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  1. Almost done after a year off the road doing my own bodywork and respray. GT4 bonnet , Veilside front bumper blended in, rear bumper blended in , de badged , Skirts and rear boot spoiler , brake callipers even painted the inside to match 



  2. Getting closer to the finish line , lots of sanding and filling to line up new front end

    celica new front 2a.jpg

    celica new front.jpg

    celica new front 1.jpg

  3. Fitted Gt4 bonnet , couldn't find a bumper to match at a good price so decided to have a go at fitting the Veilside kit that I was gonna sell . With a bit of fibreglass and filler and pushing and bending it fits...I have skirts and spoiler to repaint so we decided to repaint the whole car . Still a shade of red but metalic 


    1. The Blue Meenie

      The Blue Meenie

      Hey.. looking good :)


      I may get you to paint Blue’s bonnet ...

      Looking forward to seeing the car in Met Red :thumbs:  

  4. Busy day prepping Gt4 bonnet to fit our convertible . It did have bonnet pins through it now all filled . Trial fit lined up lovely just bonnet catch to either change or extend by an inch image.jpeg.aa64b528ece220529712e25027c2eb5a.jpeg

  5. Many thanks for the Gt4 bonnet , didn't realise I had made an basic account " Mr Scuba " red convertible .sorry couldnt talk but our dogs were melting being locked in the house for longer than we thought . Be a week or so before I get to fit as working on our family car Gerty Galaxy brakes and abs to sort for mot . Drove home no problem a steady 60mph and bonnet never moved . Thanks again Paul X 

  6. just setting up,  Paul is Mr Scuba lol

  7. Welcome to Celica Club UK. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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