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Community Answers

  1. I can use mine more on my daily 40mile commute. I think its so hard, as I used to use my black 6 as my only car and do a 11 mile daily commute. So miles were not high Having used my Sky a lot in lock down, I have stuck some decent miles on her, but she is still not a car I use everyday ( damn Ind est shut one set of gates mid lockdown and forced me to go over 5 of the most harsh speed bumps known to man, so I stopped using the Celica after scraping the under body...twice. Grr)
  2. Typically the comments are always deleted, but they will come back again and again
  3. Indeed, my fear is, that people get taken in by all this nonsense, and before you know it, they are well out of pocket and out of love with a great car.
  4. Trouble is, some of these guys n girls sink a lot of money into their cars thinking it will do this that and the other power wise. Its so hard to keep repeating the same things.
  5. There has always been pub talk etc, but maybe Facebook etc just means its easier for people to spot the bragging idiots Rich
  6. Still does not stop the online warriors talking up 220bhp from cams, ecu and an exhaust! The issue also appears to be that some people are selling dreams off big bolt on power, when its all bogus. Hate seeing people ripped off
  7. I agree Matey, I think they love the drama and attention. I think I will just drop out of Social Media for a bit. I was just hanging on with C-19, but all this recent nonsense about Celicas and stupid owners just has tipped me over the edge.
  8. Typically a train tends to have more than 220bhp too!!
  9. On social media, its almost daily thing at present. Boast that your T sport has 220bhp on a exhaust and filter, that your 3sge in your 20 year old ST202 makes 200bhp with no external mods at all. Its appears to afflict mostly 6 & 7 owners and those that run NA. Why do people do it? Its just cloud cuckoo land, Us Celica guys end up looking stupid by association, and when you do try to help them, you get all manner of dross thrown back. Its daft..
  10. Nice, I see them on ebay and facebook a fair few times, but at £30+ I just cannot bring myself to spring for one
  11. In your car, you have a number of suspension bushes. These are in the following parts: Front wishbones, You will have two IIRC Then in the rear suspension, you have a hub, arm and wishbone on each side that again feature bushes. A cars suspension is not just shocks and springs. Have a look here to understand what I mean https://parts.olathetoyota.com/auto-parts/2000/toyota/celica/gts-trim/1-8l-l4-gas-engine/rear-suspension-cat/rear-suspension-scat https://parts.olathetoyota.com/auto-parts/2000/toyota/celica/gts-trim/1-8l-l4-gas-engine/front-suspension-cat/suspension-components-scat It is far more involved than just springs and shocks you see. Hope that helps you
  12. Nice one, and if you are doing that, you may as well drop the tank and treat that. Replace all the rubber / bushes in the suspension. New shocks & springs etc maybe New fixings, as many as you can see are crusty re paint all the brackets etc May as well re do the brakes too, so they match everything And boom, its all sorted. :-) easy as that. Then its all about the topside and looking after that
  13. Hope it goes well. It is really easy to under estimate the labour required to blast all the rust and dirt etc off before covering the underside. If I was you, I would do it differently if you plan on keeping the car, but that is me. I would get some spare suspension parts, get them blasted and painted etc, then get a garage to drop the old stuff, get as much of the kit refurbished, and while the underside is stripped, then get it blasted and treated. Then re fit etc
  14. I agree, I approach a lot of these places with caution, which is why I used a recommended welder, rather than a bodyshop, and all the work was inspected, before anything further was done.
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