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  1. Happy 14 Anniversary johny!

  2. Happy Birthday johny!

  3. Happy 13 Anniversary johny!

  4. Happy Birthday johny!

  5. Happy Anniversary johny!

  6. Happy Birthday johny!

  7. Happy Anniversary johny!

  8. Happy Birthday johny!

  9. Happy Anniversary johny!

  10. is getting Charlie Sheen'd !

  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-12549637
  12. Not even I risked that one (well, not many times :-P )
  13. I said it's not suitable for Gen7 owners but you had to look didn't ya ! I must have missed the original post as I've not been on CCUK for a long time, I'm suprised no Gen6 owners alerted me to the video tho :-( I know Chloe, one of the girls in the video (greeny/turqoise top) and she prefers Gen6's over Gen7's - fact !
  14. Had to be picked up off the floor after falling off my chair laughing at this !
  15. Gladioli are tall annual plantsgrown from a corm with long spear-like leaves and usually a large, single flower head. Marigolds come in several varieties, African and Bedding being the most popular. The ones concerned here were bedding marigolds, much smaller than Gladioli with different shaped leaves and flowers........... But I guess you mean the number plates ? Well, Both were legal size, although the JDM plate on the rear is not strictly legal as my Celica is a UK spec. The front font is of correct size but the rear one has the characters on one line instead of two, so the font is smaller
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