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  1. Stripped the front of my SSIII Beams in preparation of new front suspension, and replacing front wings and bumper from a doner.
  2. AlexD

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    Who the hell would do the driving ?
  3. AlexD

    Selling a car... Test drives?

    Even fully comp doesn't necessarily mean they can drive another car they don't own. A couple fully comp policies I had didn't state that. Others do. And the car has to have its own policy. As others said, I'd drive the car first. Descent duration. The get a quiet bit of road and let them try it. And the boy racer Wannabees have to show money first.
  4. AlexD

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    There ya go again. Off topic....
  5. AlexD

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    16 years and you've never had it checked. Probably drop off..nothing loose. It I'll be all seized up.
  6. AlexD

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    You are talking about the car , right????
  7. AlexD

    Red or Orange Gen1 Celica

    Do it red and in 10 years it will be orange. Otherwise known as Toyota red.....
  8. That brings back memories. Bean cans and tying wire and a hell load of GunGum. Was a time I reconned the entire exhaust on my Hilman Avenger was all HP or Heinz bean cans..
  9. I did that on an old polo. Throtle cable broke. Bit of string rigged up from throttle, bit of wood tied at other end. String ran through window edge of bonnet and through the side window. Glad it wasn't raining. Got me home, and to work next day till I got a replacement. But Celica related this takes the biscuit. Vert failed MOT on rear bearing. No biggie right? Just remove wheel, entire brake calipers, disk, brake shoes and all related springs. ( I'll have to open other side to figure out how to get the damn brake shoes back together. ) Unbolted 4 bolts holding hub to find this. Spot the odd one out. Its the 3rd one. Numpty before cross threaded one of the bolts, screwed the threads on it and the hub. Lost or broke another and fitted an engineering bolt same diameter bit completely wrong thread. That screwed the threads in hub. One bolt fell out when I lossened it. Other took serious leverage with breaker a bar to get it out. So 2 hub bolt holes screwed. Now have to replace the entire hub as well as the bearing. Aagggggggggggghh.
  10. AlexD

    No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    This seems to be the case, Reported in few webs site, and news groups. announced from May 2018, that cars over 40 Years old will be exempt from MOT (only 15 More to go for my car .... yeah....) the voluntary thing, might mean Insurance companies may still require it. I say that from LPG conversions, although not a legal requirement, many insurance companies wont cover a car that has an LPG conversation, unless it is tested and registered on the UK LPG register..
  11. AlexD

    'Riced' Celicas

    Rice is very good for soaking up any water ingress. Great if you have convertible, and wife forgets to put the roof up when it rains.
  12. AlexD

    final brake grease question

    That's where I was getting conflicting info. Some said red grease sliders others white silicon grease. So red grease can take the temperature?.
  13. Okay. I've stripped couple sets of brake calipers and pistons. On my Curren (and yes its technically a celica gen 6) I'm going to purchase all the bits for a complete strip and rebuild of front and rear brakes. But which grease to which parts? And reason for same. Reading up I see reference to red grease, copper grease, lithium white grease etc. And no definitive answer which is best and where So here's the question: Sllider bolts that the carriers run on. Which grease and why?. Threaded Bolts to tighten and secure. So they don't sease. Grease and reason. Metal clips/runners./ edges of pads. Which grease and why. Anywhere else that should be greased and reason/type. And obviously no grease to disks and no grease to face of brake pads.... I have red grease. High temp lithium grease and copper grease.
  14. AlexD

    Mysterious Cable Gen 6

    It plugs in under the seat. Thinks it for the seatbelt warning light.
  15. Mine used a friggin 2 "screw. It actually came through the plastic boot liner in one place.