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  1. Gen 7..good used buy or not?

    That's true, lots of people would be put off by no service history but I bought my current 140 with no service history and 7 previous owners at 111k and now at 154k miles it's still not showing any signs of dying any time soon I bought a prefacelift 140 a couple of years ago to fix up and it was a right dog, thats what £180 gets you though
  2. Gen 7..good used buy or not?

    My current 140 is now 14 years old with 154k. Ive had it for the last 4.5 years and had very little problems with it other than things I messed around with or the usual wear and tear. I have just replaced most of the suspension and brake components If a Gen 7 has been looked after well then i dont doubt they will last another 10 years. The 24 year old MR2 I had was well looked after and still going well although I had to service some parts, but the same could apply to any car The prices are now so low that it might be expected to spend a little to get a less than average example up to scratch. The Gen 7 parts are so cheap and easy to source. The biggest issue that people should watch out for is probably corrosion and oil leaks
  3. I've had my Gen 7 for 4.5 years since 111k miles and its now at 154k 14 years old... the maintenance costs have been minimal, rarely anything has needed fixed and everything that has would apply to any car as wear and tear Most of the maintenance costs have came from things I modified or messed around with too. The biggest expense for me has probably been the brakes which I recently done all round with a good brand to be safe Also my shock absorbers have went and this caused my lowering springs to snap (combined with the terrible roads) I have a slight oil leak and I think it's because the sump threads have been stripped so it doesn't tighten as well as it used to but even so it hardly costs me anything in oil At one point I bought a Gen 7 140 for £180 to sell on and this was almost beyond saving however
  4. Best courier to use for large parts?

    +1 on ParcelMonkey and Parcel2Go. They compare quotes so depending on the size one courier might be better than the other. I've used Paisley Freight as well although from what I remember they were a 3rd party who outsourced the courier
  5. Write Off Valuation

    You can argue and usually their third offer will be the final. When I wrote off my first Gen 7 four years ago I paid £2000 and was offered £1500 but managed to argue it up to £1600 and then £1800. Probably too late now but you should have had the option to buy it back from insurance for around 15% of the write off value and take the parts off that you need. In your case that might have been worth doing for the engine but stripping and selling parts is a lot of work
  6. Selling a car... Test drives?

    When I bought all of my cars I just asked the seller to take me a drive. When I sold one I took the buyer out for a test drive driving myself then let them drive it for 5 mins. It's unlikely there would be any problem but to be on the safe side I probably wouldn't advise letting someone else drive because if something goes wrong it's most likely that they only have third party insurance for other peoples cars which wouldn't pay for the car
  7. A drunk guy in blackpool "your cars s**t!* A guy walking past my drive "I bet that uses a lot of fuel why not get a diesel?" One of my friends "Is it a 1.6?" The compliments are funnier though; A boy to his dad in a car park "look its the NEW toyota" A boy to his mum in tesco car park "look its a ferrari" Lots of kids "nice car" or "wow look at that car" One of my friends whilst drunk "is this a lamborghini?" Makes me wonder what all the other comments people have said that I haven't heard. The only time I hear them is when I have the window down driving slow or walking away from it while parking
  8. Happy 3 Anniversary alex282!

  9. How to post a body kit

    I think the other courier specialising in car parts I used was googling carpartcourriers.co.uk that I found from google. I think this and paisley freight are 3rd party companies so all they are doing is redirecting you to citylink etc so sometimes it might be better to get a quote off parcel2go or parcel monkey as it quotes you directly from the company. A lot of companies say they don't deliver car parts or they wont offer compensation if they break however If you are selling a whole bodykit I'd probably offer collection only, meet half way or use shiply. Couriers are ok for things like spoilers
  10. Car Compliments

    I don't seem to get many compliments from adults but usually see or hear kids point and say stuff like wow look at that car if I have the window down One that made me laugh recently was when I got out and walked across the road and a boy a couple of years younger than me said to his dad "look it's the new Toyota"
  11. Yes almost every day since I've had the car. If I didn't drive anywhere during the day I'd take it round the back-roads or into the country Would hate to see how much money I've spent on petrol for "pointless drives" but then again they aren't pointless just getting the most out of my pride and joy and it's like a hobby
  12. Happy Birthday alex282!

  13. "BHP Loss"

    Maybe he's just thinking of that the actual horsepower at the wheels is usually a bit less than at the flywheel I remember reading that the BHP could go up when it's older because the engine loosens up but who knows From the gen 7 naturally aspirated power list basically every car is reading +/- 8bhp from the rated horsepower so it's not any major difference Think it depends on how the car has been serviced over the years and things that could make a minor difference may be the driver, wheels, sparkplugs, exhaust, air filter, fuel filter etc
  14. Pesky bluetooth/mp3 player

    Since upgrading my phone from the Galaxy S2 to the S4, the bluetooth compatability works much better and I'm not having any of the problems I used to