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  1. This is mine which seem the same, but size might be wrong (90mm lens)
  2. What size are the hella units ? Trying to see from the pics but that lower one at least looks like the ones I have which you can buy new still , though may be a bespoke size tbf
  3. Will it damage anything? Seems conflicting messages on that - in terms of seals etc .
  4. There has been some stuff before for the 3sgte - probably find MR2 forums better on that. A lot of US ones are rev2 3sgte's, though essential the same I assume. Example http://www.atsracing.com/Blog/View/23 Following is from KO Racing, which seems to be down so copied and pasted the cached text - again rev2 3sgte Stage 0: 160-165whp; 0-60: ~5.9-6.1; 1/4 mile: ~14.5-14.9 Required: Stock engine Stock turbo Stock exhaust Stock intake Stock intercooler Stock fuel system Stock ecu Stock ignition Stock bo
  5. No to sourcing one or no to custom ? Should be no issue on a custom, it’s just pipe and flanges! Is yours old enough like mine not to have a cat as standard ?
  6. Googling it , seems to be an add on to blitz boost controller to further map the boost controller (dsbc is dual solenoid boost controller) . assumedly only of use if you have a blitz boost controller and ability to map it ? Wouldn’t affect emissions though .
  7. What I was thinking - def if selling would be super clear. Worth an ask like you say
  8. thanks for the link - If they could be worth something then might be worth chatting to a decent company to see if can be saved safely (safely being the important word! )
  9. Thanks - just been taking a look, 2 actually look pretty good, two not round, the above being worse. Might be worth it then
  10. Hi, I’ve got some oz crono 16” wheels, celica fitment. They are a very nice design, but at least two are not properly round anymore .... I’m not sure what to do - see if they can be made (a round) hole again, sell them to someone to see if they want to, or just bin them as damaged - check out the straight lines the worst one is this one - don’t really know if these things can be fixed or should be scrapped - and if they could what they would sell for needing to be fixed. i bought them ages ago with tyres, which I took off and already had my monies worth out,
  11. Daily driver to me is your main car - you may not do many miles in it if you don’t need to drive that much, but it’s your go to main car. So mileage could vary - I cycle (or did!) to work so my celica was my “daily” even though it’s on a 4K annual mileage. Rav4 is prob the daily now but still doesn’t do that much.
  12. Ah - might be the wheels then prob due to less space for the 114.3 holes against the rim on those particular wheels - mine didn’t have that issue.
  13. You just need to make sure you get the right thread (m12 1.5) - some 114.3 studs are for nissans which are 1.25, but it’s nothing special about 114.3 studs in themselves. got mine from freaky parts
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