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  1. Not this again lol Im sure someone will come along with the exact reason why ss1.2.3 etc still need a cat. If there is a uk equivalent, it will need a cat mate.
  2. are yours 225/40/18's? as they are £66 delivered each on ebay
  3. that black bumper i have bigseed would be ideal for your bumper conversion
  4. let me know how your gonna wire it up as ive got a set to install mate
  5. i would keep an eye on ebay, as diamond cut alloys come up from time to time for a fraction of the refurb price.
  6. terminal sizes are different and they come in different amps compared to uk battery terminal types.. Doesnt matter, i have found a new battery anyway mate.
  7. Happy Birthday 25th Anniversary!

  8. Hi I need to get a new battery for my st202 gen 6 beams, but what amp should i get? My other beams as a 60amp battery with the normal (larger) round terminals ( a 005 type), but the beams im buying for has the smaller round terminals so have amp options of 30,33,36 and 54. The size of the battery on this celica is also alot smaller than my other beams. The celica needing the battery is in swansea and im in manchester, so need to one before i head down as need to move it asap and not paying higher shop prices over ebay ones. Any advice?
  9. For comparison prices. Im transporting 2 celicas from swansea to west sussex and the best price i can get on shiply is £350.
  10. ive purchased 1 litre of the pagid stuff. cheers
  11. yeah its £2.69 per 500ml Is it decent quality?
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