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  1. You can send off your drive shaft to get refurbished, and it should come back with a brand new rubber on it. I do believe it is for anti vibration damping. I'd rather have it than not.
  2. Ooooohhhh! Some reason I assumed it was a 190, I keep forgetting the 140 is also a 1.8
  3. Where's this turbo though? 230 seems tiny gains for a turbo too.
  4. I didn't think there was anything to debate there? Just messing of course
  5. Or maybe it was karma for owning a gen7 and not the beautifully perfectly shaped gen6
  6. Mines swaped the wrong way round though, it has worse cruising speed etc, may as well not have it its so similar to 4th gear...
  7. Just wondering what year the e56 was first used on the celica/mr2? (Apparantly it was on (some?) n/a MR2's) I have an issue and finding this out might help narrow down what year my e153 gearbox is. It has an incorrect ratio gear 5 in it. Which means it's had one from a different compatible gearbox. What I've kinda managed to discern is that it's a 0.82 ratio, which fits perfectly with an e56 5th gear ratio. E153s had different internals from 89-92 compared to 93 onwards, so I need to know which ones are in it, hopefully without having to take it apart first...
  8. Again, it bears the question why on earth do it mid February... English weather n all, its almost guaranteed to be crap, so will provide a reason for people not to go already. Unlucky regarding the battery issue. I contemplated it but I didn't have a front tow hook (or something else which was legally required and I couldn't guarantee would be installed in time). But, I can already guarantee, if its the same date next year, I doubt I'd be willing to go because crap weather especially if I gotta pay £30 and play a lottery on if the weather will be good or not...
  9. It's impressive to see how they're making it all fit in that tiny cramped engine bay space. Just wish it wasn't taking so long! I expect the bhp to be around the same as a standard gt4, perhaps a slight bit more, but in that tiny thing, it'll be pleeeennnnty! *edit * Scrap that, just watched ep 30, I've no idea on bhp now I see what you mean by turbo, non turbo, turbo
  10. Different experiences. Round the back of the house I live at is a motorway. Cars by far are the noisiest/most frequently noisiest. However, I think this is just an absolute stupid idea. It won't do anything, as said above, people will just coast past them. Leading to the main concern, yet ANOTHER big waste of tax payers money.
  11. That really sucks! I've just read this thread and thankfully haven't had to wait as long as you to get to now on finding out about your delays! I know how you feel, but hang in there! It WILL be worth it in the end. When I saw my paint job for the first time in pictures after waiting over a year, it made the wait feel more than worth it. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics of this too, I really like that colour. Is the ceramic coating that tougher top layer coating that can withstand more than the usual lacquer? Will you also be getting all the subframe components refurbed too?
  12. Southampton, to where ever a buyer is... If ever I get one for it
  13. Not sure yet, it's an exhaust back box. Waiting to find a buyer for it but wanted to get a head start on who to use
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