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  1. 4 points
    WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS!!! So lets try again for 2019 We have the photos from last year and will be going through those and will include these too. Please spread the word, if you know someone who has taken a large amount of photos from a show or meet - please ask them to get in touch. We would like to use at least 1 group photo from shows/meets on each page. So please send group shots too! If we don't have enough photos or photos of quality then it will be pulled, but hopefully it won't come to that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please submit your photos to the following email address: ccukcalendar@outlook.com IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ : Please include your username in the subject title or email. Photos must be of a good quality, this means they MUST be of a certain size - 1Mb minimum for small photo entries and around 4mb or higher for main images Any photos below 1Mb will more than likely be unusable, if we receive photos under this they may not be used and you may not be informed. Don't save and send photos from Facebook or other social media as they kill the quality and are reduced in size so are unusable. Regards to the actual photo, previous years we had people sending photos of their cars covered in mud and just sat on the drive or half the car cut out of the photo. Try and be a bit more creative - wash your car, go find a nice location and take some photos if you don't already have some. If anyone has group photos from shows or meets, please send them along too as we need those just as much as your own cars. CLOSING DATE: Friday 2nd November 2018
  2. 4 points
    In my opinion we need to get Ian and Dean within the calendar, to show the club is also about the people. (Sorry this is taken from the meeting thread so low res, I am sure Cipprio has a higher quality copy of it available).
  3. 4 points
  4. 3 points
    Going to sort through the years meets and send some over in the next few days.
  5. 3 points
    If he is OK, Simon from jdmcoombe are awesome!
  6. 2 points
  7. 2 points
    Over twenty years ago, i purchased a brand new Kenwood radio/cassette player professionally fitted to my [then] pride and joy VW Polo. The Kenwood stereo sounded fab, but after just a few months my musical driving fun was suddenly interrupted by a RTA which sadly wrote-off the Polo Just before the VW got trailered off to the scrap yard, the nearly new Kenwood HU was removed and put into safe household storage where is stayed for over two decades... until today when we swopped out the OEM radio/CD player for the Kenwood [with the help of a single din adaptor kit] The Kenwood radio sounds noticeable better, a bit more power & a smoother sonic quality. The tape player has a nice warmth which sounds easy on the ear, and delightfully analogue. A nice result, will need to go dust off my tape cassette collection now, some of them are almost 40 years old! Debs
  8. 2 points
    Why do you need to carry tools in a Toyota? Apart from things needed to change a wheel in the event of a puncture..torch, first aid kit, and waterproof jacket only.
  9. 2 points
    Already in the plans don't worry
  10. 1 point
    Got it - thank you
  11. 1 point
    Oil & Filter change - check around under engine, no problems to report. Quick basic check of all light bulbs, horn, washer jets. MOT - Passed! Advisories - None It was a bit nerve racking watching the MOT tester systematically going about his business. He must of spent a full fat 30 minutes poking about looking for something of issue. I though it had failed when he called another guy over to look at something underside [with steering or front shocks?] ...but after finishing he said it all passed fine. Asking about the exhaust system; still with the original and now looking very peachy, but he said it still functions fine, cat works well within emissions , no exhaust leakage anywhere - said not to worry about it. Apparently they give a fairly high failure rate for MOTs at this garage, and they are known for being very thorough, but on the other hand are becoming a more than a little specialised with older cars, and classic cars, and they seem to be very fair and knowledgeable. They also have a paddock of various old cars parked up [or dumped] nearby, took 5 minutes out to look around, should have taken my camera; couple of Triumph Torledo's, an Alfa Romeo Spider, Ford Cortina Ghia Mk IV, Austin 1100, a particularly nice old Humber Sceptre, and other stuff can't remember, like stepping back in time walking around that paddock
  12. 1 point
    thanks guys Did think on the rear breaking quicker than the front, but could only be a minor thing with good tyres, if at all. Good to hear arizona - yeah not being 4wd dont have to have the same worries etc on that. Might even look a little crazy if different colour for the cronos
  13. 1 point
    Autumn shots. Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using Tapatalk
  14. 1 point
    Fitted new Throttle Position Sensor (Blueprint). I am 98% certain this particular Blueprint part is an OEM Toyota part - the sensors look identical to every detail including casing moulding marks, cap colour and fitment, even the colour of the screw inserts. Not bad for 50 quid . Also cleaned throttle body - well I say cleaned but in reality it was still spotless after its thorough disassembly and rebuild last year. Re set ECU, then set my idle speed screw again (new TPS sensor changed the idle somewhat), then reset the ECU again. also vacuumed and cleaned the interior. Now the engine is cold gonna go give it a blast for ECU adaptation, then its done - every single sensor of consequence is now new on my engine - MAF - CTS - TPS - Pre Lambda - Post Lambda - Cam Position - Crank Position - VVTi OCV
  15. 1 point
    investigated the slight flat spot I have had the past week at the exact same throttle position - not engine speed dependant. Testing the resistance of the TPS as I rotate the throttle plate and there was a point where the resistance went WAY up and then all goofy. Henceforth, a new ADL Blueprint one is on the way Also replaced all my wipers with Bosch (standard), topped up the screenwash and thought about vacuuming the car, then didn't. Replaced all the rear light cluster bulbs because reasons, and finally got rid of the bird poop on the corner of the windscreen. Haven't washed the car in a while.
  16. 1 point
    jump leads, cheap 3/8th socket set with everything up to 19mm, cheap spanner set with 8 to 19mm, phillips and flat screwdrivers, pliers, Bluetooth code reader, zip ties, 2 spare coil packs, 1 of each "important" spare bulb, some fuses, WD40 type spray, jack, wheel nut brace, the alloy nut key adapters, 1 spare spark plug in a box, and a spare serpentine belt. It all fits inside the spare wheel so doesn't take any extra room. Im good to go. Of note, no self-respecting Toyota drivers goes anywhere without some zip ties. Ive said this before - some may think this excessive. BUT - once you have been in a "stuck at the side of the road in rural wales at 1am in the pouring rain shouting MY KINGDOM FOR A 14mm SPANNER" situation you never want an experience that again to the best of your ability.
  17. 1 point
    Just the essentials.. Like an air compressor, air tools, portable hydraulic lift, and a less than 5' mechanic.
  18. 1 point
    Good luck with next years calendar! ...will there be any cats in it?
  19. 1 point
    Maybe best a photo of him in his ccuk hoody instead then.
  20. 1 point
    Thats a very good idea, I think Ian’s picture and his celica should be on the front cover of the calendar
  21. 1 point
    Just to say again (its in the first post too) that we will be going through all the ones sent last year too, we still have them
  22. 1 point
    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Celica-1999-2006-Bosch-Aerotwin-Front-Rear-Windscreen-Wiper-Blades/301980971549?fits=Model%3ACelica&hash=item464f77f21d:g:ghsAAOSwRwhZsmk4:rk:2:pf:0 I got these in the summer and havnt let me down so far. looks quite good compared to standard straight ones to
  23. 1 point
  24. 1 point
  25. 1 point
    Personally i think all cars should have an mot check. Most people on hear would agree even if your cars are up together they would still mot it. Take new cars from the factory they don't get an mot for the first 3 years. How many people know of the new cars taking their first mot after 3 years that have failed and that's only 3 years from new. It's a stupid idea. OK enthusiasts do tend to look after their cars bikes ect better than Joe blogs. Some are no mechanic and have work done for them and wouldn't necessarily realise or notice something was wrong.
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