172/best-wiper-blades-2018-group-test Has anyone tried the Michelin Stealth wiper blades? A few years ago i bought a boxful of Stadium wiper rubber replacements, and have replaced the rubbers a couple of times, but have found they don't last well, seem to split at the ends, probably heat/sun damage, also very noisy wipe and streaky. Scotty Kilmer recommends silicone wiper blades - and he has a lot to say about them
  15. Crazy Cat Lady

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Over the past couple of years i've noticed one of my front screen washer jets squirting off aim, projecting most of it's squirt too high up the screen so most would go on the roof The thing is with these trivial problems, it's very easy to forget about them - until the next time you're out driving along the road again, and when washing the screen, say to one self, "i need to fix that when i get home", like you've said a hundred times before. And then when you get home, it's one of those jobs of not much importance in the big scheme of things so very easy to forget all about... until the next drive out onto the open road and one is reminded yet again about the naughty jet washer when pulling the screen wash lever and ...well you can see where this is going [ two years later ] Today between the showers and feeling bored indoors and wanting to get out for some fresh air, i found a pin, went out to the Celica and corrected the aim of that there washer jet. Jone done Next job is replacing all the wiper blades, anyone got good recommendations?, and any makes to avoid? Debs