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    Just the one - mowed the grass so took a photo or two on the front lawn
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    Had this sitting on my memory stick and thought I'd share this for you folk. This is the real deal with all the bells and whistles!. Bodyshop I worked in, next field Carlos Sainz chief mechanic and long term friend lived in the next field to us, yep his mechanic from wee northern ireland. Anyway Toyota let Carlos keep the actual car that won!, they have the other car in their factory. So she's the real thing!. Brought it back to Spain and she sat there for years in Carlos vineyard, until he decided to restore the car and enter her in a classic rally. So we got the contract to restore her, his mechanic was the only one ever allowed near it. So he was with us every step of the way. Had the car for about 6-7 months, I was doing my apprenticeship at the time so I did get to help with this amazing piece of history. She turned out beautiful and Carlos was over the moon with her. She sits nicely and comfortably in his showroom over in Spain, he brings her out for special runs, so she's still doing what she was born to do, rally!. So here is a piece of Rally history, that actually survived, which is cherished by its actual driver himself, Carlos will never ever part with it, so she's safe with the only man that ever drove her. She was a joy to work on, all the heavy duty skilled work was carried out by the senior guys, but I helped and did my part. All decals came from Toyota to make her as she was, I did have photos of her in her original form, she was of course a little rough and battle damaged from the stages when Carlos took her home, but she's straight as an arrow and beautiful, she still gets out and rallies. Oh the guy in the pic isn't me lol....I was only a youngster when this was taken lol, guy in the pic is Carlos chief mechanic collecting her, before taking her to the boat to go back to Spain. Carlos sent word back how much he appreciated us and the old girl will continue what she was made for. Enjoy!.
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    Ready to roll for Simply Japanese at Beaulie tomorrow
  11. 5 points
    Hello,I'm new on here but here's mine just out the paint shop.
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    Cya at Japfest tomorrow [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My drawing which jim7564 done for us its amazing !!!! thank you so much
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    Came a long way in a year. My new modification is my big wing.
  19. 4 points
    Eddie I love it, but you know I'm the ruling king of the big gay wing at a 1.7m wingspan
  20. 4 points
    1001 uses for a celica . Sons wedding car .Only wet day in 2 months grr
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jeffers-1 and myself at Oswestry Speed and Rally Show today. Two UK GT4s side by side is a rare thing.
  29. 4 points
    Cleaning day ready for Speed and Rally at Oswestry tomorrow.
  30. 4 points
    Modifications are finished for 2018. Shows, here i come. Mainly in Scotland but will be at JAE again this summer. See you all there.
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    All the way from Japan massive thanks to joeythelips89 for sorting it out
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    Yeah,it was the Greenlight chap that took the pics with effects on.Like this one with a monochrome background
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    I've been hiding down in the generation specific section for a few weeks This is my '77 RA24 GT coupe
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  41. 3 points
    Cool beans. Let's go against the grain, see too many pics of cars looking epic, your car absolutely covered in muck, proper filthy! Pays to live a few doors down from an old Roman castle!! Haha
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  43. 3 points
    L 975 EPB (my baby) has gone in today for "the works". She's having a full respray in the same, original colour, with any rust removal and dent correction. She's being rust protected underneath. She'll also be getting a full service with all fluids and filters being changed. I'm also having a full inspection of the suspension bits and pieces. I can't be too precious about not having her around for three or four weeks because we are off to Skiathos for a fortnight on Friday. They have promised to take lots of pics so that I can follow progress whilst drinking lots of Mythos in the sun Can't wait to see her in "as new" condition again.
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  45. 3 points
    It's official - the summer starts today! Took winters off and put summer wheels on a bit late this year
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    Bit of a photo bomb on my french trip they did not expect a little celica to turn up
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    As the sun came out today and the snow and ice nearly gone, good time for a little drive about