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  1. Nice, I see them on ebay and facebook a fair few times, but at £30+ I just cannot bring myself to spring for one
  2. In your car, you have a number of suspension bushes. These are in the following parts: Front wishbones, You will have two IIRC Then in the rear suspension, you have a hub, arm and wishbone on each side that again feature bushes. A cars suspension is not just shocks and springs. Have a look here to understand what I mean https://parts.olathetoyota.com/auto-parts/2000/toyota/celica/gts-trim/1-8l-l4-gas-engine/rear-suspension-cat/rear-suspension-scat https://parts.olathetoyota.com/auto-parts/2000/toyota/celica/gts-trim/1-8l-l4-gas-engine/front-suspension-cat/suspension-components-scat It is far more involved than just springs and shocks you see. Hope that helps you
  3. Nice one, and if you are doing that, you may as well drop the tank and treat that. Replace all the rubber / bushes in the suspension. New shocks & springs etc maybe New fixings, as many as you can see are crusty re paint all the brackets etc May as well re do the brakes too, so they match everything And boom, its all sorted. :-) easy as that. Then its all about the topside and looking after that
  4. Hope it goes well. It is really easy to under estimate the labour required to blast all the rust and dirt etc off before covering the underside. If I was you, I would do it differently if you plan on keeping the car, but that is me. I would get some spare suspension parts, get them blasted and painted etc, then get a garage to drop the old stuff, get as much of the kit refurbished, and while the underside is stripped, then get it blasted and treated. Then re fit etc
  5. I agree, I approach a lot of these places with caution, which is why I used a recommended welder, rather than a bodyshop, and all the work was inspected, before anything further was done.
  6. My car had extensive Rust damage. It should have been scrapped to be honest. So I am not a valid comparrison. The two sessions with the welder, who re built the rear of the car, took a good while. As did the complete strip down, and treatment. Mine was more of a rescue and restoration. JPF toyota do all the work on my car.
  7. Sadly mine needed that treatment for a good few years before I got her. By then things had got worse and went downhill far faster than I thought they would. Prevention is always better than cure
  8. Agreed why bother spending anything on our cars? Its not like we enjoy them or find modern stuff a real turn off. In fact why bother at all with cheap, mass produced crap. No point, lets just let em waste away. easy to find another and then repeat.
  9. Honestly, unless your Celica has led a very protected life, with little use in bad weather and dry stored, you will not find your car to be stage 2. It will be more like stage 3. How can you protect the entire car, if you do not take things such as fuel tanks, subframes suspension etc off the vehicle? The issue is, once you strip and disturb all the running gear, then you need to think about fastenings, fitting old parts back etc. It quickly escalates. Its catch 22, as Honestly the amount mine has cost me has been a huge hit. So you have to mange costs I get it But I can now use the car with full peace of mind at least, when I can afford to put fuel in it
  10. check out my thread for full details, but I had the entire underside of my car stripped to bare metal, new metal welded in, then all treated in a 4 stage POR 15 process. Not cheap but car will last now. Those basic sprays over everything, in my opinion do nothing but promote and hide rot, as said above. do it right or not at all I feel
  11. Clutch and Gbox issue go badly against it, as unless you do the swap yourself, the cost to do those two bits will outweigh the value of the car. It presents from the pics as ever so slightly uncared for, and an uncared for 6 can be a proper Money pit That said, it has a few bits going for it too. Good colour Some nice bits being JDM, front bumper, the 3 spoke wheel, I assume its got the rear plate holder etc I do think that the £300 - £500 above is on the money. Any more than that, is a bonus I reckon
  12. Always happy to help this club!
  13. Hope you all like it, I think its a great design, credit to Davy and Dawn for sorting it.
  14. Mate there is a New saying Some people do, some people create and watch YouTube videos. Massive difference. Honestly If my life comes down to wondering exactly which pound for pound is the best penetrating spray on the market, then I feel I may have bigger things to worry about. Fluid is only an option for a period of time, then there are tools and techniques that can surpass any fluid’s performance very quickly. In terms of the medical analogy, I respect your opinion, However I disagree with your opinion. But then I had a Rover 600 and was only mildly impressed with it, despite it being the quick one. Your opinion is that it’s a very good car. We can all disagree over lots of things, that’s why its nice to have public forums.
  15. Agreed, there are so many variables. I use what ever I can get on offer cheaply tbh, Heat is far more your mate when it comes to stuff like this. Would love an induction heater, but boy they are a touch expensive
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