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  1. Happy Birthday manphibian!

  2. Happy Birthday manphibian!

  3. Happy Birthday manphibian!

  4. They're also selling the worlds crappiest 355 replica
  5. Sounds a bit dodgy to me mate to be honest :xmas_unsure:
  6. I used some alloy wheel cleaner, gets the grime off well. If you don't have any, just give it a good scrubbing, then wipe some meths on it and dry fully. If there's any flaking rust you need to get that off with wire wool.
  7. Best and Cheapest paint for calipers is called JAPLAC. They sell it in B&Q, about a fiver. Miles better than Hammerite and half the price of halfords caliper paint. Beautiful glossy finish, hard enamel finish, easy to apply. Remember that.
  8. Cool, i have a few pics that might be ok, do you want them emailing mookster?
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