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  1. Cool, thanks for that.. Do have 225 45 17 on the rear at the mo, and will have 225 50 16 on the front if fit the 16s, so technically follow the regs, but was going to use the 215 45 17 on the back, which then don't.
  2. Havent found anything about issues with wheel size in the mot regs, but could be missing it. Does talk about different sizes on the same axle, but thats not an issue here. MOT for the 6 tomorrow......
  3. Will check out regs as if means mot. Invalid prob means insurance invalid too and that is not somewhere I want to be! Will check.
  4. Really? Didn't know that. My mr2 now has staggered set up and is Def nicer. Can try it out pretty much for free so can play around and see what feels. 225 on 7j feel better than 215.on 7j on it, so hoping 225 on 8j should work. One way to find out mind so will report back
  5. thanks guys Did think on the rear breaking quicker than the front, but could only be a minor thing with good tyres, if at all. Good to hear arizona - yeah not being 4wd dont have to have the same worries etc on that. Might even look a little crazy if different colour for the cronos
  6. Hi - currently running 17" 7j wedssport wheels both front and back. Tyres are 225 45 17 rear (too wide for wheel really) and 215 45 17 front. Its a FWD celica with a 3SGTE, and want to try running wider fronts as that is where the power and traction is. I have some Oz Chronos which are 16" 8j wide, and some spare 16" tyres 225 50 16. Have four Ozs, but only two are usable. Thinking chucking the oz on the front, and the 215 wedssports on the rears, total diameter for wheels and tyres will only be approx 6mm difference. Apart from aesthetics which dont really care is there anything majorly concerning about this ? Cant see, differing handling characteristics but the driven wheels are the important ones in that regard. Poke etc doesn't matter.
  7. digs


    sent some of my own through now
  8. digs

    Tool kit

    small socket set, foot pump, breakerbar and larger socket, duck tape, zip ties, gloves, spare oil, battery power pack, sleeping bag (you never know), spanners, silicone hose, hose clips, fire extinguisher, aa card. trust my car ? Of course....
  9. digs


    If he is OK, Simon from jdmcoombe are awesome!
  10. Hi - kinda, trying to get my head round it. So if understand the na without o2 is similar - it tries to keep an idle but apart from runs on a set map, including cruise. So yeah in a way, its pretty straightforward to change the map - hence the adjuster pot. You could run that pot inside the car potentially if you wanted to lean out or enrich I guess. Might fit the wideband to the na just to see what the fuelling looks like Currently just learning how ecu s control things.
  11. Yeah so it knows Load, but doesn't try to match a certain air fuel ratio as it doesn't know the ratio ? ie always kind of on open loop (it never adjusts to get to stoic/14.7, its just has a map that assuming all is good at the right fuel levels, but would never know that its not ?) Its that switching that buggers up some piggybacks I think, as it exaggerates to accommodate the piggyback tune.
  12. Hi, as above, might be a stupid question.... My rev2 3SGE in the MR2 has no o2 sensor or cat - and assume early Gen5s are similar (mine does not have a cat either). In this case, can i assume the ECU is not self learning as it has no air fuel feedback going into it, therefore runs on set maps based on rev, load, etc. Possibly with knock adjustment ? Only feedback is from timing, but it wont know how much it is over fueling or not ? Hence the little pot that adjusts fuelling up or down. Question being based on using piggyback ECUs to these - if not self-learning then perfect for piggybacks as the signal adjustment for fuelling will not be self learnt out of the set up ?
  13. digs

    Petrol prices :(

    tesco momentum for the 3sgte - seems to like it but yup, going up! the MR2 gets regular, the happy little na that it is
  14. digs

    Number plate choices

    Ahh man, V6 FUP would have been perfect!!
  15. digs

    Number plate choices

    well, I would avoid any that look like Fappy...... V666 RFE (number of the beast for the beast, V6 in a 6 etc) to me looks good !