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  1. Different experiences. Round the back of the house I live at is a motorway. Cars by far are the noisiest/most frequently noisiest. However, I think this is just an absolute stupid idea. It won't do anything, as said above, people will just coast past them. Leading to the main concern, yet ANOTHER big waste of tax payers money.
  2. That really sucks! I've just read this thread and thankfully haven't had to wait as long as you to get to now on finding out about your delays! I know how you feel, but hang in there! It WILL be worth it in the end. When I saw my paint job for the first time in pictures after waiting over a year, it made the wait feel more than worth it. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics of this too, I really like that colour. Is the ceramic coating that tougher top layer coating that can withstand more than the usual lacquer? Will you also be getting all the subframe components refurbed too?
  3. Southampton, to where ever a buyer is... If ever I get one for it
  4. Not sure yet, it's an exhaust back box. Waiting to find a buyer for it but wanted to get a head start on who to use
  5. I doubt they'd care... Or maybe I'd not care what they thought until they'd contact me @crazy cat lady The gel ones do look nice! Have bookmarked that site now, for when I need some new ones made for mine, thanks
  6. I have a back box I'll be needing to send out at some point hopefully. What is the best courier to use for such an item? I'm thinking cheap cost (of course ) and reliability of deliverance (important) in mind.
  7. I know, after seeing it, it grew really quickly on me and I was close to deciding that one. So annoying! Others seem like I'm settling for them because I can't get the exact one I want
  8. And not mine So... After all then, only those in the first image could be used on mine (P reg)...
  9. How do I work out what year the V6 FUP plate would be? That narrows my options down a hell of a lot I couldn't even have the V666 RFE
  10. Wait, what? How come? Where does it say that?
  11. Haha yeah, I did think about that, but F4 PPY has already gone I was looking over them more just before bed, that V666 one was catching my eye a lot, but so was the CE11 CAZ one...
  12. Hey people. While relating to my gen 6 as that'll be what it'll go on, I decided I wanted to get a personalised number plate for it. Something that either relates to my nickname-Fuppy (Fuppylodders-My absolute favourite World of Warcraft character), 'Celica' somehow referenced, or the engine that is going in it-a V6 2GR-FE. I have narrowed it down to a few, but now I'm stuck on where to go from the narrowed down lot... I need some help!! For those unfamiliar with my gen 6, if it helps for you to think what might be better suited for it, I have also included a picture so you can get an idea what it'll end up like. It will have full GT4 bumper/spoiler/bonnet combo and the paint scheme will be continued on those items. The single image with the long list of plates are all up for consideration, but I put 2 red dots either side of what I think would be the best of the ones on that image, as the '12' could resemble an R, which would be the closest sounding I can get, as in- FR PPY If you can find any others that you think might be better suited that ARE available (F11 PPY isn't, along with many others relating to Celica and V6/2GR-FE), please do state them Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey people, I'm messaging someone in Japan about trying to get a set of these, and I'm trying to find out the oem part numbers for them. So, I know there is a left and a right side, so at minimum 2 part numbers, but I also know the chrome bits are seperate to the plastic trim they are attached to, so at least a third p.n., maybe a 4th if the left/right side aren't interchangeable... Then there are the clips for holding the chrome piece on... Is there an assembly part number? Or just individual ones? I know of a drawing, here: http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/jp/1994/celica/st205-blmvz/4_252170_011_/body/6401_inside-trim-board-door-opening-trim-moulding That shows what I believe to be them, but... I'm positive I've also seen a list which actually shows the numbers there aren't the entire part number, and that there is something like a 702- before it.... But I can't find that list of parts to compare it with. Any help would be appreciated!
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