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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-54324144
  2. Turbo or not turbo, that is the question - Wiiiam Shagspear, 2020
  3. Filling the tank and then driving to see how far you are going? You are carrying around 55 litres of fuel which would weigh something lile 50 kilos
  4. OK, That is correct, assuming that your base is your office and not your home
  5. Why are you not being paid for ALL your business miles, but only those over 20? AFAIK you can claim and business mileage, not reimbursed by your employer, as a business expense against your income tax
  6. And that will be 3rd Party- Act cover only. No cover for damage to 3rd party property (including vehicles)
  7. Quite true. There's still a myriad of offences that you can be prosecuted for even if your vehicle has passed the MOT. I used to get my local MOT tester to give the bike a look over, just to see if there was something I missed. One time he spotted that I'd used a full nut instead of the proper half nut on the rear brake and thought that the nut was half undone. Good spot
  8. If it's to be a worthwhile restoration, do it in the original colour
  9. This is the DVLA on the current rules https://www.gov.uk/historic-vehicles I know that my Triumph Trophy TR5 didn't have to have an MOT because, although re-registered in 1970, it was originally built in 1956 and I could demonstrate this from the factory dispatch records for the frame number. I did actually ask the DVLA to confirm that it didn't need one and they did. But it appears from the press (never the most reliable source) that vehicles FIRST REGISTERED will be exempt not firtst built
  10. There's this on eBay. Cheap enough to experiment on http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Celica-power-steering-bottle-pas-140-1-8-vvti-gen7-breaking-190-vvtli-/112538617257?hash=item1a33d305a9:g:mCEAAOSwBlNZdxeZ
  11. No, but there is an old trick for cleaning threads. Take a spare bolt (or nipple in your case). With a hacksaw (or Dremel if you have one), cut a slot to the bottom of the thread. Run this down the thread. Acts like a plug tap, but without the cutting action. Of course, use with care, as you don't want it breaking off in the caliper.
  12. Avensis calipers back from Bigg Red after being "re-manufactured"
  13. Happy Birthday trophytr5!

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