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Everything posted by ams

  1. Lambda sensor Q

    Cable on the 140 one is too short to fit the 190 - that is for pre-cat Post cat is the same
  2. 1. Check there are no leaks, particularly between idle control valve and throttle body 2. Check the idle control valve is not stuck 3. Check the cable stop hasnt been adjusted so its staying partially open 4. Play with the adjuster screw if its there
  3. The problem is with using the AC is that once you start using it, you constantly have to use it to demist the windows. If you stop and let it dry out over a few weeks it clears up. Also cleaning the windows from the inside dramatically reduces how much they mist up
  4. check for water under the spare wheel and also remove the rear seat base and check there is no water under ther
  5. Red or Orange Gen1 Celica

    my ta22 when I stripped all the paint off - had about 20 layers of paint - from memory - it was black - primer - matt black - primer - blue - red - yellow - and a few more primers in between - I used a fair few gallons of starchem to get it all of. I painted it thunder grey - but when it gets painted again I think I will go to the original yellow. Wont take as long to strip it back this time... anyway I would go with the original colour, although it does look nice in red
  6. Selling a car... Test drives?

    i hate selling cars - used to sell a lot years ago - lots of day dreamers and time wasters who will spend half an hour going over the car and test driving it before offering you half the money. last car I sold i was a lot more resistant to test drives and would point out all the faults and be clear that the price was firm - this flushed out a lot of people from turning up and a fair few on test drives - did end up practically giving the car away in the end because my attitude put off a lot of people. Any one who wanted a test drive I took there driving licence from them first - probably wouldn't do much but at least stops them doing a runner if something bad does happen.
  7. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    The argument is usually that they are owned by enthusiasts who keep up with maintenance but in my experience - this can often mean bodged jobs A few years back we had a mk1 mini come in for an mot- the bodywork and interior had been restored but underneath it was completely rotten so much so the tester ticked the dangerous to be on the road box on the bottom of the failure sheet
  8. Celica return?

    Id imagine they will wait until the celica name has a significant cult following so that when it is released it has some impact. I reckon the supra name is at that point now so reckon they will release the talked about BMW/Toyota as a supra, celica is probably another 5-10 years away
  9. Which Gearbox Should I Choose?

    if you have paid for a repair id fit that one
  10. GA61 investment?

    You can still get them for 5-7k when they come from sellers - the problem is a lot of dealers have been picking them up for 4-5k over the last few years and then whacking them for sale at 20k - but they sit for sale for ages
  11. GA61 investment?

    if its in your budget send him a message
  12. GA61 investment?

    Do it - I bought my gen4 as a guy down my street had a brand new one when I was 4 and I dreamed about it ever since the price only seems to go up , 10 years ago - they could be picked up for £100 as they were not desirable - and there were regularly 3 for sale on ebay at any 1 time - same as the gen4s - i bought a gen4 just for the heater matrix and exhaust to go into my other one member Surjit was selling his, but has sold a few of his other cars recently so maybe holding onto it now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1986-Toyota-Celica-Supra-4-0-V8-MA61-1UZ-Retro-/112503914841?hash=item1a31c18159:g:uLcAAOSw-K9ZD4rA
  13. GA61 investment?

    with a classic car its very rarely an investment, unless you find a bargain, you may break even on it but a lot of the time it will require ongoing maintenance, I also dont believe in just parking them up if you import one and sell it on straight away, then you could turn a profit - but it can be hit and miss as you are buying blind
  14. Snapped Stud :(

    why not measure one on your car
  15. Snapped Stud :(

    i dont have one to hand to measure dont normally need to replace all of them - very rare for more than 1 to go unless something has gone wrong. toyota did use to say there were 3 types but I dont know the differences
  16. Snapped Stud :(

    mr t used to charge £1.50 a stud - but that must be at least 10 years since i bought one. I sell used ones for £1.50 each plus post rotate the hub so the broken one is at 3 oclock - if you look on the back of the flange you will see a dip in the shield behind the flange to allow the head to go past - will then be able to whack it out. Put new one in - tap it as much as you can and then put a nut on and tighten up so that it pulls it through - check it on the back to make sure its all the way in
  17. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    It can be quite an effort to stop it going up and also a bit of a pull too get it down again, I wouldn't recommend it as you almost end up twisting the tailgate to get it down a set of half worn spoiler struts usally work well on non spoiler cars.
  18. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    have fitted the SGS ones before and they are ok the prices from mr -t can vary hugely between dealers
  19. Second stage car seats gen 7 gt

    there was a model that did fit - but its been a few years so that model may no longer be made as regs have changed have a search
  20. Does anyone else get MOT nerves?

    A looked after celica very rarely fails on anything serious The only ones that do tend to be badly oil burning 140s on emissions (when I say bad i mean pouring out smoke). Now rotten subframes, tanks and filler pipes are the big ones - but its not all of them (mine is W reg, 271000 miles and all are solid) and I have never done anything to clean / protect it underneath and have even been known to go 10,000 miles between washes (through winter). Over the years have seen plenty of cars come in with long lists of failures that when they have been retested have not been failures at all. I have also seen cars come in (from elsewhere) with a years MOT with serious failures (one had no handbrake, no fog light, headlights that had virtually no output and suspension that was knocking its arse off on both sides as well as several other issues.)
  21. Trouble with relays

    does your amplifier not have a blue remote line/wire on it anyway?
  22. Trouble with relays

    Your diagram looks wrong as the relay is not earthed Here is how I wire in relays and have done for years Permanent live > Fuse > 30 Earth (negative) 85 Ignition based live > fuse > Switch > 86 (You can change this so that its permanent live, or remove the switch so that it comes on wiith igntion) Output to accessory > 87 87A is not needed in most setups What is that you are trying to run through the relay? And how do you want it to come on?
  23. ams

  24. Odd brake disc wear

    some pads can come with too much paint on, making them tight in the carrier, EBC are bad for it
  25. Odd brake disc wear

    usually its sliders not moving freely or pads not moving freely in carrier that cause the inside to wear like that