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  1. Happy Birthday c.a.r.!

  2. c.a.r.

    Happy 6 Anniversary c.a.r.!

  3. Happy Birthday c.a.r.!

  4. Happy Anniversary c.a.r.!

  5. Happy Birthday c.a.r.!

  6. Happy Anniversary c.a.r.!

  7. Happy Anniversary c.a.r.!

  8. T'was barely on my car for 5 minutes before I sold the car! Looks brand new still. Glad you like it buddy.
  9. Grids all the way. Jap metal needs 6-spokes, and those look chunkier and beafier than those on the Boost's. GTR looks alright, but would better suit a more angular car, not a curvy one like the Gen6...
  10. Jesus, according to howmanyleft.co.uk there are still over 19,500 gen7 140s registered! Compared to 1,869 190's and 729 GT's So 140s out-number 190s by around 7.5 cars to one?!
  11. Asda also now sell the 'Giant' microfibre drying towel. I last bought a waffle-weave drying towel from an online seller and thought it was good, but for £3.99 the Asda item was actually better to use and made the job quicker...
  12. There was a story about this problem floating around last year, everyone thought it was a bit of scaremongering but it was indeed a dodgey batch of pads. Is there a possibility that you have a set of those pads, when were they purchased?
  13. Like a Japanese E-Type. Only rarer. And not as pretty.
  14. I've owned cars that aren't as cool as those seats
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