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  1. Wouldn't do any harm to invest in a good hose or maybe pressure washer to rinse the car down and underside once a week at least. Or use a local pressure washer and concentrate the spray on the underside of vehicle. ( Caveat - as long as the wash pressure isn't too vicious ) Get all the inside box sections treated with Dinitrol Keep the paintwork waxed.
  2. Blimey, could buy a dozen cat flaps for 350 quid
  3. What is a sports lid and cap?
  4. For some time i've noticed that on my 'winter wheels' the tyre pressures at monthly check & top up times all the tyres lose one or two PSI except the front left which tend to lose around 5 or 6 PSI. It's not good cos one can feel the car pulling to one side due to the left front tyre under-inflation. It's been on my things that need doing list far too long, should have sorted it ages ago... So today i decided to wash the car, thoroughly clean the wheels to spotless immaculate standards of ridiculous eccentricity, and then zoom off to my favourite local tyre centre and hand the car over to the experts to fix the problem. They checked all four tyres - all excellent condition plenty of tread no problems. The leaky tyre was quickly diagnosed with a faulty seal at base of valve - replaced with brand new valve. Job done... To early to know if the problem leak has been fixed yet but i have a good feeling it will be alright now On the way back from the tyre centre it rained buckets, loads of mucky truck spray flying through the air, and the roads winter filthy too. Getting out of my car at home i noticed my immaculately clean Celica was now even dirtier than how it was before i washed it earlier How it was earlier:
  5. Something to waffle about A Mammoth Microfibre Glass Cleaning Waffle Weave Towel arrived today - from Amazon for £4.99 I'm going to use it on the inside of my windows. Apparently it only needs to be dampened with some water before use. Wish me luck
  6. That is a very interesting link ^ I like the way they term the four stages of condition, some Gen 7s have already gone the way of stage 3 & 4 but i expect most of us Gen 7 users have cars at stage 2: I like the fact they are trying to address the concerns of people like us have in wanting to preserve our cars without it costing a fortune. Would be good to hear reviews from people who have used this firm.
  7. Plenty of potholes around here, and often can't be avoided due to on-coming traffic ( i suppose coilovers & lowering springs don't help matters too ) Meanwhile, job done this morning, took an hour and a half. With the car up on the ramp at a convenient height we took the opportunity to replace a few popper-studs that hold the inner wheel arch trim, seems trivial but when they go missing the flimsy plastics flap with a loud BANG! every time the car bumps over a pothole... which is more often than i'd like Anyway, alls well that ends well, Celica purring along nice a quiet again now
  8. Blueprint (?) i've read both good and bad reports about Blueprint on this forum, but let's be hopeful. And besides. going by my annual milage it will take me the next 24 years to clock up 60k
  9. Within 30 seconds of my car going up on the garage ramp, my mechanic diagnosed; front - left wheel bearing I had a go myself, all wheels spin smoothy except the front-left which spins with rumbly feel He said there is no play in the wheel at present, and the problem isn't at a bad stage yet, but it needs doing. A replacement [ Blueprint ] is ordered for replacement to go ahead on Thursday. He also said he gets 'em in his garage a heck of a lot worse and without people even knowing something is wrong! Blimey, remarkable how some drivers can ignore a noise that like! In all my hundred and forty years of motoring i've never had a wheel bearing fail before, so this is a new experience for me. and i've stopped panicking now, not a serious problem, and nought wrong with the CV Phew! Makes me wonder why it failed at 63k miles tho', i know tyres are usually the culprit for noisy noises and they say Celica wheel bearings are super-duper reliable. It enforces my theory about the past years rainy weather, floods, surface water on roads, puddles... added to the fact my Celica is parked up 5 days a week, and often goes a whole week between drives, maybe wheel bearings need to be used more frequently or they start to rust up if left stationary for too many days (?)
  10. Thanks for replies, guys. I'm wondering if one of the wheels bearings has some water ingress. So much rain this year, and the roads around here get horrible puddled up in places. The gearbox changes fine, the oil replaced with Redline MT-90 in 2015. The tyres are Michelin Cross-climate and all in fabulous condition. We will get it up on the garage ramp tomorrow for a proper inspection. Debs
  11. Problem seems to have developed over past few days, it's not very loud, have to turn the radio off to hear it. Car passed the MOT a couple of weeks ago with very good health ...so problem maybe not an MOT issue (?) A transmission type whining / humming that gets higher in pitch as car speed increases. Gets more noticeable at higher speed, and unaffected by gear changes which work fine. And rather like a washing machine pulsating sound when it spins a bit out of balance, and more intense at higher speed. Brakes are fine. Steering fine. Suspension fine No notable vibrations though steering wheel. <> Will have to wait until Monday when friends garage is open before we can get underneath for inspection Whatever it is, i hope it's not going to be a big expense job
  12. Arrived with this mornings post. Haven't fitted them yet, put on the window sill to be admired for a while first
  13. The advise on this thread is very good, most winter checks/service nicely covered already. But just to reiterate a good one from earlier, a good time to check brake pad wear, pull out the calliper slider pins and clean and re-lube with fresh silicone brake grease. The annual oil/filter change service & MOT is due on my G7 in early November, so half way though October we do a pre MOT check combined with winter preparation. The oily rag gives the suspension parts [and other parts] a wipe over and this followed by a waxy preservative spray, okay not guaranteed to last out the entire winter but far better than doing nuffin'. Another often forgotten about but very easy and inexpensive check/replace is the cabin interior air filter, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Borg-Beck-Cabin-Pollen-Interior-Air-Filter-BFC1023/192213009589 a nice clean cabin filter will help keep the windscreen from fogging up
  14. If the problem yours has is anything like my A/C problem, then it could be an old bashed up and leaking condenser that seen better days. They sit right in-front of the cooling system radiator where they can get knocked about by stones and debris from under the spoiler. I'm not positively sure this is the [only] problem on mine, but last year i had mine re-gassed [ and all done properly ] but only to find the A/C lasted a nice couple of months but then didn't. The compressor seems to work fine but the coolant is leaking out somewhere. I'm willing to gamble it's the condenser on mine and will soon be changing it for a new one.
  15. For the past couple of years i've had an Avensis Ferodo front disc eBay listing below in my watch list. Please don't take my word that it's the correct fit for our Avensis upgrade to Celica hub, it needs confirmation from the mechanical experts here! It's also the eBay dealer 'Autosessive' [ based in Chester ] that is mentioned in above post by maizey ^ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ferodo-DDF1315-Front-Right-Left-Brake-Discs-Pair-Vented-295mm-x-26mm-5-Hole/401440863377 I believe the criteria in question is the stud hole patten. Please can someone confirm...?
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