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  1. maizey

    Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    from Mr T, some time ago
  2. maizey

    Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    is this the one you are after ?
  3. sorry



    1. Crazy Cat Lady

      Crazy Cat Lady

      Looks very nice, 


      I got Darren to make me some Supra dragon sticky wheel centre's which IMO make a huge improvement over the OEM sketchy stock outline of a Gen 7 [which looks like something drawn up by someones 8 year old kid]  :lol:






      IMO Supra dragons on the wheel centres look fab, but TBH i prefer to keep the car fairly mod free [or so that any improvements are obviously noticeable] if you know wot i mean ;)









  4. Hi,you seem to like the "Dragon Boat" theme,just wondered if you knew there is badge for the exterior?

    I've included a photo below,hope you can see it . . . . As can be seen mine is blue but there is also a red version.Got mine off ebay eventually.




  5. maizey

    What came in the Post Today?

    Just seen this . . . Crikey they've gone up in price , 22 months ago I paid £18.50 for the fronts and £14.50 for the rears with free p&p. I will buy them again though . . . . when the time comes . . . as they are excellent pads and don't cover your nice summer wheels in horrible black dust, in fact they are a very "clean" pad
  6. Thanks for the replies . . . Already looked at the eBay offerings, only found 1 listing which stacks the wheels like this. Don't want the wheels lying flat (as the stands offered on eBay show) the will take up to much room in a smallish garage. . . . . hence the question.
  7. Yeah . . . just being lazy I suppose, if necessay i'll get the welder back from my mate and cobble something together
  8. Hi is there a company in UK that makes a tyre rack/stand like this one on eBay ? Thanks
  9. Happy 6 Anniversary maizey!

  10. my trusted bodyshop guys use these three 3m products 50417 3M Perfect-It™ III Fast Cut Plus Compound - 1 bottle, 1 kg 80349 3M Perfect-It™ III Extra Fine - 1 bottle, 1 litre 80345 3M Perfect-It™ III Polish Rosa - 1 bottle, 1 litre They are expensive though (price range of £27 -£37/each) They are designed for machine polisher use (but this doesn't exclude using them by hand). As said before be careful with any cutting compounds and machine polishers,read the instructions (yeah, i know!), it's easy to cut through the paint or "burn" the paint if you concentrate in just one area With the 3m stuff I would start with the polish, see what that leaves you with, then work backwards to the "Fast Cut" where required.
  11. maizey

    Gearbox oil

    Hi,this might be worth a thought . . . most recommendations seem to be for Redline MT-90,however,an option may be to use equivalent "Millers oils" gearbox oil? They have a shop at their factory at - Hillside Oil Works, Rastrick Common, Brighouse HD6 3DP, unfortunatley it's not open Saturday or Sunday though.
  12. Decided on one of these,many thanks for the info
  13. Hi,thanks for the info everyone, will have a look at all the suggestions made. Nice tip about the cotton sheet Arizona . . thanks for that
  14. Hi any recommendations would be appreciated
  15. maizey

    Someone is having a bad day.......

    Just picking up the "Park at the Top of a Hill" bit . . . . . . . i'm on the narrow main road,lots of parked cars on both sides of the road,Thursday night around 10:15, in a quiet north Derbyshire village, this lunatic in a box van came flying down the street on my left,didn't stop at the junction, no lights, no indicators, sweet FA, straight across the road in front of me . . . . . . antilocks juddering like mad but no collision. Was about to launch into this a******e big time however the "box van" was one of these . . . . . . . pointy end first as well . . . . had a good look around but there was no one running after it (or away from it from that matter). After a few minutes a bloke on the main road opens his front door and says "is it yours?" . . . . I mean Celica/Huuuuge trailer/Celica . . be serious. I was so tempted to say "NO IT ISN'T, BUT THIS LITTLE PILE OF BROWN STUFF ON THE FRONT SEAT IS, AND IT'S YOURS IF YOU WANT IT" I didn't say it, just asked if he would call the cops instead. Stay away from affluent little villages in Derbyshire, the locals throw trailers at you