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  1. interesting question, been looking into it and it does not look like we can do this. However what you can do is click file > Print > change printer to 'save as pdf" and then save. You will have to do this for each page though.
  2. @Master flex can you set a new challenge please, something a little easier. This thread seems to be dying a bit. To All: I purpose if after 2 weeks the challenge has not be completed the a new one will be set. just keeps the thread moving and gives a time limit which increases the difficulty.
  3. Got myself an Auto probe. Will be useful for fault finding
  4. yes several times and there is no need to be so rude
  5. taking the dash out isnt a hard job its just time and space consuming. If I was in your shoes I would just take the dash out. makes life simple.
  6. With something like that I wouldn't go cheap, especially if they are anything like the o2 sensors.
  7. Depends on the bearing but cheap ones tend to go every 60k or so in my experience.
  8. Fitted new caliper at the weekend and gave her a nice bath. Then filled her with 99 octane fuel ready for the meet tomorrow
  9. Agreed, if after 6 weeks the challenge has not been completed then I would assume it's too hard and to set a new challenge. Just stops the thread dying and noone participating
  10. Come on everyone get some photos submitted!!! We need lots more or this calendar will be a bit bare!
  11. Nope never used one but looks decent enough. May get one and try it out. Worse case I just stick the original bolt back in
  12. expect about 3-4 for a good job. but make sure you check out some of their work first
  13. I may have just forked out for a nice shiny new exhaust at infinity..... If you wanna see pics then keep an eye out on my build thread
  14. haha I just got vision of you being the guy in antman saying about the undercarrriage wash There is a lot of good suggestions and ideas. Im keen to see if there is anything else people could or would add?
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