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  1. SKINY, many 

    Thanks for the PCB lead, they were really good and had all the parts I needed, car in garage at the moment so should have her back next week, thanks again.

  2. Last summer when i pulled it out for a wash and wax, put away again and not moved since
  3. arguments over quality, I would run a mile from them. I nearly bought one before getting mine rebuilt, the tcb unit was dung too. CR Turbos done mine, full hybrid with every upgrade they had, its rated to 380 hp now and cost me 550£ to the door plus 20£ posting it there. If you ring them ask for Vince, he took the time and talked me through everything, I phoned a couple Paul mentioned but they didn't want to tell me what all options and procedures where, that put me off them
  4. Opened the boot, lifted some parts out, put different parts back in, closed boot again
  5. in my Glanzlet earlier in the year at a Drag Day, it was lashing wet and i was up against a hondung shitvic type rust on the 1/8 mile track, lights went green and away we went spinning, i got the inital jump on him because i backed off for grip while he yust v-tec yo,ed away lmfao. was a very even race because of this and he only managed to put his back wheel level with my front over the line came back to the paddock area and hes straight over, what size turbo you got, how many hp you running, he was energetic about it lmfao. i just sat back, lit a smoke up and replied with, its running
  6. quick wash, and yes I did do the passenger side too looks like my gutters need cleaned
  7. my origanal post was deleted in minutes on this
  8. they build the Boris bus about 30 mile from me stupid car
  9. I wouldn't expect a hairdresser to understand
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