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  1. Good job, I may have to copy you in the future are those washer jets on your bumper?
  2. Good work, I look forward to seeing how they appear fitted
  3. Fabricated some brackets for my charge set up; fitted a shorter aux belt so I could eventually removed my ac compressor, and painted my sump.
  4. After finding a small amount of fluid yesterday that didn’t appear to be engine oil, spent ‘some time’ last night and this morning investigating. Found it to be an air con leak already small amount of oil? In the pipes as I had lost the gas whilst I had everything apart I decided removed the pipework and rad. Sorry I didn’t want to drive until I knew what it was so missed New Forest @Akuma77
  5. Next challenge, your Celica with a Deer, keeping it festive
  6. Thanks for the reminder Debs, I aim to be altering it again in the next few weeks > SC <
  7. Eventually got around to fitting Black Betty’s old intake manifold after degreasing it, to replace the dented one I had; gave the rad another bleed; cleaned the throttle body; and cleaned my IACV.
  8. Changed my lift bolts (I was surprised to see wear on them; changed the rocker cover gasket; oil breather upper gasket; oil pick up o ring; changed the plugs; transmission oil change; engine oil change; new oil filter; flushed my rad and matrix before refilling the system; replaced a small section of exhaust to replace a very rusty weld.
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