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  1. How much is your MOT tester guy offering to pay you for it?
  2. I only bought them almost a year ago, give us a chance! The ones shown in my photo: MT-442 are for main beam HB3 We are thankful for the fab reply of Akuma above ^
  3. Rubber care spray arrived today. Will be a while before i get around to trying it out on the Celica's rubber bits, wot with the lockdown, and the weather raining buckets. Meanwhile the bathroom duck has confiscated it for the duration
  4. I hope it was accidental and whomever did it feels a sense of guilt and shame, ...then it's not likely to happen again. Just been out there having a go polishing the quarter panel scratch out, the lacquer is deep enough to cut into there, managed to tidy it up a lot better. The car is parked in the shade early afternoon, i'd finished by the time the sun started to shine on the surface so it's difficult to tell at the moment, but i think the scratch won't generally notice most lighting conditions, if you know wot i mean. just a tell-tell faint line there if you know where to l
  5. The scuff on my bumper is on the drivers side front edge, it wasn't there a month ago. I don't understand it cos if i'd of done it i'm sure i would of noticed at the time. Also since the covid lockdown and essential driving usage only; my car has been parked up off-road on a private driveway which is shared with one other neighbour. I've driven very few miles since lockdown, just a few trips to Tesco but i don't think it happened there because the carpark has been so empty and i park it in a fairly safe place there for less than half an hour. I don't like to point the finger o
  6. About a decade ago when i owned my Corolla i noticed many little door-ding dents that were mysteriously appearing on just one side and area of the car. One day i discovered how they were happening; the woman next door would reverse her car to park next to mine, her daughter [again about 8 or 9 years old] who sat in the back of the car would very suddenly open the door with her foot which quickly thrust wide open in an instant - if anything was in the path of this door [ such as my car ] it would get hit Luckily they moved away shortly after i realised what was happening.
  7. Blimey, makes my damage issues look piffling! You have my sympathy. Is this carnage you suffered still ongoing or just a bad era of the past?
  8. Is it just me, or do any of you good folk every see damage, scratches, scrapes, dings, dents, on your vehicle that you can't account for? Okay, i know about the little ding near my fuel flap, probably got doored in the supermarket carpark sometime last year. ^ Having said that, i am very careful about where and how i park at the supermarket, usually give my car space and don't mind the extra walk from the empty far end of carpark. Anyway, a week ago i washed the car, and noticed a scrape on the front bumper, how it got there i don't know, wasn't there a month befor
  9. Wouldn't do any harm to invest in a good hose or maybe pressure washer to rinse the car down and underside once a week at least. Or use a local pressure washer and concentrate the spray on the underside of vehicle. ( Caveat - as long as the wash pressure isn't too vicious ) Get all the inside box sections treated with Dinitrol Keep the paintwork waxed.
  10. Blimey, could buy a dozen cat flaps for 350 quid
  11. For some time i've noticed that on my 'winter wheels' the tyre pressures at monthly check & top up times all the tyres lose one or two PSI except the front left which tend to lose around 5 or 6 PSI. It's not good cos one can feel the car pulling to one side due to the left front tyre under-inflation. It's been on my things that need doing list far too long, should have sorted it ages ago... So today i decided to wash the car, thoroughly clean the wheels to spotless immaculate standards of ridiculous eccentricity, and then zoom off to my favourite local tyre centre and han
  12. Something to waffle about A Mammoth Microfibre Glass Cleaning Waffle Weave Towel arrived today - from Amazon for £4.99 I'm going to use it on the inside of my windows. Apparently it only needs to be dampened with some water before use. Wish me luck
  13. That is a very interesting link ^ I like the way they term the four stages of condition, some Gen 7s have already gone the way of stage 3 & 4 but i expect most of us Gen 7 users have cars at stage 2: I like the fact they are trying to address the concerns of people like us have in wanting to preserve our cars without it costing a fortune. Would be good to hear reviews from people who have used this firm.
  14. Plenty of potholes around here, and often can't be avoided due to on-coming traffic ( i suppose coilovers & lowering springs don't help matters too ) Meanwhile, job done this morning, took an hour and a half. With the car up on the ramp at a convenient height we took the opportunity to replace a few popper-studs that hold the inner wheel arch trim, seems trivial but when they go missing the flimsy plastics flap with a loud BANG! every time the car bumps over a pothole... which is more often than i'd like Anyway, alls well that ends well, Celica purring along n
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