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Everything posted by ams

  1. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/britains-toxic-air-scandal-dispatches
  2. parents sat outside schools / training grounds idling whilst they wait for there kids is one of my pet hates
  3. should be a sticker under the bonnet?
  4. A lot of sellers are middlemen. So they will create 1000s of listings of items that they dont personally have in stock but there suppliers have, when an item sells they then ship directly from manufacturer/supplier. This is why you might find the same item for sale by 10 - 20 different sellers but when you buy it, they are all out of stock - this happens with UK sellers as well. A member on here had it with ta22 shocks a few years ago. ebay doesnt give out email address's anymore to sellers, you get a forwarding email address instead.
  5. seals on the gen7 are generally ok, main thing is putting a film of oil on them before putting the pipes back in - usually use the old compressor oil that comes out
  6. Might also be to do with average emissions across there range, they need the smaller cars to balance out the bigger ones to meet targets. There are some bolt on supercharger conversions available.
  7. i prefer the look of the old one
  8. Dont do it, its something we used to do a lot on older cars but even then we would very carefully wrap things like distributor and then use compressed air to dry everywhere. Have seen cars with endless problems because water has got into electrical plugs. Get any on the plug leads on that fe engine and you will be getting misfires randomly for months. Screwfix do a 5l degreaser - use that neat with a paint brush - you will get more off with that then you will with steam cleaning
  9. I have some 255 calipers and carriers quite cheap that you could rebuild if you need
  10. This guy is in Serbia and has quite a lot of old Celicas - not the cheapest.
  11. Is it not just painted? Do you have a pic of the other side? ignore that - just spoke to rich and he reminded it what it looks like .
  12. is it different from the celica st162? I might have one later this week Gary loveday on facebook makes the shelf clips - ive sent him a screeshot of this request
  13. Cant imagine it costs a lot to renew a trademark and would think its a just in case thing more than anything else. If they do bring out a celica - I want it to be a proper toyota I would have considered the new supra if it was a toyota - I like BMWs but I dont want one, sorry but the build quality is not the same which shows when cars get 10-20 years old. I dont buy into the reason being that the heart of supra was a straight 6. They could have used the lexus RC platform which would have given them a 2.0 turbo, hybrid, 3,5 v6 4wd and a 5.0 v8 monster for not a lot of effort - and with all those platform options I reckon it would probably sell a lot better as well .
  14. I say this whenever I hear people say "OH look toyota has another recall - not as great cars as you keep saying" Great example is the window switch recall on the mk2 yaris at 10 years old. VAG window switches break after 5 years and they have done for years, same as there window regulators which have been the same shitty design for over 20 years! Add to that door looms breaking after 3 years and the dealer not being able to supply them as there is a 3 month backlog - yet they deny there is a known fault. Even the oil issue on the 1zz - the VAGs had a 1.6 engine around the same age and that was awful for oil burning - and it wasn't down to gummed up rings like the 1zz (which I blame on lack of maintenance /. wrong oil)
  15. Do think it’s pretty amazing that Toyota are replacing the inflators on air bags on 25 year old cars when officially the service life was 10 years.
  16. Seen loads of corollas/ versos/ avensis that have rusted and snapped under the rubber. But on the celicas never seen one snap and when ive taken the rubber and ciut the metal part off completely they havent been rusty underneth. Its another example of the difference in component / build quality that Ive seen with european vs japanese built cars. Have you found the same? Theres loads of small things ive found over the years to be common on euro built cars compared to jap built cars that have put me off them.
  17. I pulled the rubber part off mine when it came loose and left the metal bit under on it and it was fine , see loads of cars where the rubber has come off - probably more didnt have it than did to be honest.
  18. seen this car for sale a few years ago, it had about 5000km on then and the pics underneath were mint. Also had red stripes around it I am tempted but I ended up selling my auto jdm white one as they wanted £2000 to insure it.
  19. I have been caught out by a seller who pretended to have lost the key, engine was completely shot and no way they didnt know about it especially as the car was open when it was collected. I wouldnt buy this one blind, if it was local id try and bump start it as I said.
  20. At £850, id take a battery and try and push start it, if the engine runs and sounds ok id have it. Have a good look round it. Cat c in 2011 - could be a dent to rear quarter - its been through enough MOTs since it was written off.
  21. my daily went from 40+ a year to under 3 a year, because I changed my job and used my bike when i could. Id still class it as my daily as I'd have no issues parking it in a car park, taking it out in the rain or chucking rubbish in to go to the tip
  22. Have seen it before , used paint stripper to take it all the way back to bare metal before painting again but that car had about 20 coats of paint on it including at least 4 colour changes
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