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  1. just my pennies worth . . . over the years many people have (reluctantley) sold their much loved celica then,1 or 2 years later, are back on here saying it was "a mistake" & " I should not have done it" & "does anyone know where . . . . is?" With the time, money and effort you have spent on your obvious pride and joy I would keep it until the day comes when the only way you can get out of it is by rolling out on to floor Once it's gone . . . . . . . .
  2. are you able to tell whether it's from front or rear of car? Tyre? but Dorris beat me to it Any change in noise if you knock it out of gear and free wheel?
  3. noticed this on the BBC web site "Motorists with vehicles breaching legal noise limits could face fines if new "acoustic camera" technology is developed, the government has said.The Department for Transport will test noise-detecting cameras in various locations over the next seven months"
  4. Boxed set of rear discs and pads from seller on ebay "autosessive " in Chester. You may be able to do a search for the Avensis parts, however,as you have non standard equipment best to contact them.
  5. When I first got my G7 I fitted Ferodo disc's and pads. Over the years I've tried most of the alternatives in various combinations. What's on the car now I hear you all ask . . . . . Correct . . Ferodo disc's (not drilled or grooved) and Ferodo pads - OK it's only for road use and I guess the track guys will shake their heads,but for "normal" use Ferodo are still hard to beat
  6. https://toyota.epc-data.com might be a bit if use, , have only used it few times for GEN 7 though
  7. sorry



    1. Crazy Cat Lady

      Crazy Cat Lady

      Looks very nice, 


      I got Darren to make me some Supra dragon sticky wheel centre's which IMO make a huge improvement over the OEM sketchy stock outline of a Gen 7 [which looks like something drawn up by someones 8 year old kid]  :lol:






      IMO Supra dragons on the wheel centres look fab, but TBH i prefer to keep the car fairly mod free [or so that any improvements are obviously noticeable] if you know wot i mean ;)









  8. Hi,you seem to like the "Dragon Boat" theme,just wondered if you knew there is badge for the exterior?

    I've included a photo below,hope you can see it . . . . As can be seen mine is blue but there is also a red version.Got mine off ebay eventually.




  9. Just seen this . . . Crikey they've gone up in price , 22 months ago I paid £18.50 for the fronts and £14.50 for the rears with free p&p. I will buy them again though . . . . when the time comes . . . as they are excellent pads and don't cover your nice summer wheels in horrible black dust, in fact they are a very "clean" pad
  10. Thanks for the replies . . . Already looked at the eBay offerings, only found 1 listing which stacks the wheels like this. Don't want the wheels lying flat (as the stands offered on eBay show) the will take up to much room in a smallish garage. . . . . hence the question.
  11. Yeah . . . just being lazy I suppose, if necessay i'll get the welder back from my mate and cobble something together
  12. Hi is there a company in UK that makes a tyre rack/stand like this one on eBay ? Thanks
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