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  1. This turned up from Japan. Many jdm cool points.
  2. I saw this advertised on FB, it does look good. Something I would possibly go to if it wasn't in winter. Seems a bit odd to hold it in February, when most classic cars are sorned
  3. I only agree with the bit about heat beating anything in a tin. Even an inaccurate test will show this, as the difference heat makes is huge. It's not a video about heat vs spray though is it, it's comparing different sprays. I don't agree with his conclusion that 'Liquid Wrench is the best spray', because in my opinion his testing methods are nowhere near accurate enough. As you rightly say, it's not easy to test them. The difference between all these sprays is probably very small, so it would require highly accurate testing to determine the best one. Not something a guy in his shed can do.
  4. The 'test data' you mention is some guy doing a rubbish video on Youtube I wouldn't base anything on that at all. It isn't a proper scientific test with controlled conditions done in a lab is it now, his results are all over the place. Can't be sure each bolt is rusted exactly the same amount. His torque results could be totally wrong as he's removing them by hand not by a machine that can repeat the removal procedure the same every time. Even his torque wrench could be inaccurate, no mention if it's been calibrated or not. There's many variables that can skew the results. I use Euro car parts 'maintenance spray'. It's ok, doesn't do a lot with rusted bolts but not much does in my opinion and it's dirt cheap. None of these fancy expensive sprays will come close to heating with a gas torch or induction heater. At least he did show that in the video.
  5. It's so much fun isn't it. There's a big hill near where I work and everyone except 4x4s gets stuck on it when it snows. I just breeze past on the wrong side of the road, laughing my ass off at the 'we don't need winter tyres in the UK' people Even if something comes the other way I pull back in, then do a hill start on snow...no problem On a BMW I don't know how anyone drives them in winter on summer tyres. I used to have an E36, no LSD at the back, it was pretty much undriveable in snow without them.
  6. On my celicas I always tend to go for Japanese made tyres. On the faff I have Toyo T1R, can't really fault them, made in Japan and I like the directional tread patterns. I only drive the car in summer though. Used to have Falken FK452 on my last celica, made in Japan again and I really liked them. They were discontinued though and replaced by the FK453. Don't like the boring non directional tread pattern though that look like something you'd fit on a van, so switched to the Toyo. On my daily (Avensis T180) I've just put my winter tyres on, Toyo Snowprox. I have a second set of the original alloys, so I can just swap the front wheels over with the winters on. I really rate winter tyres, the car goes from undrivable in snow to unstoppable. The gritters round here tend to be missing in action when it actually snows, and everywhere grinds to a halt. With winters on I can take the back lanes where no one dares to go, avoiding the traffic, or get a huge amount of enjoyment dodging past people who are stuck because they have the wrong tyres on
  7. Yes it probably was then, it was a few years ago. I didn't know Dave had started doing the calendar, probably much better now then....I just lost all interest in it after that little slap in the face.
  8. I wouldn't worry about that at all. Last time I submitted pics I went out, took some good ones with nice scenery and got a pic the size of a postage stamp on the back cover...and rubbish ones taken on driveways got nice big pics
  9. How odd. It's an issue I've heard of, but only on cars stored on driveways for long periods, usually over winter. My dads Maserati lives in a double garage and comes out about twice a year...never happened on that yet
  10. That won't happen in a dry garage though, only outside in the damp. And I doubt holding the clutch depressed does it any good at all over time...probably weakens the springs in the pressure plate.
  11. Our Mercedes Sprinter van at work had the cat/dpf stolen, they just unbolted the whole exhaust and did away with it. Must of taken them about a minute, was only held on with 3 bolts and a few rubber mounts that they chopped off. Merc wanted £3500 for a new one, and insurance wanted to write the van off We fitted a cheap shitty aftermarket cat/dpf, gutted it so it was hollow and had them mapped out. Never happened again, thieves don't want aftermarket cats only oem ones as the cheapo ones have bugger all precious metal in them (hence them being so cheap) As others have said though, celica ones aren't worth much and not easy to access so they won't bother. But decat it anyway
  12. Mine is garaged over winter every year, the only things I do is leave the handbrake off and disconnect the battery. I start it up and run it every few months, and then change the oil and fill up with a jerry can full of fresh fuel in the spring before taking it out. Storing in a garage is totally different to storing outside...it will drive out after 6 months exactly the same as when it went in. Nothing goes mouldy, rusty or seizes up. I don't put it on axle stands or wheel cradles, not had any issues with tyre flat spots...and a set of tyres lasts me 10 + years
  13. Alongside Jimmylegs faff @ Cars In the Park Litchfield show a few months ago.
  14. As Digs says. E56 is pretty much a GT4 box with the transfer box missing and blanked off. It's much stronger, bigger and heavier than the S54. Ideal for 3sgte or V6 conversions - but pointless on a 3sge. The s54 is plenty good enough and much lighter. Spot had an E56 on his supercharged V6 celica...held that no problem. They are a very strong box.
  15. Pic 4: Bottom of the air intake hose (between throttle body and airbox) there is a metal hose connector. Pic 3: Vent/breathers..not attached to anything. Pic 2: Nope. That plug is for the aircon pump (not connected if car has no AC) Pic 1: Lambda sensor. The plug for it is high up at the back of the engine. Screw it into the hole in the exhaust downpipe, then look directly above. The plug should be attached to a small bracket (stops the cable dropping onto the hot exhaust)
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