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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    this is a test advert


  2. Is there any reason why I cannot start a new topic in any of the subject headings?

    I can post in the Newbie forum but no others?

  3. Thank you so much for representing this awesome club! My best round combe was 1 min 35.054sec july 11th 2019. This was in a gen 7 190 na. Just the usual exhaust and panel filter and it was my first and only track day so far. @taylorad89 when his gen7 was supercharged was getting 1min 19s approx and that was pushing it hard.
  4. dry warm place with the connections sealed shut. Could always vacuum seal them so no air or water can get in.
  5. If I get time I may create a theme of the old colours. wont be till the rest of my list is done though
  6. CCTV is the answer, That way you can tuen ound and give them an invoice to repair it along with CCTV evidence they caused it.
  7. Throttle Body to Inlet Manifold Gasket Genuine Toyota Celica V V T I 140 1ZZ-FE (1999 onward) MR2 Roadster Part number: 22271-22040 PRICE: £3.56 + vat This is for 140 Body to Inlet Manifold Gasket Genuine Toyota Celica V V T I 190 2ZZ-GE (1999 onward) Part number: 22271-88600 PRICE: £6.22 + vat http://www.tcbparts.co.uk/ This is for 190
  8. interesting question, been looking into it and it does not look like we can do this. However what you can do is click file > Print > change printer to 'save as pdf" and then save. You will have to do this for each page though.
  9. @Master flex can you set a new challenge please, something a little easier. This thread seems to be dying a bit. To All: I purpose if after 2 weeks the challenge has not be completed the a new one will be set. just keeps the thread moving and gives a time limit which increases the difficulty.
  10. Got myself an Auto probe. Will be useful for fault finding
  11. yes several times and there is no need to be so rude
  12. taking the dash out isnt a hard job its just time and space consuming. If I was in your shoes I would just take the dash out. makes life simple.
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