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  1. I tend to use WD40 or GT85. Can't really say which works best had good and bad results from both. If i know i have a job coming up that will require moving stubborn nuts bolts i tend to dose them up for a few days before doing the job. I know that's not always the case and have to do them as and when you get to them. I think unless your in the trade and have to use the stuff all the time that WD40 GT85 is OK to use and mainly gets the job done.
  2. Can you pm me a price with delivery please Ams. Chopping the pipes off and rejoining whit hose is a good idea.
  3. Guys i may have to replace the heater core in my 2001 190 vvt-i . I have a leak and the carpet is wet more than likely the core but may be a hose but doubtful . So my question is does the dash have to come out on the gen 7 to replace it like it does on earlier models . Had to take it out on my gen 5 when i replaced that one.
  4. All new rear brakes . Shoes , Fitting kit , Pads , Calipers , Discs , 3 piece handbrake cable set on the rears and refurbished the front along with new sliders , Bolts , pads. New mot with clean sheet.
  5. I just made the 2 inner rears in to tail and fog lights
  6. Use a more aggressive compound to start with for your cover and pipes. Go back down to the compound you used for the lights and then finish of with a metal polish.
  7. They are both double filament on each side. So basically if i disconnect the inner 2 lights from the brake side of the circuit and wire that to a fog switch to work as fog lights . Leave the side light one as is to stay working as tail lights. That way both tail lights on either side will still work as tails and the inner ones will work has fogs instead of brake. Cheers mate.
  8. A guys would anyone have a link on how to convert the 2 rear lights in to fog lights on the jdm celica. I done it years ago when i had the gen 5 but have no idea how i done it as was following a guide which i can't seam to find now. Wanted to do the same thing on the new jdm supra as it should be the same idea. Cheers guys.
  9. These are pretty cool. All the plastic clips for the celica.
  10. Personally i think all cars should have an mot check. Most people on hear would agree even if your cars are up together they would still mot it. Take new cars from the factory they don't get an mot for the first 3 years. How many people know of the new cars taking their first mot after 3 years that have failed and that's only 3 years from new. It's a stupid idea. OK enthusiasts do tend to look after their cars bikes ect better than Joe blogs. Some are no mechanic and have work done for them and wouldn't necessarily realise or notice something was wrong.
  11. Just had the Air con tested for leaks and new gas put in. What a difference it has made to. Much needed in this hot weather.
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